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Tips for stay-at-home-moms trying to quit smoking

Every mom wants to do what's best for her children, and for some that means it's time to kick the habit. What are some helpful tips you have for stay-at-home-moms to quit smoking and find positive distractions while getting away from this powerful addiction?

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i smoked for 53 long years, tried quitting 1 million times, then Chantix was the cure for me. If it worked for me anyone can quit, I love being a QUITTER.

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did it effect your moods? make you depressed etc?

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yes, there were moods swwings but they did not last long, I just kept my long term goal for a longer healither life and to see my grandchildren grow up.

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Be prepared for it to be terrible! The first few times I tried to quite, I was not ready for withdrawal. It is hard. There are a lot of products now to make it easier to quit. Don't give up. Don't get discouraged! After just a few days things start to improve. Stay active and be ready with things to keep your hands busy. Try to find new ways of dealing with things that used to make you smoke. Finishing a meal, getting upset, waiting-those were all things that I used to smoke through. I also, had a really bad craving about 3 weeks into quitting and was prepared for that-and ex-smoker warned me. Also, just getting through one craving helped me. I didn't have to face quitting forever-just not that one cigarette. Made it a little easier emotionally.
Good Luck!

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I just quit 3 months ago after smoking for almost 20 yrs (and I am only 32!!) I tried I don't know how many times to quit in the last 10yrs. You have to be ready this is a fact, also telling yourself it's not natural to smoke and it's a very bad thing to do in front of your kids helps to motivate. I personally quit cold turkey, after trying all the other things on the market, apparently cold turkey was the one for me. One of the trick is to resist the cravings once you do quit. Whatever you do, don't give in for just a smoke or just a drag. And have your family know you are quitting and that you might be rude for a week or two, but I promise it goes away! Most of it don't give up trying to quit one day it will be the right time!

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I had tried to quit many many many times and the only thing that seems to work for me is an electronic cigarette. I have not touch a cigarette since March of this year and I have absolutely no desire to go back. The smell makes me sick now. People are scared to try them because of the unknown health risks but it's the lesser of two evils and since then my daughter's allergies have pretty much cleared all the way up and she breathes normally now. I hadn't realized that even though I didn't smoke directly around her, my fumes still affected her. The eCig is set up like a patch or the gum, there are nicotine levels that you can drop down from and quit. It has been a wonderful experience as well as very nice on my wallet.

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Like at least one other who has answered this "tips" page, I quit cold turkey when I found out that I was pregnant with my first child. A BIG incentive was the first ads that came out against Moms not smoking. The ads kept emphasizing that cigarettes contained formaldehyde. That made me think that I was embalming my baby. That was back in 1969 and the ads ran as frequently as all of the drugs ads do today.

I had only smoked for 6 years at that time. I started at age 18 and was 24 at the time. I was able to go without smoking for 9 years. Then my father was in the hospital dying and that was in 1977 when folks were still allowed to smoke in waiting rooms in hospitals. Our family spent most of the day at the hospital for nearly a week and a number of my family members smoked. I was in the middle of my last semester at UHH and had taken on a 25 hour credit semester so I could complete my BA. I started smoking again due to the stress of my father's condition, the people around me being "chimneys" and the fact that I had such a huge course load to complete in two months!!! However, when I returned home, right at the end of the semester I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd child. Again I stopped cold turkey.

The third and last time I started smoking was when I went through a very devastating divorce 9 years later. That time I smoked for 11 years, Then one day, while climbing the stairs to my 3rd story walk up apartment I noticed how winded I was getting by the second flight. That awareness and the fact that I had just started training to become a Personal Fitness Trainer was when I made up my mind. Again, I quit cold turkey. I was tempted several times for about 2 more years, but I never went back. The thing that showed me I was finally over the habit was when I became irritated by the smell of other's cigarette smoke. I no longer enjoyed smelling smoke!!! That was it.

There are tips I could share that have to do with using numerology but that is only helpful if you believe in numerology and use it in your daily life. I have used numerology to stop drinking beer on a daily basis, and it worked.

If you want to use numerology, the absolute best time to kill any addiction is during a nine year in a nine month on a nine day in a nine month. I am currently in a nine year. In a nine year the 9th month is always September. On Sept. 9th, I stopped my beer habit which was years old. A nine month has 3 nine days the 9th, 18th and 27th.

You don't have to wait for a nine year, just figure out when the ninth month is and stop the habit on the 9th, 18th or 27th. If you can't quit cold turkey, start cutting back on the 9th, cut back further on the 18th and set your mind to stop totally on the 27th! Good luck.

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Try cutting down the amount of cigarettes you smoke gradually, have a short term plan say 3 month's, & over this time decrease your cigarette smoking weekly until you have the will power to stop completely. When I got to the 3rd month I changed my brand of cigarettes to a brand I did not like & only smoked 2 cigarettes a day so this made it a little easier for me. If you have the odd bad day where you smoke that extra cigarette don't be too hard on yourself & get back on track the next day, stay positive, keep telling yourself you can do it & you will. Keep busy & stay away from heavy smokers especially in your last few weeks. Have something to aim for like a new outfit if you succeed. This worked for me, I tried quitting cold turkey but the cravings were too strong & made me to irritable. It's not easy you have to want to give up so good luck.


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