Tips for teaching travel safety

Whether he's trying to escape from his seatbelt or she can't hold still on the subway, sometimes children have difficulty learning and adjusting to the rules that keep them safe while traveling. What are some of your best tips for helping keep young ones safe while they learn about transportation?

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Children don't have the same ability to judge distances, speed, and noise direction of traffic and vehicles as teens and adults can. Therefore, it's really important to ensure that children have a good understanding of basic street safety when they start walking around the local and city streets without you accompanying them.

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I talk to my child about the expectations of his behavior during the trip. I have a son who is trying to gain his independance, like going to the men's bath room in a public places that are some times in areas I am not familar with, one of the most uneasy feeling I have had to deal with. But I talk to him before we leave, then just before we get out of the car I go over the plan and remind him not to talk to strangers, straight to the bathroom and clean fooling around and where we will meet. If he doesn't come straight out, I am not above going in the men's bath room though! Also giving them their own back pack of things to do is helpful. If you have a small dvd player can help as well.

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hi not sure if you got my last post Thera many ways to keep everyone safe & enjoy the ride . If your on public trans bring something for your children to do weather it's a fav book , play I spy , sing songs my 3 yr old luvs her Walkmans I put a Barney cd in for her wiggles that's what she enjoys lustening to . Or in the car . We buckle up everyone not just the kids . U can not ask them to do it if your not . End of discussion everyone wears one ! Interact with them. Give them something to do I have a portable DVD player I have in the car & I allow them to watch there fav movie , or they read books . They play I spy , we sing songs , being in the car can be fun & safe if children have nothing to do there going to get restless . Interact with them . Buy them a headphone set & let th listen to there fav tape or DVD . The portable Dvd player us the best I give them a snack & they watch there movie . The love it they think there @ the drive in . Most important give them something to do !!!


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