Are vaccinations safe for my child?

There are many rumors out there about vaccinations being linked to different diseases in children. What is your opinion? Are vaccinations safe for your children?

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Vaccines have been put in place to provide protection to not only your child but the entire public from horrible illness and disease. Because of vaccines, we have seen the END of so many deadly epidemics on this planet. For example the Spanish flu, the plague and many others. I don't know if anyone has noticed that since the rise in people against vaccinating their children, things like whooping cough and rubella are making an incredible come back. Children and babies are dying unnecessarily from illness the scientific community has worked so hard to keep at bay. I have had the discomfort of being around a baby with whooping cough. It's heartbreaking and sad. Before you make your decision, sit down and weigh out the pros and cons of both and what the long term effect will be if your child contracts a simply preventable illness. It's like saying I am not going to sit in a car because there is a good chance I will crash and die. Check out UNBIASED statistics that really look at the likelihood of anything happening to your child/baby after having any vaccine.

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I'm proud to say I do NOT vaccinate my children. They are both breastfed, eat completely organic, and are (have) never been in a daycare setting. The ingredients in most of them are sickening; cow blood serum, ALUMINUM, and formaldehyde to name a few. They do NOT fully protect children from the diseases they are supposed to fighting against and the way they are cultured is DISGUSTING!!!!!! Human DNA in a petri dish from God knows when and whom? No thanks.. I wasn't vax'd and neither were any of my 5 siblings, were all just fine! Even when its 'flu' season (what a joke), even when there was an RSV outbreak at my daughter's school (she nor I were affected), I wish more parents weren't bullied by public health (schools) into thinking they absolutely had no choice or say in the matter..

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As a Mother and RN I think the fact that this is even an 'arguable issue' speaks to the great success and necessity of vaccines for children. How fortunate are we to have never witnessed with our own eyes debilitating diseases like polio, small pox etc.? I also find it interesting that most of you who might not vaccinate your kids where probably vaccinated yourselves. With the poor nutritional quality of food available and terrifying 'farming' techniques in our country it doesn't surprise me that autism and disorders like it are now a major issue... Eat healthy and responsibly, breast feed if you are able and yep, vaccinate.

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I vaccinate my children, not just to try and prevent them form having these illnesses, but also to help to prevent an immune compromised child form dying from what most of us believe to be a minor sickness. I am very fortunate to have two very healthy children. What about those children who could die from chicken pox. It takes a village...
I am becoming increasingly frustrated by having to defend my willingness to get these vaccinations. I am sick of being questioned by people I don't really know "Oh, but do you know what they put in those vaccines?" "Well, I just could never do that to my child. Why would you let them be vaccinated" etc. Well, I would like to keep them healthy, and others around them healthy. And the MMR argument? I don't believe it causes autism. That is my belief. And my desire to not put my boy at the risk of being infertile from catching mumps as a teen or young adult out ways any concerns I may have. I do my research. I ask questions. And I make my decisions based on the answers. But I am now considered a reckless parent because i vaccinate. Something needs to be done to stop these people, who don't have a medical degree, from judging us parents who are making an educated decision to try and eradicate these illnesses. Remember, if you have a child with a healthy immune system, you are fortunate. There are others out there who are not.

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In some cases, the answer to this question is difficult; in other cases it's very easy.

There are a number of vaccines which all children should receive. The science on the subject is very clear, and all credible experts are in agreement. Your child should receive vaccines for Hepatitis B, DTaP, MMR, and others. Claims that vaccinations cause autism (or other symptoms) are completely unfounded: the leading study supporting that notion was recently shown to be fraudulent.

For other vaccines, it depends on the child, their age, etc.; there's not necessarily a "right" answer, and you should talk to your doctor.

But not vaccinating your children for the most important diseases is never in their best interest.

More info at

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Mumps, Measles, and Rubella are all considered ROUTINE childhood illness' by many credible experts and a vax against them is NOT necessary. As far as Hep B, that is a SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE, that is contracted via unprotected intercourse with an infected person or by sharing needles with an infected person. Neither of my children partake in either activity but if yours do then I guess for you it is. As far as the autsim link not havin any scientific link therefore it doesn't exist is bullshit. Pathologists don't know where AIDS came from so I guess that's not real either. The ingredients in most vax alone are not only disgusting but DANGEROUS!! Have ya checked the amount of aluminum in them? Yeah the AAP clearly states what's safe and what isnt. The aluminum and formaldehyde alone concentrate in the brain, so hmmm MAYBE thats your autism link right there!?

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They are not safe for my child!! It not up to me to judge if they are safe for yours. Just not worth the risk for me.

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please don't let them go to public school or shop in public places.. read study and watch the people out side and you will have the shots...if you want them to have a Future... sorry but true... 1 used diaper thrown out of a car and your kids are in a puddle near it and well do the math....

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Dr.tenpenny advocates why not to vaccinate she tells u like it is

Keep in mind that everytime the number of vaccines go up , so does the autism rate. But they arnt caused by vaccines says the cdc. Hmmm

Ohio revesed code 3313.1 is the exemption for ohioians to not vacinate their kids and they can still attend school due to a reigous OR philisophical disagreement...

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First look what the word vaccine means!
Here even the nurse is telling us that is not 100 % sure that you wont get sick if you have the vaccine - you will have just a light form of that sickness.
Why to insert a sickness in your child’s body if he is healthy?
Immunity doesn’t go stronger against the sickness, but it goes weaker. So your child wont have power to develop normally because his immunity has to fight with so many strange viruses. The body will fight against big sicknesses and wont have enough power to face a regular sickness.
Now we live in developed world, no? So if happens to get sick there are all kinds of treatments.
Put 100 children next a sick person – not everybody will get sick. Why to give the vaccine if the immunity works?
Then is really impossible to find the time when the baby is 100 % healthy to receive the vaccine and that after receiving it will be 100 % protected to “get used” to the vaccine.

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@ Dalia Exactly! Well said.

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freedom of choice. I do not vaccinate my children. If they were to ever catch a disease, i would keep them out of school to protect your compromised children. When you send them to public school knowing that some of the children are not vaccinated, you take a risk, but everyone has the choice to make and everyone has the right to go to school. I do question our choices sometimes, but I then remember our dear friends who almost lost their child because of a vaccine, he was near death and on a heart transplant list for a very long time. I am grateful that I have the choice.

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If their kids are vaccinated, then they aren't put at risk by playing with my unvaccinated children!

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our youngest daughter is the only one we gave NO shots to. she is the only one that had NO childhood diseases.....interesting. husband decided to join the thousands that get the flu shots.....he was sick that whole winter....that was 10 years ago....never had one since.

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Although vaccinations have a small chance of harming your child, they can also protect them from getting deadly diseases. I have mixed feelings on them all together. Vaccines, such as the new swine flu shot, are definitely not worth risking the side effects for, as it contains very harmful ingredients. There are threads full of pregnant women that had miscarriages due to it, and it may also have long-term effects not visible right away.

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I struggled with vaccinating my daughter and, in fact, didn't start vaccinations until she was over a year old. We just got the MMR shot last month because there was an outbreak of measles in a neighbouring school. My gut says they're not good and yet, as a teacher, I have taught several autistic children who have NOT had their shots so, while the vaccinations may have something to do with the rise in autism rates, they're clearly not the only cause. It's a touchy subject and really, moms can only go with their instincts on this one. My second daughter is three months old and we're not vaccinating her until a year either.

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I think people should ask themselves a question.

If I don't vaccinate my child and s/he gets one of those illnesses, what is the consequences for them?

How will your son feel if he contracts polio and has to spend his life confined to a wheelchair? What if your daughter gets Rubella in her 20's or 30's when she's pregnant, and her baby dies or has severe birth defeats?

I know that if my kids came down with one of these diseases, and they were seriously harmed, I would never be able to forgive myself.

Just imagine, holding your newborn grandchild, stillborn, because you didn't vaccinate your daughter. Would you be able to justify to her, in her grief, that you stand by your decision to not vaccinate her against Rubella? Would she be able to forgive you?

Just imagine, helping your son deal with his new life, paralyzed by polio. When he asks you why you didn't vaccinate him, what will you say?

If you don't want to vaccinate your children, you have that right, at least in the US. Don't justify it the world, be ready to justify it to your children.

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If you are concerned with your daughter (or son) contracting rubella during her 20's or 30's during the childbearing period - wouldn't you consider vaccination at more appropriate age ie prior to being sexually active eg 12 years like was done when I was young, not at 12 months of age? Why do we not test for antibodies for these diseases after first 'shot'? Why do we accept that all children need 2 or 3 shots when the vaccination makers advocate that the majority have antibodies after 1 shot? Why are we not asking more questions? Why do we accept all this increase in vaccinations when most people over 35 years did not have all these vaccinations at the rate currently being adovcated?

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Both of my children were vaccinated. That was a personal decision that their father and I made. Educate yourself on the pros and cons and then decide what you think is right for your child. People on both sides of this debate are adamant that their way is the only way. I believe in vaccinations and vaccinated my children because of my own research. I suggest you do the same. Speak to doctors, do research online (find credible sources),and contact friends and family. Good luck.

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i didnt vax my 2 kids. i am unvaxed myself and have an incredible immune system. do your research - and dont just ask your paed, they are all pro vax and you wont get a straight answer. read some books, ask a herbalist/ naturopath what their views are. do whats right for your family after doing a ton of research...

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Vaccines are for the benefit of the children and I think they are safe and should be given. The whole purpose of a vaccine is to protect against a specific disease/illness. There are some vaccines that should be given, linked to the age of the child, while others are not so important or region based. Ofcourse, you need to be careful abou the needles/syringes being used. Ensure that they are new to avoid the risk that comes from needle infection.

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ok: to all of you that do not vaccinate, I ahve a question: Would it be ok for your child (or you) to carry a disease around that is preventable, and infect others that may DIE from it? If you DO NOT vaccinate, that is exactly what you are doing. I have a child without a functional immune system. She was born that way. It's called SCID....go ahead and look it up. I will wait.........Now, she cannot finht off anything. SHE WAS VACCINATED...HAD THEM ALL, but none of her vaccinations "took". What that measn is that if your child is exposed to something and we run into you, you or your child could potentially spread something to my child and kill her.
We take every precaution possible to protect her in public and she attends public schools BECAUSE SHE WANTS TO. She LOVES people and she is an athlete that plays some agressive traveling sports. SHe has also HAD some sever,e strange, illnesses that we could not identify. Some have caused permanent damage and we KNOW that every day could be the day we catch a fatal illness. She'd rather have that happen than to live in a bubble. As her parents , we must respect that. She is currently almost 15.
So, my question to you is, is it worth it? After seeing what a strange illness can/will do to to your child; is that something you really want to put your child thru? DO you want to watch as something preventable has it's way with their body? Autism?/ Seriousy? Autism affects only a small percentage of the general population...HAS NEVER BEEN DIFINITIVELY LINKED to vaccinations.(you can chose to belive a doomsdayer if you wish), but autism is certainly better than death. Vaccines are made to prevent death. Is it worth it to you?

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sorry for the mis spellings...I was on a soapbox....happily stepping off now....

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yes it's safe. they gotta have the vaccinations or no school for them. it keeps them healthy too. my boys get their shots every year after school year ends.

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That's not true. At least in Missouri it isn't. I wasn't vaccinated and I attended public school. My parents just had to sign a form each year saying it was against our beliefs

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