What activities do you do with your kids who aren't in school yet?

When you're home with your kids who haven't yet started school, what kinds of games and activities do you enjoy doing with them?

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Many areas have a local chapter of MOMS Club.....that was a great way to connect me with other moms who had kids the same age and time on their hands. Being a part of that group caused me to do a lot more that I would have done on my own. Within the club, a monthly calendar is put out and there are various outings, park days, play dates, play groups. It gave me a reason to have people over....and I centered the playdate around a theme....my house is small, so I always leaned toward outdoor activities when it was my turn to host. Valentines story hour which included a book and maybe a snack or a craft and a little play time. Camp day where I set up our various tents and play tents in the yard (MY KIDS LOVE TENTS) followed by a nature treasure hunt and lunch. Scarecrow making where everyone brought over clothing, and I provided the straw and a stake to make a scarecrow. Recipe club (that one was more for the moms) where you choose a theme "apples" and everyone brings an apple dish adn the recipe to share while the kids play. Pinecone bird feeder day at the park. Play doh making....and play day. Someone had a cupcake decorating day. I used my church hall in the winter for an open gym day. Ice cream sundae day where everyone brings a topping to share. Soft pretzel making day. Pumpkin decorating....everybody brought their own. Bring your own lunch playdates. We would hit the local pick-your-own farms for strawberries, blueberries, apples and peaches. Pumpkin picking/hayrides. Farm and zoo visits. Those with pools would host an open swim hour. Or a sprinler fun day. Meet at local kid friendly places for lunch. You really could turn everyday activities into something special when you had other moms and kids to share it with! Met lots of good friends and it was a lot of fun.
In general.....my daughter, 3, loves Play doh, painting, puzzles and Starfall.com (great computer site for learing letters and begining readers. Of course anything outside trumps indoor activities. Neither of my kids were big on coloring.....though it is one of my favorites!

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How did you find out where the local mom group was I have a three year old myself and we are not involved in any mom group where I live had I not read your article I would not have thought of it.

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my email complete@cheerful.com

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We do several things a day. My youngest two boys are 15 months and 4 years and we have a blast during the day. We have music/storytime where we do puppet shows, dance around, or just read books. Then, we have art time. Today, we got out the pipe cleaners and had fun creating creatures. After lunch, when the baby is napping, we work on the alphabet. We're making an alphabet book right now. Sometimes, we play board games or do play-doh, the stuff we can't really get out when the baby is up. :) Playdates are fun too, so Mommy gets a break!

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I have 2 boys, 26m and 4 m. We love to play outside and just add some layers when its chilly. My 26 month old loves to read books, paint, draw with chalk. He LOVES to play at the sink. I have one of those foam soap dispensers that I just refill with dish soap and water. I give him the foam and a clean'ish pan and sponge or scrub brush and let him "wash the dishes" He loves it! We also combine cups and scoops of different sizes with birdseed or barley or rice and pour for lots of fun. He also loves Playdoh and will play with that for a long time. Helping me with laundry, sweeping and other easy tasks are fun for him too. We usually watch a movie during the day. We also have 2 playdates a week, sometimes go for story time at the library too. With all that I still find myself looking for things to keep him busy! Can't wait until we live closer to family so we can add visits to grammy's house too.

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Outdoor play, games (uno-moo, memory game) , pre-school work books, color, crafts, wii fun, movie and popcorn on a raniny/snowy day, finger paint(he loves this), play-doh/moon dough, bike rides outdoors, barn chores (collect ckn eggs and feed cow), laundry and clean (home activities he loves to help do!)
Another idea I got from someone but haven't had a chance to do yet, was to take popcorn kernels on a pan with a lip and let them use tractor's or whatever to doze and play with.

He's not one to just sit and color, but I still try it and I ususally sit by myself finishing, lol, so we try other things.

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we in australia are so lucky with outdoor beach playgrounds! then I add music, swimming, gynnastics and montessori classes!!! we meet mums group almost everyweek! at home we do puzzles, water play, playdoh, dancing, trampoline! full on!

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We always love to read books and color, my girls have an art easel that always has different art on it. We also brought in their sandbox forwinter a little messy but nothing a little broom and dustpan can't fix. We also bake cookies on occasion, as well as watch a movie maybe twice a week. And then when were sick of being in the house on a nicer day we go out and play in the yard, or take a trip to an indoor play center at a couple different malls in our area. And when all else is getting old we visit and go on playdates with family and friends. We can't wait for all the snow to melt at our favorite playgrounds to finally go swinging. Just some ideas both my girls aren't in school and despite all the things I've mentioned it's still a challenge to figure what to do some days that's when activity booms come in very handy. The best of all my kids love is huge paper spread on the floor and any kind of writing utensil for them just to go to town. Hope this has given someone a new idea or two. Enjoy your kids while you have them at home. It might be hard at times bit you'll miss them like crazy when their gone.

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You know...every mom is different but I put both of my daughters in swimming lessons when they were just really little, and the aquatic center held mommy and me classes, so it was safe. I think kids should get used to water at a young age so that their not scared of water when their older. I also put my 4 year old Eve in montessori she was 2.

...There was also gymnastics classes that Eve started when she was 2. She's four now..and Mia is doing dance now.

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Hi all you mom's out there! I'm a student doing research about how Mom's buy fast food for their children and trying to make improvements in the industry. If you guys have a minute to spare to take my survey (and perhaps pass it along to your friends :) ) that would be awesome! Thanks so much!


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Your baby can read is a great idea. My kids watch and watch it again. Also anything with picture books designed for there age it encourages there letter recognition. Dancing another great one we do sign language with them through out the song and we make it up as we go.

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We only have one car that my husband has during the day so I plan outings a few times a week by stroller or wagon. We go around the neighborhood and see the ducks, geese, birds, squirrels, or even to nearby parks with playgrounds. I have even taken them to a nearby greenhouse that also is a produce stand, the library, and nearby stores. They get fresh air, experience new sites and sounds that we discuss as we go and I get a good amount of exercise. On other days we play in the backyard or in the house with memory games, do art ( finger paint, coloring,or watercolors) or dance to music videos on tv.

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Mine are 30 month boy and 3 month girl.At home we play puzzles,bainting,read stories,watching movies,hide and go seek play,play at the sink and he loves to help me at home activity.
At weekend we go to park and he plays with ball ,car and bicycle.He also loves to play swing and slide.

Although,i still search anther ideas.

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mine are 16months and 27 months and Im due anyday with number 3 :D - monday and wednesday are our days at home, tues/thursday we go to playcentre which is absolutely fantastic and they do so many things especially messy play, music and swings, at home we read, do puzzles, play doh, my big girl at the moment is into tea-parties and diggers and my 16 month old boy is into family play and loves music and sand, I usually take thier lead and run from there. Sometimes we will go to the park, or to the local wildlife park (we have an annual pass), or we go to a variety of things that are on in the area - the internet is fantastic! The great thing about playcentre is that it is an extension of home so the things like full-on getting totally covered in paint etc stuff can be done there instead of at home lol, on friday we go to coffee group and often will go to baby rock n rhyme at the library first or we go to gym-jam which is a place at the local recreation center which has a room set up for toddlers with a bouncy castle and lots of puzzles and things to climb and jump on :D on the weekend we usually go somewhere with daddy like to the pools or to a park. full-on but I wouldnt have it any other way, of course there is the occasional day when we dont feel like doing much so those days we snuggle up and watch a DVD, read or do other quiet stuff :D

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We have lots of things we do:
Watch a movie
Practice Handwriting
Visit Family and Friends
Lightsaber battles around the house
Bedroom Clean up games
Cook (Cookies, smoothies-anything he can help with)
and many more

**So many crafty type things!


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