At what age did your kids learn to use a fork?

Forks are often introduced to kids later because of their pointed prongs. When did your children learn how to use a fork?

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Make it available. When it's ready, your kid will tell you:)

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At about 8 months when they were going to stage 2 and 3 foods and holding a cup without a lid and not spilling. But like Adrian said you have to make it available and they will pick it up and use it. I started with the plastic toddler forks with the rounded tips and then used the toddler forks with the sharper edges a couple of months later. By the time they were one they used a regular fork.

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Most children's forks have dull prongs on them, so I didn't mind giving them to my son...though using it is a little more challenging than using a spoon, so we waited until about 14 months.

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Amelia learnt at about 15mth from Memory and Marcus now can use a fork at 16mth

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18 months... but didn't perfect it till 16... and even then we wonder if he doesn't prefer to act like a slob and eat with his

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haha..... my younger daugher is similar.... She started using a fork around 1.5 effectively but now that she is five, she prefers the effeciency of her fingers. "please use your fork" - I'm a broken record at dinner time.

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Anywhere between 1 and 3 depending on the child - we have four kids.

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I gave both my boys forks at one year old. My eldest used a knife and fork around 3 and a half 4yrs old. With my youngest I've recently given him a knife to hold when he's using a fork and explained how to push food with it if he needs it. I'll teach him how to cut when he's ready. My boys are 5 and 2 weeks away from being 3yrs old.

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My son used a fork when he was 16months and a spoon 12months

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He has used forks and spoons since about 6 months, and he's actually really good with it now. He even holds them the right way.

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Same as spoon, around a year and half. Plastic, not sharp edged.From age 2 same but iron one. After 4 a real, pointy one.

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Childrens forks are so dull anyway, it was never a worry for me, so from the moment my daughter started eating (starting w/cereal) I always had it next to her and/or would sometimes use it myself to show her so she would get familliar with it, and know what it was for. She was using it fully on her own at 10-11 months.

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When my daughter was two she learned how to use cutlery. Though it's still not consistant

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10 months for both my kids.

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She was using a fork before she used a spoon, around 14/15 months.


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