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At what age do babies start to crawl and how do I help them learn?

Crawling is the first way babies start moving around their world. When does this usually happen? Are there ways you can help your child learn how to crawl?

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8  Answers

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it will happen when your baby is ready. my son didn't start crawling till he was almost 10 months old my daughter started at 7 months. every baby is different there is no set age when they should start..

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My daughter just started to crawl and she is 9 months. (Granted she was 5 weeks early.) Her crawling is more of an army crawl now, but she does get on her knees once in a while and scoots! I let her get as much practice as possible and give her room to roam. Good Luck!!!

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when your baby is ready for it.

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I agree that each baby is different. Also don't be surprised if they roll or go backwards first. As for helping them learn, just make sure they're in comfortable clothes i.e. no dresses if a girl. Otherwise they can accidentally tread on the "skirt" and choke themselves a little. Onesies and pants are best to protect little knees. They're also some legwarmers you can purchase to cover their knees instead of the pants.

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I would say 6-9 months. If you want to help her crawl, put her on her belly and put a couple of toys just out of reach, and let her try to get to them. As she's able to get to them move toys a little farther away. If she gets frustrated after a while, then give her the toy and try again another time.

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Every baby is different, I know some that never crawled, however made a sooching movement, and skipped right to walking.

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at birth!! I oldest son crawled at 9 mos and started walking at 10 months. he is now 30 years old and his dad and i are looking forward to this milestone with his baby brother who is almost 9 mos,

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6 months


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