What age will it be OK to take your kids to the movie theater?

When your child was a baby, you usually avoided bringing her to the movie theater. As they get older, when does it become acceptable to bring your child to the movies?

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Depends on the movie but if it's a kids movie, I say three. And don't expect it to be quiet in there. It won't be. It's good to teach your child how to be quiet in the movie, even though others aren't, but if they should talk above a whisper, it's not the end of the world. It's a good teachable moment as well.

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When they are old enough to handle watching an entire movie at home

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I fully believe It's different for every child. My son is 2 1/2 and will sit through movies at home and his favorite TV shows because he has the attention span. Some kids won't have the same attention span at his age. I was lucky. If you feel your child is ready and can sit through it then go for it. If you know he/she can't make through a 30min TV show... then you know he/she isn't ready.

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I always brought my infants with me to movies. As a nursing mom, they would eat and generally fall to sleep for the duration of the film. Once they were older, they were interested in quietly watching the movie or looking at a board book I may have happened to have in my purse intermittently. They were always accustomed to respecting the silence rule in theaters and they always met our expectations.

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I just worry about the sound being to loud. My daughter is just past her first birthday and would love to take her to the movies but not sure how she'd do. Your thoughts.

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My boyfriend's parents took our daughter to see Toy Story 3 when she was three years old. They said she actually did very well for them, with her little kid's tray of popcorn and a drink. She didn't get scared from the noise (which was surprising to us since she usually gets upset over loud noises at home... we live near an air force base right beneath the flight path of the jets), sat (mostly) quietly through it, and only got scared when she shifted in her seat, and it folded up on her a bit. THey had to leave then because she wouldn't be soothed, but it was almost over by that time anyway. So I would guess 3-4 years would probably work. And just my opinion, those mentioning cinemas who have special theaters or what have you that you can let your kid roam freely in... quite frankly A) Scares the crap out of me for risk of losing your child somehow lol and B) Doesn't teach the child anything about proper movie theater behavior. But that's just my feelings.

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I'd say the time he/she can watch a movie in one sitting at home is a good indicator to whether or not they're ready for the movie theatre. I know some children who are 7-10 that still run all over the movie theatre like they're 2 or something. Those children should not be there in my opinion, if they can't sit still, then why pay the hefty price only to chase your child up and down the movie isle? Not to mention it ruins other's experience because if your lack of control of your own child. I don't take my son to movies because I know he won't sit still and I don't want to waste my money only to chase him around a movie theatre. That is my personal feeling on the subject.

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My daughter has come to the movies with me since she was 2 weeks old. Always has. It's only in the last year or so that she's old enough now I really need to screen what she sees. But yeah I say if u wanna take kid or baby go ahead. u shouldnt be stuck at home or b penalized for having a kid. i didnt

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There is no set age, as all children are different. My youngest was 2 when she went to a concerts live, and loved them. went to see Rio and Shrek. she sat fine. Din't complain at all, was very quiet as she knew the rules before we went in there. I think if you are clear about what need to happen when you go in there they will be fine.

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I took my son to see his first cinema movie when he was 3, he did enjoy it, but I think it was a little loud when the action parts came on, so I think if I could do it over again, probably closer to 4 would be a good age I think.

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I have been taking my son to the movies since the month after his 3rd birthday. He loves watching movies and getting to eat popcorn. Was a little worried at first that he would sit in the theater with his ears covered but he actually has not done that and been very interested in every movie that we have taken him to.

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I started to take mine around the age of 3, we tried a few afternoon shows to see how they would do and they have enjoyed it and behaved every time. But just be prepared for questions and the classic "mommy how come . . . , Mommy why? " mine kids are now 6 and 4.5, they really see it as a big boy/girl treat time!

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We took our son to Secretariat when he was 2-1/2 because he loves horses. Unfortunately, he was also potty training at the time so he wanted to go quite a bit. Overall he did pretty well through the movie, but I will probably only take him to kids movies for a while. He is now 3 yrs and 4 months old.

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About 3 years old, alot of cinemas do toddler mornings where they can wander and make noise, and dont cost much so you wont worry if you have to leave if they dont like it!

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I took my daughter to see her first movie when she was three. She went to see Tango. Now, we have been to three others since then. Three is perfect.

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I just recently took my fixing to be 3 yr old to the movies for the 1st time (despicable me 2) and she did pretty good considering it was late and we got there really early. It depends on how patient and tentative your child is.

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I think 3 to kid movies. My mom took my daughter to see Puss & Boots at 20months old...

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All of mine had to be at least five years old, able to sit through a movie at home without disturbing everyone else, and the movie had to be rated G.

The fun alternative for us is the drive in during warm months - it is one big party, there is a park, we can grill if we want and if someone falls asleep - we bring blankets and pillows.


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I think age 3 is appropriate as long as they are capable of holding interest in a movie for the duration.

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it really depends on the child. my daughter has always been fairly good about sitting through a movie at home since around 2. if anything now that she's almost 5, is when she's wanting to do other things unless its to the drive-in.
do check your local theaters though as the ones in my area have "Stars and Strollers" movies. select movies shown at select times for parents with kids and the bonus is that the volume is not as loud which i find is often the case with 'regular' movies.
we also explained to her what was expected of her and that helps big time as they know they have to be quiet or try and sit still.

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I agree that it depends on the child. My daughter doesn't do well sitting still for extended periods of time, but we took her to the re-release of Beauty and the Beast, a movie she knows and loves. She was about 3 1/2. The look of awe on her face lasted through the entire movie. We also went to the first showing of the day, so it wasn't very crowded, mostly other families with girls in princess dresses. I don't think I would take her unless I was comfortable that the movie would not be too scary on the big screen and that it would hold her interest.

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i took my son to see Rio and he was about 1.5yrs old and he did pretty good!

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we took our son with us when we went to see Terminator: Salvation - he was just a few months old at the time. brought the bottles of formula/breast milk & chilled out. The occasional loud noises didn't seem to bother him, but of course I would want to cover his ears now & again. That said... when our son was about 1 year old (give or take), we took him to a movie with us & realised that was a BAD idea. He was at an age of squirminess, wanting to crawl & walk around everywhere. Now he is 3 years old & can watch a whole movie [most of the time] in a sitting. So at this point we probably take him to a kid/age-appropriate movie at the theatre.

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Depends on the temperament of your child. I took my first child to the movies his whole first year. Once he hit a year old he would no longer sit through movies. He was able to sit through movies again when he was around 3.

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I agree, it depends on how they are at home with watching TV. I'm sure there are some 2, 3 year olds who would do fine. My son however (who is almost 3), lacks the attention span to sit through basically anything, so I would probably take him to see a movie at 4 at the earliest.

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Yup, depends on the kid.
My oldest started going when he was almost 3 (he's now 6) and he would even sit through the live-action movies at that age. My youngest started when he was just a baby but he usually has to leave in the last half hour no matter what the movie is (he's now about 3 as well).
When my youngest was under one, I timed it so I breastfed him and then he slept pretty much through the whole thing back then.
When they were toddlers, I just made sure to bring their blankies, drink and a snack. Also, I'd go a bit early so they could explore the theater enough to sit still when the movie started. (Though, the theater was almost empty when we'd go).
Most of the time they'd sit through the whole thing, but there were a few times where my youngest couldn't sit still through the last half hour and we had to leave. I found going at night or during a nap time was best because if they get bored, they'd just fall asleep.

It's funny because once I even took my oldest to a PG-13 movie (17 Again) when he was about 4 (no baby-sitter and i really wanted to go....heh), and he sat through the whole thing with interest....while the older teen sitting next to us kept talking loudly and texting through the whole thing. So yeah, it really depends on the kid.

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I took my kids and they were always good! Even while other kids were running up and down the isles screaming! The parents need to be bashed if they are disrespectful enough to take their brats to the movies when they are just bad! I hate going to the movies with little kids in there... I always avoid sitting next to them....an if they sit next to me I will get up and move far away from them.....and at a restaurant I always ask for a table away from kids! Sadly most kids nowadays are so annoying cause either the parents are afraid to bash them in public or they just don't care! Like the parents who smoke around their kids! Especially when they are in a car with the windows even rolled up and there is no escape! Those parents need to have their kids taken away because that is plain attempted murder!

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I agree with the it depends on the child. My nephew who is 2 1/2 has been to movies since he was 1 and has never had a problem. My daughter on the other hand would think the theater is her own gym and climb on everything (she's 20 months).

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some screenings are specifically for people with newborns....
my son is five, and i still would not take him to a regular viewing at the pictures. he's been onve in the past few months and it was hurrendous.
for that erason i stick to the saturday morning movies for juniors, its only £1 each to get in (instead of the usual £6.50) and they get a drink and a game after the movie. everyone expects the kids to be messing around/talking etc, as its a kids screening, so theres no need to get embarrased with your kid if they keep talking through the movie. maybe when he's six we'll give the regular screenings another go lol. x

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My son has come to the movies with us since he was a month old. Mostly he naps, even through the loudness. But, he sat through Cars 2 without getting too loud. The way my husband and I look at it: Our son is going to be 2 on the 21st, having a child doesn't mean you can't do things. We wait approximately a week after opening day to let the blockbusters die out, unless it's a movie for kids. We always try to go to the earlier shows. Regal cinemas is doing a "Any movie before noon only $6/person" so we take advantage of that a lot. It really depends on your comfort but as someone who used to go opening day for every summer blockbuster, I never expected children at late shows, but I knew they would be at morning shows. It's a simple understanding thing. Go with your gut. I started him early on theater films so when he's old enough to sit through one, he'll know proper manners.

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It depends on your child. I brought my child to the movies when he was a few months old, but he was never fussy and never cried. He would usually be asleep, and it would be adult movies since he didn't know what was going on. For kids movies, it doesn't matter how old they are, none of the kids are going to be silent. But at age 3, I stopped taking him to adult movies (rated R).

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my daughter loves to see movie in theatre. she enjoys lot. she is now 2 n 1/2 months old.

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I just took my 3.5 yr old and 1.5 yr old to see cars 2. I spent the second half of the movie chasing them trying to get them to sit still in their seats!! ahhhh Lucky it was a loud movie!! luckily there were two other boys about 3 yrs old also running laps of the theatre so I wasn't the only exasperated mum there!!!

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We took ours the first time when he was 2 and he sit quitely thru the whole movie. We took him again last month he is almost 3 now but he just couldn't sit still or keep quite. So we decided no more theater for him til he is older.

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My daughter is 4 in a half and just saw her first movie theater movie this week!

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I am taking my son to his first theatre exerience tomorrow and he is 2.5 years old - I think he will be fine as it's a movie he really will be interested in (cars 2) as it's a sequel to his favourite movie on the planet which he watches religiously at home.

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I have taken my youngest child since he was 3 wks old. But once they are able to move around or pay attention to a movie waiting till there 2 is best.

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i took my son to see the movie HOP at age 2 1/2. and he sat still the whole time. i just gave him some popcorn to keep him occupied

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My daughter isnt old enough to go to the movies yet, but i think it all depends on how well they listen to you. My daughter doesnt like to obey what i tell her all the time. It also depends on how interested they are with the movie. She will watch Finding Nemo with no peep, but when she watches any other movie, she cant sit still or be quiet.

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Our local movie theater has a kids day and does free movies at 10 on Wed. Mornings.. we take our two year old to them because he is learning how to behave but if he begins to act up we didn't pay anything to get in and are not so guilty leaving.


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