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What are the best books to read to your toddler?

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20  Answers

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I love you forever - Robert Muncsh. Every Mother should read this book to her babies. Warning - it will make you cry!

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I'll like you for always I'll love you forever as long as I'm living my baby you'll be...... LOVE that poem! And yes that book does bring tears to my eyes.

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one of our first favorites was Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See!

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Mine loves the whole set. I think he really likes the panda bear panda bear what do you see. But now I know he's not actually reading them but he "reads" them to me. I really do not like reading I am so far sited it gives me a headache but i've been reading to him since he was 2months old & he's almost 3 & just loves books. Another good one is the How do dinosaurs...say goodnight, count to 10, & there's more. He love's dinos & he loves the books. He reads those to me now too. I love to hear him count too & the other day he counted in spanish, I guess him watching Dora & Go Diego Go have really paid off.

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The series: Goodnight Moon, The Runaway Bunny, My World.
Any Eric Carle book.
Dr. Suess - the simple books - they love repetitive rhyming things.
The Big Red Barn.
Each Peach Pear Plum.
Any of the Large Baby Einstein Books that you are looking for things. Both girls LOVE these books.
Mommy Kisses before bed or nap.

Here is a good reference but many of them I have never heard of...

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It doesn't really matter what you read to your toddler (well - porn probably wouldn't be good!) - the important thing is that you ARE reading to them.
Reading newspapers, magazines, novels; even the TV listings or yellow pages is ok. It still shows them how a book operates - how to hold a book, open it etc, that we read from front to back and left to right, that the funny little squiggles mean something, information can be found from books etc etc.

HOWEVER - books with rhymes, interesting pictures, characters that are funny or can be related to by the child and books that are fun are much better and more likely to engage and keep the toddlers attention.

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My son (2) LOVES Little Blue Truck and Goodnight Moon and Nicholas the Bunny

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Good Night, Moon


It's Time for Bed

These are on my mind because I just left the forum on bedtime rituals..!

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My 22 month old son likes books that allow him to be involved. His Baby Signs Book is the first one he learned. He can sign every word in the book and he speaks them too, now. He also enjoys counting books, color books, and he's starting to sit through books with a plot/lesson in them, too. Books with his favorite character (Elmo) allow him to get excited and involved in the story. He likes bedtime books and books about Mommy and Daddy.

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Can't you sleep little bear the velveteen rabbit are good ones Just googled love you forever and yes it made me cry amazing story it will be added to our shelf

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I Love You Forever is one of the books in his collection, I've had it since before he was born. My husband made a comment about it being a little creepy that the Mom sneaks into his house in the middle of the night to rock him, but I think it's cute. Luke just turned three and his favorite bedtime story is The Monster at the End of This Book "starring Lovable Furry Old Grover" (that's the way he pronounces the title♥). I read it in a Grover voice and really get into the story, he laughs at the end when Grover says he is embarrassed. He requests it every night.

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anything that has rhymes and actions and bright colourful pictures my DD's favourite book atm is toddlerobics animal fun by Zita Newcome she also loves BOO to a goose by Mem Fox she loves to join in and say Boo when I get to that part she knows it that well now she tells it to me!!!

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Looks like an old thread but books are timeless. I have 3 kids (7,6 and 1.5 years) so went through all my books from the older two to read to my littlest.
My favorites are: Where is the Green Sheep by Mem Fox,
The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton,
I Like Books by Anthony Browne.
I came across a good toddler booklist at:

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my kids love any Eric Carle books like "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" ect... other then him "goodnight gorilla" is one of my kids favorite book.

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We love Sandra Boynton books. They're always so cute. My kids love them.

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The very hungry caterpillar. A real favourite in New Zealand

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Chicka Chicka 123 got my son ECSTATIC for numbers and reading. He loves to read it all by himself now on the toilet :-)

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My son for the longest time loved a book called Where's my Mom?

About a giraffe that goes walking with his mom and stops and loses her and to find her he finds other animals in the forest.

Now when he wants me to read a book it is something with the Backyardigans or the Wonder Pets!

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We read all kinds of books. I started with the simple board books, many of those listed already. I also love anything by Sandra Boynton, they are great for little ones. What I do now is take my son to the library - he is 3, and we pick out 5 or 6 books each time, every couple of weeks. We read those books, along with the ones we have, daily, and if he really likes them, we buy them eventually. On books that we have read over and over, I let him "read" to me by telling me the story, if he wants. He loves trucks and trains and anything that moves, so we have a lot that go with that theme. Plus we have a few Dr. Suess that were my husbands, and he loves reading books that were Daddy's or Uncle Matt's.

My recommendations:
Any of the shorter Dr. Suess books - you can judge your child's attention span to determine the lenghth. Recently, we did Horton hears a Who, but only because Jacob wanted to. It's a little long for a three year old
A children's bible, if you are religious. We have a wonderful poem bible, and he loves it
Goodnight moon series
Sandra Boynton books
Whatever your child is interested in - we have baby einstein books, dora books, thomas books, etc.

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My 4 year son reads his own books (and he just loves to read) so his fav's are anything with dinosaurs, or Robert Munsch books!

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Anything they can get involved with! My son is 3 and interested in letters and numbers so books like Chicka Chicka Boom Boom are great.

He loves the Spot books by Eric Hill because they have the tabs with stuff behind them, Karen Katz has great books with the lift the flap idea too.

We go to the library a lot and try to look for books on subjects that interest him. Airplanes, trucks, tractors, etc. And his characters like Batman & Spiderman.

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My 2.5 year old LOVES books! Her favorite activity is for us to read a book through and then she "reads" it back to us. We have always read to both of our kids from day one. Our 7 year old reads to us (and her little sister) now, but still enjoys it when we read to her too. We now read chapter books together. She likes a lot of the classics--Secret Garden, Little House..., Little Women, Heidi, etc. But our little one (this week) loves "The Little Engine That Could," and "Angelina Ballerina." Some favorite authors for both of our kids are/were: Julia Donaldson (Gruffalo, Gruffalo's Child, Snail and the Whale, Room on the Broom, A Squash and a Squeeze (etc.) She is amazing! Her rhyme schemes are sophisticated and the books are beautifully illustrated. Also, Nancy Carlson - simple stories, good rhymes, great illustrations, Eric Carle, Sandra Boyton, Doreen Kronin (Click, Clack, Moo; Giggle, Giggle, Quack.) Another beautiful book is Zen Shorts by Jon J. Muth. Both of my daughters also loved nursery rhymes as toddlers. They both memorized many, many, many of the classic ones. It was the rhythm of language and the cadence of our voices as we read the words. They really couldn't get enough of it. My little ones both love the classic princess stories too--Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast.

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My 3 yr old picks the books he wants to read. I joins him up in a free book club when he was a baby, and received a free book a month for two tears. He has a wide variety. His favorite of all time I called "A Mother for Choco".

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We love passing down favorites from our own childhood. Anything that sparks your imagination as the reader and that you enjoy reading. Kids can tell when we're engaged as readers. We loved simple storylines with bright colors: Dr. Seuss, Good Night Gorilla and Good Night Moon were a few of our favorites. Then we graduated to the Sweet Pickles series, Babar series and Madeline.


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