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What is the best gift your child said they received?

Some gifts are hits and some are misses. What are the favorite gifts your child has ever received, and how old were they when they got it?

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9  Answers

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time spent with me. My kids (10, 6, 5) barely remember any of the gifts they received, but they do remember the time we ate ice cream together, or the trip to Sonoma...

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My daughter Jessica got an iTouch and Facebook account for her 13th birthday......she said it was her favorite!!! (She'd been asking for a Facebook account for a couple years and had been playing with my iPhone)

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As a surprise for her 5th birthday, my Mom gave my daughter an 8 week old Great Pyrennes puppy! My daughter is absolutely in love with this dog, and always refers to Molly as her dog.

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Family time has always been said is my children's favourite gifts.

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I have bought a pretty shoes for my sister's little princess, though the little princess is too young to know what she had got, I belive she will like the shoes when she grow up. Here is the store I bought the shoes

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a bicycle. a gift from her uncle on her 7th birthday. she really love it!

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My big fellow was thrilled when I got him a LED T.V and aPS3 for his last birthday he was wanting one for some time, his eyes told the story and I loved the moment my little fellow is most thrilled when we sit and listen to him telling us all that he reads and a little joke every night toys are soon forgotten but not his library.

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my little princess is a not feeling well might take her to doctors in morning.we found a little lump in her right nostril inside and she says it hurts a little .gud nyt

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my baby Andrea of course anything to do with Dragon Ballz and the older brother anything to do with Eminen be it a cd or t-shirt u name it


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