What is the best way to help my teething baby?

Teething is painful and frustrating for babies. How do you ease your baby's pain when they are teething? Are there any natural remedies for teething?

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im an oral health support worker and i work with families with children from birth to 3yrs.The advice i give to parents is....under 6 months just use a clean finger to let them bite on and soothe there gums,by massaging the gums you stimulate the blood flow which has a natural pain reliever.after 6 mnths cut carrots into sticks and keep in a tub of cool boiled water in the fridge and let them bite on them or use a new/clean facecloth,soak in cool boiled water squeeze out excess water and put in a freezer bag,put into freezer until stiff,make sure u have a waterproof bib on baby and let them chew away.......a toothbrush is also another good tip as it gets them used to having a brush in there mouth when there teeth come through and its hard to bite and chew on......always be in the same room as your baby when they have these items in there mouth....tracy x

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use sm33 as a soothing gel that kids wont eat... used it with my kids and as it has a antisceptic barrier, it works wonders and they wont eat it like they do bonjella

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My daughter is 18 months old. (her dr told me this) Take tylenol just a little bit on your finger and rub it on the gums, also I found that teething tablets work as well. Hope this helps.

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The problem with cold things is that the child gets cold hands. I like the rubber finger that you can purchase in the toothpaste isle. it is for brushing gums and gently used with massage the gums into numbness without the wearing off effects of cold / ice.

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Hyland's teething tablets and lots of refrigerated teething rings!

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Frozen bagels

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With my last one Frozen waffles. Not only does she love to chew on them to soothe her gums but she also eats it as it thaws out. She starts crying I hand her a waffle right from the freezer. Hope this helps. Good Luck!

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Amber teething chain, have used one on each of my boys and both went back to sleeping through the night within 24hrs. And they are afordable

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In whole foods they have homeopathic sublingual drops about $9.00, cold teethers, acetaminophen (depending on age must ask a doctor), and last Baby Orajel swaps Cherry (looks like q-tips) Love it b/c it's easy to apply. You break off tip and until it goes down and soaks the bottom tip and apply. Love it. Cold teethers need always to be in the freezer b/c you never know when you may need it.

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I used a hazelwood necklace for my son while he was teething and it really helped. my sister used an amber necklace with her daughter and she believes that helped. good luck. :)

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Look into an Amber Teething Necklace. They are used alot in New Zealand and I had one for my oldest (now 3) and now one for his baby sister (now 5months). You can start using them from 3 months old. Baby wears it and the natural oils in the amber help to relieve the pain of teething. They look cool too =) They are not to be chewed on. Give bubs a wet cloth to chew on, or a cold teething ring, or some bonjela / aftamed gel on the gums. This can help. Good luck!

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With my sons (after they started eating) frozen peas were great for teething. Also amber teething necklaces (One company is Inspired by Finn) really work.

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ice have a lot of ice. When my now 4 year old was a baby I had used ice. It's a old home remidy of mine or try a plastic baby teether and up in frezzer then put it in the childs mouth.

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Ice sounds like a bad idea, since it's a choking hazard! Most store bought teethers say not to freeze...the ice is too cold on their sensitive gums.

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