What is the best way to keep child noise from bothering neighbors?

Sometimes living in tight quarters can make it difficult to keep the neighbors happy, especially if you have a colicky baby, a tantrum-throwing toddler, or a drum playing teenager at home. What are some creative ways you can work to keep the peace while allowing for your child's natural ups and downs to occur, too?

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I just ignore my neighbors. I teach my kids to be as well behaved as they can be, but I won't stress when they have kid moments and if a neighbor doesn't get that then they should move away. I have only had this issue once ever and it was in base housing with neighbors who had a new neighbor. The walls were sound proof in the duplex but the floors were not. Sound traveled through them a bit and if the kids jumped up and down in a room next to the joined wall (which they obviously didn't do all day or often) the neighbor would pitch a fit and start banging on the floor. After a month of that I started making as much noise on the floor as possible when she would pitch a tantrum. My kids' playroom was as far as possible from her side of the building and if she wasn't mature enough to handle a kid jumping, or go to another room if it annoyed her) occasionally then she should not have had one. I have not ever lived in an apt with my kids knowing full well how much noise they can make, but I did live in one other duplex with neighbors who had a sweet little girl my daughter played with and I never had a complaint to them from me or from me to them.

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well ur child cant help with his problem and it not always easy to keep ur child quite if ur nextdoor niegbours if they got any feelings they would help my advice just do what u gotta do and be a proud mum

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The only real things I worry about with regard to noise and my kids and the neighbors are: 1) noise super early in the morning or super late at night and 2)screeching while playing or fighting with other kids/siblings. The regular course of living noises that come with kids are what they are. If the neighbors complain about kids just being kids, I'd buy them some earplugs.

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great idea of buying the earplugs !!! just kidding

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