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What is the best way to store away soiled cloth diapers when I'm out with the baby?

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3  Answers

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I just toss mine in a wet bag. But what's even more helpful are biodegradable liners. You place them inside the dipe to catch the poop. When you change baby you just toss the liner in the trash or flush it and all you're left with is a wet diaper. I SWEAR by liners when I'm away from home. It keeps me from having to lug around poop.

Here's a link to the liners I use. I've tried several brands and these by far are the best!

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wet bag but i use liners inside so when the baby poops its on that thing and you just take it out and throw away the poop then put the soiled diaper in wet bag makes it so it dosent smell so bad. If you really hate the smell get one of those lavender bags or what ever smell you like and throw it in the wet bag one mom put a dryer sheet in claims it holds the smell to that thing never tryed it so. I just threw a small bag with lavender in with the wet bag

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I would use doggie disposal bags - most are lightly scented and can be purchased cheaply.


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