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What can delay a baby from crawling?

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4  Answers

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My youngest went from scooting to walking. Crawling never did enter the picture.

Each kid is different!

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My oldest son didn't crawl for the longest time, I am pretty sure he was close to 15 months, the reason I assume is because he was a little Chub. He was in the 90% once he hit 3 months and stayed there (he's almost 4 now). I thought maybe he was D.D. or something because aside from crawling he was also waaaaaaaay behind on talking, now he's caught up with everything. It was just unnecessary worry for me, probably is for you too.

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Every child is different , i was so worried that my son 10 months will never crawl
well thank goodness, i stressed for nothing, he started crawling last night.,
i have 2 daughters whom both crawled around 7 months, so dont know if thats says much maybe boys are just slow to start there milestones

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there are many things that can delay a child from crawling. I personally wouldn't be concerned. One of my boy's crawled for what seemed like forever, the other crawled for maybe only a month. Neither of them started crawling til almost a year. My suggestion is, if you are REALLY concerned ask the Peds. They know more about that kind of thing than you or me. Biggest thing is to relax; each child is different. Good luck, I'm sure you are doing a great job!


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