What can I do for my son who doesn't have a father on Father's Day?

Being a single mom can be especially challenging on Fathers Day. How do you acknowledge Fathers Day without a father?

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3  Answers

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Is there a Grandfather or Uncle who you and your child are close to (in your family)? I made a big deal about Father's Day honoring the men who were most in the "Male Role Model" role for my son when I was single mom years ago. He would make a card and help pick out a gift for Grandpa every year... When I married, it was for both Grandpa and StepDad.

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My mother was a single parent, and we always made her father's day stuff. We used to ell her you are our mom and dad, so you get father's day stuff too! We never had issues. Now that we are older e don't do anything for her for father's day... it was just while we were in school.

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I was raised more or less by my Dad and we always celebrated Mother's Day as Daughter Dad Day. We woulkd go out and do something or when we where really little my brother and I would make him cards. He basically got to Dad's days. Maybe you could do a Mother Son Day or something.


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