What can kids eat with just 4 teeth?

What are some good dishes to feed kids who are starting to get teeth, but don't have very many yet?

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My 14 month old only has 4 teeth and she eats everything. And I mean EVERYTHING.! It can be hard or soft foods and she can chew the food with her gums and front teeth!

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You'd be surprised what they can mash up with their gums as well as teeth. I gave mine pasta, soft fruits like bananas, peaches, pears, soft potatoes. The Gerber puffs are great for learning to chew and they dissolve quickly to lessen the chance of choking. Canned veggies like peas, and carrots are small and soft. Before long, your little one will be eating anything you put in front of them! (o:

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EVERYTHING!! my now 7yr old only had one tooth until she was 18 months old. we did not prepare special foods just for her. she ate what everyone else did. steak, chicken, cooked veggies, breads, pastas...everything. just made sure there were no tough parts in meats and diced them up :)

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Everything! My little one-year--old only has 4 teeth and he munches/chews on everything (whole pieces!). He loves chewing on hamburger patties and chicken fingers in addition to all the typical fruits and vegetables. You just have to get over the "fear of choking" thing and watch them carefully until the figure it out (and always be ready with the "mommy finger hook" in case they start to choke).

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I love the way you describe the "mommy finger hook",LOL, I does the same thing too.

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I would say a lot depends on the child. My oldest could handle any food no mater how many teeth, my youngest has tendencies to choke. Also depends on if the child wants hard or soft and tastes.
My 17 month old has 6 teeth. I give him only soft fruit and cooked veggies. I do give him cheerioes without milk. If your child is prone to choking as mine is then you could soften apples and pears by putting them in the microwave with a little water for a minute. This softens it.
I used to do that but he now wants what we have so I make sure the apples and pears are not too hard. Cut them with no peel.
Eggs, toast, crackers (have to watch cause some don't break up easy). I give him meat at supper but cut it small. One of his favorites is boiled sweet potato and squash. They come out soft enough to break apart but solid enough to hold.
If you are worried about choking my rule is if it is small enough to swallow without chewing it is ok. That way if they don't quite chew enough it won't choke them.

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My baby only has 2 teeth & she eats a lot of things...lol you would be surprised.
She eats everything we eat as long as u cut it up enough so they don't choke.

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my 14 month old has 12 teeth, had them at 12 months, has 4 more teeth coming in! he eats every solid food there is. only way to teach them to eat solids is to give it to them. they catch on realy quick

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Once they start getting teeth, try to introduce new textures and consistencies gradually. My 15 month old is really sensitive to certain meat textures. He'll just chew and chew but has trouble swallowing. My advice would be to just watch your child carefully for signs of chocking.

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There is this great little mesh bag that connects to a plastic cap and for the life of me I can not remember what it is called but I got mine in the baby section of Walgreens and you can put fresh melon balls in there and just let them go to town on it and teething babies just love it because it is cool and soothing to them plus it is good for them! A Father created it when his son got choked on a piece of bread and it really is the coolest thing! My daughter loved hers! My baby girl loved mash potatoes and sweet potato fries and things like soft hamburger steak and gravy things that are not too hard but things that they can chew so they develop that habit! Good luck!

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It's called a "baby safe feeder" if you mean what I'm thinking you mean! I have one of them for my son! It's great for letting them try things like grapes or other items that they would usually choke on. I've also used it for teething like you have. He really loves it. :)

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Butter, feathers, paste, wheat, lard, margarine, oil, yeast, larvae, air, sauce, time, cream. When the fifth tooth grows in, the child can eat all of the above, plus soft wood, goulash and mayonnaise.

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Just about anything! My 17-month old just has 4 teeth - and her 2 top teeth just came in a few weeks ago. Since she went so long without teeth - she figured out how to eat things w/out it. Obviously, some things we cut up a bit more, but she has not had any issues. :)

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i think they can eat anything as long as you cut it thin enough. my baby echoe was eating on her own b 4 she had any teeth

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I have three kids. and they all teethed differently. my boys were eating almost everything from like 8-10months old. my 10month old eats everything but hard veggies, he only has 4 teeth on to and 2 on the bottom. I started him with soft fruit and veggies and the parent's choice puffs, he loves them. Now he eats steak, chicken, and lots of other foods.

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Regardless of teeth, they can mash almost all foods up with their gums. Those are strong - have they bitten down on a finger or anything for you to feel it? (Don't have too - just brings to life the strength there). My son was gumming steak before there were teeth - seriously nothing will stop them from any foods!!!

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My baby eats every thing with her 4teeth be it fruits vegies cooked food or cereals

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my eight month old has two teeth and will eat anything and everything, it's amazing how strong his gums are to chew food, the only thing I cut into small bits it grapes because of the skin, but everything else is just cut into chunks and he bites off how much he wants (feeds himself) His favourite thing at the minute is Chicken.

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You dont have to have teeth to eat. Our gums are super strong. Just dont give your baby things like chips and raw carrots. Steam most anything and fruit is pretty easy to give.

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My son is only 15 months old and he eats everything but the thing he loves the most is his apples and watermelon he could eat this stuff all day and he love meatloaf my crazy boy I love you Luca

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cold cereal like: cherrios and rice corn checks
any type of soft foods
cooked very well soft carrots

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My son is almost eight months he has to teeth at the bottom and he eats everything But he has nine teeth coming in and he is still eating away with no medication so if they want it give it to them

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My 10 month old eats everything! Chicken nuggets, pasta, pancakes.... with only two bottom teeth!

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I would say everything. One good idea is to get an electric food chopper it is a small one and can be found at most stores life wal mart. Here is the link to see what I am talking about:
They are great and allow you to feed your child everything and allow the pieces not to be big.

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I say stick with gerber stages... after the jars there is the meals for toddlers then preschoolers. Babies might be able to chew the same food you eat but the spices can sometimes upset their belly & cause problems when they are older. My youngest is three and he still eats some of the meals cause I know something we are eating might be to hard on his belly and he get more of the vitamins his growing body needs.

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everything!! well, except choke hazards--like hotdogs or grapes or corn or potato chips. If baby wants something that I'm eating, sometimes I'll pre-chew it then let him have it. Like chicken or beef. Or use a baby food grinder, though that's more work than just chomping something a bit. lol.

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Gabriel is 21 months with 4 teeth, only spare ribs are a bit tricky otherwise it all goes down the hatch

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My little guy has two teeth (with two more almost though) and his favourite food is meat! We just cut up steak, chicken, fish or whatever else we're having into small pieces. He also loves to eat fruit and steamed veggies. He does have difficulties with raw carrots, but he uses them to teeth and often eats the chunks he carves out of them.

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My 10 1/2 month old has 5 teeth and eats anything we give her. 4top front teeth, 2bottom front, and a bottom back tooth can chew a lot of different food.

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Amy thing that gets mushy or will dissolve. Bananas, graham crackers, or even frozen waffles, they act as a teething ring and get soft.

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When my youngest was 4 months, he cut his first 2 teeth, by 7 mo he had 4 teeth. I cut up stuff really small and gave meats if super tender. All veggies, bananas, pears, applesauce, spaghetti, pizza, and almost anything that can be cut up small!!!

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My daughter is 18 months, once she was out of the stage 3 baby foods I began feeding her steamed veggies and soft fruits. I also prepared chicken for her in the slow cooker to make it softer and easier to chew.

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My 10 month old has 8 teeth and he eats everything!! I make his food so he has been eating peas, carrots, apples, pears, blueberries, peaches, sweet potatos, butternut squash, zucchini, squash, tomatoes, baked potatoes, eggplant, puffs (these are fantastic), cheerios, and now goldfish thanks to his older sister feeding him these snacks. He is a pig and does very well eating!! You have to make sure it is diced up small enough so that it's not a choking hazard! Have messy fun :o)

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my son ate almost everything with 4 teeth! He had his four front teeth so he just used them to chew. Its amazing that they know to do this, but yea he ate just about everything even apples n stuff. small pieces of course

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My son will eat everything you give him as has had teeth since 4 months and his favs are plain timbits and he is 8 months now so its crazy

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my 16mnth old only has 4 teeth and she will eat steak, and crusty roll, u name it and she will eat it, ther gums are really hard which seems to help, try most things youl be surprised :) x

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My 10 month old eats little munchers and little puffs but chokes and vomits on any stage 3 foods. She has 2 bottom teeth. I would like to try her on more foods and get her off formula but I have the fear of her choking all the time.
It has been 20yrs since my last babies and my mind is blank to what I used to feed my other babies,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,help me!!!

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Where possible I try to give him the meal we are having (pureed or partially blended or cut smaller). In addition to this once a week I do a big cookup and make him a meal consisting of 4 steam veg and 1 meat mixed through with a pasta sauce. I also freeze some of these into indiv ice cubes so they can be added to pasta, rice or cous cous. Kaidan also loves avocado, pear, apple, banana (all given in the mesh feeder). He has pancakes with us as is, toast, recently he tried garlic bread. He likes wheat cereal with pureed fruit. It's great to see what a varied eater he is. Soon I won't have to have things as soft as he is currently working on getting 4 top teeth through. He already has his 2 bottom middle ones.

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I agree with Bonnie that it depends on the child. All 6 of my girls could mash up a lot of things with just gums. All but one of them didn't cut their first tooth until after a year old. My son was born at 32 weeks though and at 11 months he can still only eat pureed foods because he has a weak tongue. When we try things with texture: cottage cheese, scrambled eggs, cheerios etc. he gags and chokes because his tongue isn't strong enough to move the food to the back of his throat where he can swallow it. If I give him finely shredded cheese he can only do 3 small shreds at a time and only 1 cheerio at a time and he has to suck on it a really long time to get it dissolved enough to swallow. The eggs he winds up holding in his cheeks and never swallows. We introduce a new food every week because our nurse practitioner said not to give up on textures. This week is baby meat. I have to mix it with a pureed vegetable though for him to be able to get it down. I think the most important thing is to make sure the food is soft or easily dissolvable, for instance Ritz crackers instead of hard graham crackers with sharp edges, give them the smallest pieces you can and make sure you never leave them alone so that if they can't handle it and start to choke and can't cough it out on their own that you're right there to assist them.

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I agree with a few of the previous answers - EVERYTHING! Our kids have always eaten the same meals as the rest of the family by 9 and a half months of age. Ravioli, spaghetti, meat and veg, sandwiches, sausage rolls, fruit, rice, hot chips etc.... You name it. As long as you present it in the appropriate way (chopped up into smaller pieces), it is all fine.
Obviously avoid things like nuts, marshmallows, lollies, raw apple and carrot.

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Kids can eat any type of soft foods, escept they cannot have citrus fruit yet. The best foods they can eat our banans, baby fruit bars, baby puffs, baby pin wheels, cherrios, chex cereal, broken into small pieces bagels, any other type of soft food. yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese sticks, and more

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