What can you do to make brushing teeth fun?

Toddlers often hate brushing their teeth. What are some tips to make it fun for them while they learn to brush their teeth on a regular basis?

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My daughter loves brushing her teeth. Since the beginning I've brushed my teeth right along beside her. I let her brush her teeth first them I brush them to get a good cleaning. I also let her brush mine that makes it alot of fun for her.

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I started a chart that he got a sticker every time he brushed his teeth well and without complaining or fighting. At the end of the week he got a small prize, and the end of the month a "big prize"... We did it for a month and a half and it stuck. We no longer do the chart or prizes, and he brushes his teeth without arguments. :D

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I bought a story book about dentist, and let her know about dentist...if she don't brush her teeth well...she will got a toothache and we must visit dentist...

But if your teeth healthy, the dentist will give you a present :) finally....it works!

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We made up a song that we sing while we are brushing my son's teeth. He likes the song but he still has some trouble because he doesnt want to brush them!

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My son (two y.o.) thinks its fun to take turns brushing his teeth. I do a little bit and he does a little bit. Also I got him a toothbrush that flashes and he loves that

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I bought my kids the vibrating tooth brushes and they love that so much and we also made up a song to help and who ever could sing it the worst won the contest of singing while brushing their teeth. It worked, I made sure that I always lost which they thought was funny.

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My daughter is 2.5 and she LOVES getting a little cup of water and she can dip her toothbrush in it then she spits it into the toilet (the sink is too high yet) and she loves "rinsing" her toothbrush in it! When she is done we give her the cup full of water and she can rinse and spit to get the toothpaste out! She feels like a big kid doing it :)

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For me it's been letting them pick their own toothbrush and toothpaste. Then they want to use it because they picked it. My kids also like those little flossers with the handle. They actually wanted to floss with those rather than struggling with a piece of floss.

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I just tried letting him brush my teeth with my toothbrush while I brushed his. It worked great!

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Buying his favorite character toothbrushes; Dora and Diego. Also he loves his vibrating toothbrush as well.

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Well Me And My Baby Gyrl Dance While We Brush And We Do It Together,She Loves it!


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