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What can you do if your baby will not take formula?

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Your baby is very clever and knows that breast is best. why do you want to give formula? It is muck when compared to your breast milk.
If you absolutely have to formulas feed eg to return to work - it may be that your baby will not take standard formula because he/she is milk protein allergic - in which case you should see a paediatrician who understands milk protein allergy.
That said i returned to a very full time job when my babes were 4-5 months of age and fed them until 2-3 years of age. No need for formula as they fed when i got home. exhausting but worth it.

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You go mama!

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yes,never give cow milk ,whic also is in most formulas,it has a protein lke substance that strippes the human immune system,( as does canola oil )and is the very top cause of type one daiabetes,,do the research.Even the Ame. Dairy Association's private studies ( released by the ' FREEDOM OF INFORMATION-act,admitts this.I nstead,use Almond,hazelnut,(rice in moderation)coconut milk and coconut water,and Noni juce.

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Continue breastfeeding? If you aren't comfortable with the idea of an older baby on your breast, buy a powerful double electric pump.

Some children cannot physically handle the milk proteins or not bioavailable iron in infant formulas very well and will refuse it.

If you HAVE to transition due to medical needs, you should do so slowly. If it is a medicine that you need to be on, pump as much as you can before starting the medication so you can dilute the formula in concentrations starting at 1/4 formula to 3/4 breastmilk and change that slowly(over the course of a week), in increments up to 100% formula.

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3 qtr breast milk and 1qtr formula and slowly introduce more formula over time xx


My baby is 6month she dide not drink formula

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my advise as aprofessional herbalist is to not use any formula that contains cow's milk.,which has been proven to contain a protein like substanc that depleate the hman immune system and is a major cause of type one daibetes.

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Never give formula to an infant or at any age,it cantains cows milk which causes type one diabetes, in millions world- wide.and has other very nasty stuff.Cow milk is for cows,even adults cannot digest it.Use almond milk, Hazelnut milkrice milk,coconut milk,and coconut water,and noni .juce.

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Leave the house and have someone else do the feeding.
I will warn you, one of my kids went twelve hours without eating rather than take a bottle - he NEVER took a bottle - DH was frantic, but my best friend was in labor and I figured if he was hungry enough he would eat...he waited for me - LOL
He STILL is that stubborn

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Start him off by slowly, you can pump some breastmilk and store it in the fridge, mix half breastmilk and half formula then slowly begin reducing the amount of breastmilk until he is used to the taste of the formula alone. This should work just fine it might take 3-5 days of mixing until he gets used to going cold turkey. Best of luck!

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My son stopped BF at 10 months.He was born at 6:40 am and only got to feed at 5pm. I tried to breast feed him when I was still in hospital but all that didn't work. He first tasted formula milk because I didn't have enough milk in my breast then. He then developed a habit of biting at around 5 months. I thought it was because of the itchy gums, but I only realised later that he actually didn't like milk at all that's why he used to bite to the point where I would even bleed. So maybe, it's not that your child doesn't like formula, it could be he doesn't like milk at all. He survived on yorgy drinks and loved it better.

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I just saw this and had to put in my two cents. My second would NOT take a bottle AT ALL. I went back to work full time, but luckily it was at the day care he was at and they let me take breaks to feed. I asked what they do when moms can't be there to feed them. They said they make sure the formula or breast milk is extra warm and than they usually take it better. So that's my only idea. Actually... one more. Some mommas at my church who also BF their kids tried to give him a bottle when I wasn't around. This ALMOST worked. lol, I guess babies know what they want

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When our son went on a serious nursing strike at around 9 months, I panicked because up to that point he refused to take a bottle whether with breast milk or formula. This is going to sound a little weird but it worked like a charm. A friend of mine suggested that I put a little bit of Hershey's strawberry syrup in his warm formula bottle. I only put in a little to where it barely changed color and he lapped it up. By the end of the week he was drinking it without the syrup in there! I know most parents worry about the sugar in it but it saved us when everything else failed and it was only for a week. He never returned to breastfeeding.

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the best advice thus far

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