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What car seat do I get after the infant seat?

Car safety for children comes in many forms. How do you choose a car seat once your child is out of their infant seat?

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5  Answers

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we choose the Graco My Ride 65... we have them for both kids now. it can be rear facing til they are 40 pounds! so its much safer for them, and it will hold them til they are 65lbs! its very cushy and comfortable, my son is almost 3 and he falls asleep in it all the time :) good luck! p.s. has them.

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oh yeah, and we have them both in the back of my toyota corrolla, a tiny car, and there's room for junk inbetween.

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I will check out that convertible car seat also. I hve been looking around for when my little girl grows out of her infant one. I wasn't sure what car seat would be better.

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This is my second My Ride 65 seat. The first one we bought 2.5 years ago for my now 3 year old son. more infomation on

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We purchased a Britax convertible for my son and now we have a Recaro convertible for my daughter. These seats will allow them to be rear-facing and can be forward facing when they are ready.

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This is Graco My Ride 65 . The first one we bought 2.5 years ago for my now 3 year old son. Now, I have one more!

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I have 2 britax car sears. I love them! I got my sons from It's rear facing and when he can turn around it will be good still! I have a VW euro van and they both fit great. Do some reasearch. There is so much info out there!

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The AAP now recommends that children rearface in a carseat until a MINIMUM of 2 years. The best convertible seats are those that allow a child to rear face to a higher weight limit. Many seats available now allow rear facing to 40 or 45 pounds! Look for a seat with a high rear facing limit that also has a higher forward facing limit with a harness. It is common to find seats that forward face with the 5 pt harness to 65 pounds. Sound even go as high as 80 pounds.

Some seats to consider:

Sunshine Kids Radian 65,80,XSTL
Britax Marathon 70
Graco MyRide 65
Safety 1st Complete Air 65
Evenflo Triumph 65

I have my son in a Britax Marathon 70 and we love it. It rear faces to 40 pounds and forward faces with the harness to 70 pounds. It also fits very well in the small back seat of my 98 Toyota Corolla. Remember, safety is first !!


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