What are discipline ideas for a preschooler?

Between temper tantrums and power struggles, it's not easy to discipline a preschooler. What are some discipline tips and tricks that have worked for you with your preschooler?

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Good old fashion "time out" with a modern twist! The twist being a verbal warning with reason why they will end up in T.O. prior to placing them in there. A designated quite & isolated space, length of time one minute per year of age (if 3 then three minutes). Set a TIMER as a "third party equalizer" Explain rules: The timer will be "reset if they get up talk while in time out." Walk away
After timer goes off, instead of yelling, "ok you can go now" You go to them. Sit on their little level, or lower and make eye contact to have the "conversation" Child is still in "chair" until conversation is complete. This is where the follow through happens in order to have carry over with the discipline. The conversation is repetitive but necessary for long time learning and effectiveness. You are also teaching them the following: how to verbally communicate with others, acknowledgement of behavior, reinforce boundaries, teach mutual respect and last but most important of all CONSISTENCE.
1. Why did I put you in T.O? IF they do not know, tell them they may sit until they remember and walk away...they remember quite quickly. If not, that's fine. Go back in a min or so and repeat the process. Give them hints. Do you think what you did was it was a good idea or a bad idea? Then ask them why they think so. Then ask how they should handle it the next time? come to me, tell someone, listen the first time, take turns, what ever. If they are to make apologies ask them to do so. Then tell them if it happens again, they will be back in time out. Praise them for the ideas of good behavior to use in the future and I love you's with a hug is always good :)


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