What do you do when you don't agree about your child's education?

There are many decisions parents need to make together about their child's education. What do you do when you and your parent or you and your ex do not agree about an education decision?

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I have had this happen a few times. What we do is try to find a middle ground compromise. Not sure what I would do if there was no compromise. Thankfully that has never happened to me. Another thing you could do is ask the professionals(teachers or administration) for their opinion and base your answer on that.

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In our house, the person who cares the most about something is the one who makes the decisions about it (within reason). I care more about my kids education, so I make those decisions. If it's going to require a lot of money, the we have to talk about it.

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I think most important is to establish ground rules together for when you need to have these types of conversations. Make sure everyone is clear as to the objective of the conversation. Make it clear that everyone gets a chance to say how they feel. Everyone needs to be treated with courtesy and respect. If the conversation has stayed focused on the objective, you should now be at a place where you start to compromise. Ask your self and your partner, "What are the most important things to you regarding our child's education?" "What are the things you don't feel are necessary?" "How can we find areas of overlap, in order to make both partners happy?"
Ultimately, each parent has to remember this is about your child, not yourself. When everybody keeps that in mind, guess who always benefits?


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