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What do you do if your baby won't let anyone else hold him?

The mother-child bond is very strong, of course, but sometimes mom needs to hand her baby off to someone else for a while. So it can be really challenging when he is upset by anyone else holding him! Moms, what do you do if your baby won't be held by anyone but you?

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6  Answers

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its because there scared newborns want to be around their mother, its natural, just need to take things a step at a time there is no reason to upset them just stay close to other people, then pass the baby on but remain close, then gradualy ease away. things take time, no baby needs to be let cry or upset when they are unhappy or scared. :(

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My nine month old daughter is the same way I don't get a break like ever the only BBC ppl she goes to is myself her brother and my mom everyone else is a rap lol it could be so stressful at times

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My son is 15 months and doesn't like to be held by others, including my husband, IF I am around. If I am not around or hand him off and walk away he will let pretty much anyone hold him. I think with my husband we made the mistake of having me take him back to often when he was still crying and he has figured that out. We are trying to remedy this by having daddy hold him even with me right there and if he cries he cries. It seems to be getting a lot better.

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practice makes perfect.... :O)

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I think sometimes it is just the fear of the unknown. How you react will determine how they handle it. I run a day care. A few of the 1 year olds have freaked out over the years at one of my 5 children. They are not around them very much due to swimming and water polo so they don't know them. But when season is over and they are around I have had to endure the screaming and clinging when they see my sons. (At different times and different children. I am sure their wild swim hair sticking out all over their head was a big part of the problem) The only way to persuade them that he was ok was to make him come sit by me and hold her on his lap. Until she realized he was not going to hurt her or take her or scare her. I made him talk to her, give her things to play with, and just play with her until she quit crying. I even had to get up and move. And let her know she was fine and he was a good person. She only had to be held by him 2 times before she LOVED him and ran to say hi when he walked in the home after school. I think most of the anxiety is due to the unknown. Let them know you are not going to rescue them until they have quit crying and that they are fine. But you have to mean it. If after 5 minutes you take her back and she is still crying. You have just taught her you do not mean what you say. About not getting her. When you know there is nothing physically wrong, with your child it is ok to let them cry. They soon realize, hey I do not get my way when I cry. And it will become a thing of the past. The hardest kids at day care, church nursery, or any where I have ever been in charge of children, are the children who are never allowed to cry.

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My daughter is this way. She is 15 months.old and gets upset when people she doesnt know touch me,let alone hold her!


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