What Do You And Your Significant Other Like To Do In Your Spare Time?

It can be very hard for parents to grab some alone time or plan a night out when you have kids. What do you and your significant other do with your free time to make sure you make the most of it?

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My hubby and I like to go to the movies, restaurants, concerts, comedy clubs, baseball games, plays/musicals, etc. It is few and far in between so we do things we used to enjoy "pre-kids" on our date nights -- makes us feel like we did when we first started dating😍 and it's helped keep our marriage strong throughout the years!

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Even if we have spare time for ourselves, we have it only at home when our son is sleeping. This is because we do not have a babysitter or any close relative who lives nearby to help.

We usually watch a movie or drama. OR just do some reading on our own.

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We go to the mall and eat in our favorite resto and walking while holding hands... :) or if we don't have the budget for that, we just stayed at home cook together, we just hug each other. For me that's priceless.

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My Husband and I got a motorcycle 2 summers ago. While the kids are in school we take a day of two in the fall and hit the road on day trips and have lunch at little mom and pop cafe's. This past summer the kids were in Girl Guide Camp and we went for a tour of Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia. We grab any weekends and evens we can to just go for little rids close to home! We love it best move we have ever made!

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What free time!?!

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We like to go to the movies every now and then. But we mostly just get to spend time talking at night, Whether it is laying in bed before we go to sleep or on the couch after the boys are asleep. I look forward to that time at night that I get to spend talking to him about things that we have done that day or recurring topics

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we go to the movies sometimes


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