What do your kids do over summer?

Summer is here and parents have been spending a lot of time looking for childcare, camp, or fun activities for their kids. What will your kids be doing this summer?

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Sleep away camp!

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Unfortunately we have not had enough money to send our kids to camp. We are in that middle ground where we don't qualify for scholarships and can't find funds to send them. I am very envious of those who have been able to maneuver a summer camp experience for their kids, but we have not found a way to do it. Instead, we look for local experiences for them. In Genesee county there is a decent amount of recreational activities that are free or low cost through the parks department, and we have utilized their one day activities when we can get to them. The Boys and Girls Club of Flint has also been very affordable and when my daughter and grandson were younger they enjoyed going there because they took weekly field trips and went swimming at the YMCA once a week. It was good for them to socialize there also, lots of good kids. During one summer I was able to find the funds to have my kids go to the art classes at the Flint Institute of Arts, which was a wonderful experience for them!

Otherwise, they have spent time with their friends riding their bikes, doing enrichment work and helping around the house. Now that they are older they are spending more time playing video games and chatting with friends on the computer, but I also have them mowing the lawn, helping with some big projects around the house (we will be painting the bathroom this year and repairing the tile there, working in the garden and community garden, and doing some major yard work) and they are both looking for a part time summer job. My daughter likes to do crafts so I am going to work on teaching her the patience to crochet and knit and possibly sew.

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we go on a few vacations, visit family, etc. my sister takes then lots of places like muesuems, day trips, movies, stuff like that.

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Fun at home. We go to the beach, indoor playground, and visit family. My kids are only 2 1/2 and 2 months. I do lots of DIY projects and crafting with my oldest. He enjoys it!

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Hi all you mom's out there! I'm a student doing research about how Mom's buy fast food for their children and trying to make improvements in the industry. If you guys have a minute to spare to take my survey (and perhaps pass it along to your friends :) ) that would be awesome! Thanks so much!


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Where we live it's about 112 in the summer. So we play outside early in the am and late in the evening. We use Rebecca Cohen's 15 mins outside book to keep the learning going and the outdoor fun alive. When the girls were little I actually posted a list of 25 activities we could do on the fridge so when I was over-the-top tired connecting was as easy as a glance. It helped a lot:).

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My kids are still little ages 7 and 3 so for us it will be swimming lessons, bible day camp, camping at a cabin on the lake, seeing family and friends that will be visiting over the summer, and going on bike rides to name a few also some much needed down time.

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A few weeks of camp.
Beach trips.
Movie day (for when Mama just can't muster the energy or enthusiasm for anything else)
baking day
smoothie day
Travel Town
Kids museums

We have only about 6 weeks between the end of school and the beginning of next school year. I think this list will keep us occupied.

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They are counting down the days until they go to camp! It's specifically a Music and Drama Camp in a lovely mountain setting with amazing food! They LOVE it there! This will be their fourth year!

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That sounds great. Can I ask the name of this camp?

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They go to Shrine Mont, in the lovely hills of Virginia. Here's their link: http://www.shrinemont.com/v.php?pg=17 It's a beautiful place, with wonderful fellowship. The Episcopal Diocese of Virginia provides numerous scholarships for kids who can't otherwise afford camp. It's only their generosity that has allowed my kids to go, as I'm a single mom of four. It's a wonderful blessing!

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