What does a 10 month old eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

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My son is 10 months and in the morning I will cut up fresh fruit like bananas, strawberries and blueberries! As a beverage in the morning I prefer water to start his day. after breakfast around 11 he generally takes a nap and I will give him a 4-6 oz bottle. After he wakes up and plays a little during Lunch time I will still feed him the food from the jars of baby food and I give him one veggie and one fruit ( ex: squash and apricots) and for the beverage I do apple juice or grape juice ( no sugar added with half water) At dinner he will eat a little bit of what we are having and then some jared baby food! Beverage water or juice! then a bottle at bedtime.

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When my son was 10 months he loved yogurt and bananas.. You can also try oatmeal it's really healthy.. Also try cherios my son loved them

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Ice cream and popsicles are a good dessert. For breakfast try fresh fruit with yogurt and yummy cereal. For lunch black eyed peas pasta (ground up with a baby grinder) applesauce. Oatmeal works for either breakfast or lunch. Small cookies are a great treat. Bread and butter with jam is also a fun option. Corn meal and cream of wheat are also fun. Supper mashed potatoes with peas or cooked carrots are good. They can drink milk formula, juice, kool aid etc


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