What does family time mean to you?

All moms want to make sure their family has moments to connect with one another. What does your family do to enjoy quality family time with each other?

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chairish every sencond you get for family time because before you know it they have done got grown and gone with kid and there on lives going on.my life is well i mean i don,t have much of a life with out my kids home and live a few hundern miles away

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Even though I have been a mom for 31\2 yrs now, motherhood has just begun! I have been a single mom for almost 2 yrs but have been doing it pretty much by myself from day one! I have a 3 1\2yr old, a 2 yr old next month and a newborn next month (all from same dad incase people were wondering)! They love doing everything I suggest except eating together they will play then eat when hungry! They love helping me with supper, baking, making stuff for others, crafts and drawings to help perk up someones day! I hope it continues!

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I am younger mother 28, we have a 3 year old boy and any other little boy on the way march 10, 2012. My husband and I are both currently working full time and our son is in full time daycare.
we organize outing to the library couple times a week and send time reading. couple times a month we take Riley for pony rides at our local ranch. we try are very best to get him involved in activities we can do as a family, swimming at the local pool. parent and tot arts and craft classes that the town receatation centre and skating. I think to have a child to ingaged in social media, TV and such really, plays a big part i what the child expects for activies, since he was born we have decided not to have Tv access in our home, he is premitted to watch movies, that we have screened for content.
To us family time is quality time and making every effort to make every evening fun and exciting takes alot of work and organization,but is well worth it!

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We have declared Sundays family day, we have told our kids no friends over on Sundays and no going to friends houses that day. We go to Church Sunday morning out for lunch and then spend the rest of the day together, doing whatever we choose. Our kids were not happy at first but they finally came around and now they ask after leaving church "What are we doing for family day, today?"

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I tried to teach my daughters the value of family time, by making sure they understood the value of their elder family members. I encouraged them to talk to the grandparents, ask them about their lives as young people and interact with them. They enjoyed their senior family members. same with aunts and uncles and cousins. But we lived far away from family and as a parent, I was kind of forced into a single parent role bc my husband's business swallowed up his time with about 80-100 hours/week, not including travel. So I was gladly mom and dad as much as I could be. But they were disinterested in interacting in sports-related games. I tried board games and that was a no go. Arts/crafts...no. Bike riding, walking through the neighborhood, parks, zoos, girl scouts...no. YMCA, swimming, day camps, no. Sewing, baking, cooking, community service...no. I even tried housecleaning and yard work...nope. I was a teacher for 25 years and I know how to engage kids. I worked with Special Challenges for 7 years, so I understand the need for infinite patience and encouragement, hands-on learning. They're adults now and I still try to get them to join me; both are disappointments. Neither have interests, skills. They want to do all these things and get frustrated easily if they make errors. They're useless and I can't understand why they would have been so aloof? I've asked and they have no reply. But to me, the value of family time would have meant passing on the value of the generations before us so the girls who know who they are and who came before us, sharing pass-times to get to explore our talents and interests to evolve, and determine our purposes in the community and the world. the pushback I received from them was totally unexpected and very hard to try to manage with. I was blessed and happy to have been given 2 daughters, and now, I feel like i have 2 strangers.

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Joyce, reading your post is like reading about my own family, except we only have one daughter. Our 15-yo daughter also shows little interest in doing things together and poo-poohs many ideas. I would have thought it was due to her age, except she never really wanted to do things together with my husband and me, even when she was younger. And, just like yours, my husband works a lot and has a long commute, so we don't have a lot of time with him. I have always insisted on eating dinner together because it's the only "family time" we get. But, then my husband signed up for taekwondo in the evenings about 5 years ago, which cut into the dinner hour 3-4 nights per week, so even that time together got messed up. In my family of origin, "family time" was spent doing fun things together, just as you described: playing board games, taking trips, going on outings, doing projects together, etc. My mom even turned cleaning the house into a game a few times, to keep us engaged. After my parents divorced and my mom had to go back to work, I figured out that the best way to get time with my mom was to help her. So I helped her make dinner and I always went with her to the grocery store, which made it more fun for both of us. (My brother and sister didn't do this.) Since then, I've tried finding the fun and togetherness in day-to-day tasks with my own family, but I haven't found a way to get them to join me yet. I still have a few years left before our daughter goes to college, so I guess there is hope. She does seem to be coming around on occasion and my husband has been making more effort to be "present" when he is home, which seems to be helping our daughte. (He used to come home and spend the rest of the evening in his office.)

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