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What fun activities can you do with your toddlers?

Toddlers are constantly learning and growing. Activities that help them develop mentally, physically and socially are very important. What are some fun things to do with toddlers?

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26  Answers

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1) finger paint. ( I like to that in the tub just before I run the water)
2) play dough
3) build a fort from couch cushions
4) go outside and kick a ball
5) camp in the back yard (we saw a deer and a raccoon)
6) wake them up to catch fireflies
7) plant a stick, sprinkle with sugar, go to bed....hopefully the faries and pixies will change it into a lolipop (of course mom or dad needs to take care of that...also, make rules...this only works in June under the full moon etc)

Oh boy, it's been a busy three days!

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make your own finger paints with vanilla pudding packs or plain yogurt and food coloring - tummy, sewer, and septic tank safe!

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That's a great idea...thanks!

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Most kids are just happy to have a parent doing something with them, whether it be playing cars or And to the mom who's toddler helps her go Both my kids love to help me clean, they always have. I don't think it is really the cleaning they like, it is helping mom that they like. My son is 27 months and just LOVES BUBBLES!!!!! It is amazing how into bubble kids are. But what they really want is to play with you, whatever it may be. Have fun!!!

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Gardening! She loves to water the plants and watch things grow. Her favorite is picking tomatoes and eating them right out of the garden.

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Have you ever grow a pet TickleMe Plant? The leaves fold like crazy when you Tickle it and you can easily grow it in doors.

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I registered my 17 month old for storytime at our local library. He gets a chance to sing, read stories, and play with someone other than mommy. He also is learning how to socialize with children he doesn't know and SHARE!!! Oh my. And best of all its FREE!!! :-) He also loves to trake a trip to the local outdoor mall where they have a Choo-Choo train he can ride around the mall and little water fountain and squirts up out of the ground to play in. On days we are stuck at home he practices his artistic skills with sidewalk chalk on the patio. Mommy TRIES to draw different animals and object so we can learn their names and sounds while we are playing.

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Penguin Bombs! I bought my son a cloth penguin bowling set when he was an infant but he never took an interest in them. One day I was looking for something and tossed one aside because it was in my way. My son picked it up and threw it at me and started laughing. I found the other ones and soon penguins were flying everywhere. I hide behind the couch and starting tossing them over like grenades shouting "Penguin Bombs!" When he tossed one back and it hit me I'd make an explosion sound and fall down. My son loved every minute of it! Works with other small stuffed animals too!

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My 23 month old son loves being outside running around kicking the balls and digging in the garden. Through everything that we do together, I have noticed that as long as I am doing something with him, anything, he is so happy. Children thrive on hands-on attention.

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My son loves to run the sweeper with me and wipe down windows. Don't judge me lol. I don't make it, he has always loved cleaning for whatever reason. He also loves to be outside, so I bought a bubble machine and like sidewalk chalk and just little inexpensive things that we can do together outside. He also loves cars, so we play cars and trucks allllll the time.

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My daughter use to push a chair up to the sink and after I was done all the glass dishes and cutlery I would let her wash her plastic dishes and she thought it was the coolest thing ever. My son is 27 months and also loves to clean the windows and mirrors. I spray the stuff on for him and give him paper towels and he wipes it. It is cute. He also HAS to hold the dust pan for me when I sweep the floor. He grabs the pan and comes over and says...hep you I love it. Have fun with it cause soon they will be teens and you will have to fight with them to get them to clean their

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i wish my little girl would like to run the sweeper.. she HATES it.. lol

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My boys love to help me vacuum, they think that is the funnest thing. One time I gave both the boys (ages 2 and 4) a magic eraser and had them help me wash the walls, they were way excited and was all showing it off to me saying, look what i did mommy, its clean'

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I read a couple of years ago that magic erasers can be toxic for children and not to allow them to use them. I don't know if it is true, but I would carefully wash their hands after use.

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Take them swimming! Here is a cool article that teaches you how to teach them to swim :

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The most consistent , fail safe activity for toddlers? Pouring ! Yes , that's right, pouring ! Take a tray or baking tray, a small jug (preferably plastic) or 2 and lots of different containers...cups, bowls, beakers etc etc. Make sure they wear an apron & you have paper towels at the ready!

Place everything on the tray & fill the jugs with water . Show them how to pour the water into different containers & sit back & watch ! They LOVE it ! Give them a sponge to mop it up, they can squeeze the water back into the jugs. Just make sure they keep everything in the tray and you'll be able to relax !You can vary it by adding food colouring to the water.

My kids started doing this at Montessori & they kept asking to do 'pouring' at home as well ! It helps their hand eye co-ordination,fine motor skills,understand concepts of place and direction, such as up, down, under, beside etc etc.But more than that they just love doing it, it's part copying doing something 'grown up' and part achieving something. They are in control of what they are doing.

Pouring can easily keep them occupied from half an hour to an hour on a good day ! For a bit of fun after that try bubbles...a little bit of washing up liquid, water & a straw.Mix together & blow through the straw.... you'll get bubbles galore !

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Great idea but probably best outside now that the nicer weather is son loves water! Thanks

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Singing and dancing

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I love to paint, color, sing, dance go outside and draw on the cement w/chalk! Play hopscotch and ball! Tons of things you can do other then TV with your children! I wish more mothers now days would do that instead of use tv or video games to occupy them! Sure its good for an hour or two a day but NO MORE! :)

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1) Write out the alphabet and numbers in sidewalk chalk (even small words) on the walk then have fun washing it away with tossed water balloons/ wet sponges when you find the correct one. 2) Help wash the dog by getting to be the one who rubs out the soap while <insert big person here> directs the water. 3) "bussing" take a trip to the park on the city bus, have a picnic and play on the toys there. Also try for the local Library for story time, Farmer's Market, Beach, pre-school, or even just to the end of the line and back 4) "swimming" putting on our lifejackets and jumping into the lake/pool to <insert big person here> then splashing around. 5 "watering" the dog/kids - holding the hose so a stream of water falls down for the dog and kids to chase and let everyone get wet (benefit - it waters the lawn at the same time as giving exercise.

Indoor :

1)Create finger paints out of vanilla pudding and food coloring - (easy clean up and no harm if it accidently gets eaten) and paint away the after noon. 2) Make a book - use old magazines, printed pictures from the internet and photos to paste onto construction paper or into a notebook to create personalized books to read together or give to friends to read. 3) feed the birds in the fall - rolling pine & fur cones in peanut butter and bird seed to hang. 4) make an indoor sensation table - using two plastic bins with lids - around 5 inches deep - fill about 1/3 - 1/2 with dried beans, split peas, lentils, beads, buttons, raw shelled sunflower seeds (bird seed style) rice (NOT INSTANT!!) or popcorn. Put one texture (or combination of them) in one bin, and a different in the other and add in sand/beach toys as well as funnels, small cups, etc. Set up on a table (I personally set my son's set up on a IKEA kids table) when its play time, and pop on the lids and store away when play time is done - easy to take outside on a sunny day. if you set the table up on a sheet or tarp - any spill over can just be gathered up and put back into one of the bins. (or sorted if you want to take time)

ongoing project - indoor and out - Planting seeds and starting a garden -

Seed Planting - get either a seed starting kit (individual soil "pellets" or small pots) or a window box at a local hardware or gardening store along with some seeds (herbs or flowers are best for shallow pots - seed starting kits are good for larger plants that can be transfered outside later straight into the ground) - prep the seed starting kit as directed or - have your child help you fill the pot with loosely packed dirt - then help the child to carefully plant seeds (small seeds like herb, wildflower mixes, radish, carrot, lettuce, ect can be sprinkled straight onto soil) with soil pellets or seedling pots, place only 1 or 2 seeds per pot. - let the child mist the seedlings once per day with a fine mist from a spray bottle ( $.99 - $1.50 for a new H2O only bottle) keeping the soil damp - germination rates are stated on the backs of most seed packages. (as is average days to harvest)

seedlings for larger plants are ready to be moved when they are 2-6 inches tall depending on variety.

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Soorry pushed the wrong idees are so sweet wii use some of them defo..:-) Thanks

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I'm always looking for fun things for mama and daddy to do with our little one, now 15 months. Its easy to entertain our son, harder for us to be entertained. One thing I did when he was almost 12 months (they can do once old enough to tear paper). I had him tear different papers up like magazine and newpapers, ect. Then I mixed water and flour til it was a paste consistency and used it as homemade paste to do our first craft together. I made a picture our of the paper he tore. When they are old enough they could help you make the picture too!

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my 22 month old son loves playing with his i sit with him and play with blocks..he loves after we have built a tower to smash it down again..

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We cook and bake. They love licking the mixers when we do cakes and brownies.

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With my baby we often go to theatre for smaller babies, just because these performances are performed more quietly and my toddler loves it, me either :) Try to visit, and I believe you will not regret- Renginiai Klaipedoje

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What activities can u do with a 14 month old.. everything he gets his hands on he has to sample it..(eat it) any ideas plzzzz.

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there are always groups within your area such as stay and play, messy time, musical beats or there is a toy library at my local church where your children can borrow a toy and bring it back the next week. It's a great way to meet other parents and for your child/children to interact with other children and learn to play together and share. I also find that my son enjoys anything I get him involved in such as baking cakes, reading a book, staging a play using teddies or puppets, building houses with blocks, play dough, hide and seek and he absolutely loves playing ready steady go whether its playing it at home with his cars or outside when we are waiting to cross the road, which has helped him learn that you can only cross the road when you get to go.

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I believe makin play dough is an activity that can be done inside and outside in teh garden in the summer months at a child sized table, anothe is camping in the garden.everyone working as part of a tam, the toddlers helping with holding and passin things to u to help at times garden games, like throwing the ball, skittles and just playing together on their swings.

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Everything! Since our 27 month old has been talking, we do so much with her - and she's always looking for hands-on things to do with us. Sidewalk chalk, playing in the sprinkler, going to the pool (swim classes and free swim), but just about anything. She's really into matching games right now, so we play Memory and other versions (my new one has her "match" the letters on two or three different ABC flash card sets). We put it to good use when she gets to help us match up socks from the laundry. She loves to help with dishes, feeding the pets... anything! It takes some patience and good humor to boil down the task you could do in a minute into toddler-friendly pieces, but it's so worthwhile. And painting... she loves to draw and paint, so my husband has been helping her do this at home. The grandparents love their original artwork (on inexpensive canvas boards from MIchael's) and proudly display it. Best Mother's Day gift yet!

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I take my 21 month old daughter to gymnastics class....she LOVES it! We have also done swimming lessons, Baby sign & sing, Kindermusik. During the summer we enjoy the outdoor water parks w/zero entry pools, the zoo, bouncy house, library story time etc. We make them short trips, no more than an hour or so at each activity (other than the zoo or water park...we can get longer out of those ones) because at that age, their attention span doesn't last long. We also play with flashcards, edible finger paint (we use yogurt & food coloring), baby dolls and take walks.

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my son is almost 3 and he loves duplo and lego he loves building anything big he also loves music class which he attends once a week, i must admit though that i do run out of ideas for things to do with him he really needs a lot of stimualtion as he gets bored easily..any other ideas lovely mums.

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my son is easily entertained by anything, he doesn't like to watch the tv which is great, he was given some money yesterday by his uncle, and i put it in a little purse for him today, it was just a few coins, and he sat for ages just tipping the money out and putting it back in. his favourite thing to play with atm is his train track as long as i'm playing with him aswell, he loves to paint and play with play dough, and he likes to play with my hoover

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My son is a very active 2.5 year old. Because we live in the desert southwest, we have memberships to different indoor play areas. We go to a children's science museum, an indoor/outdoor nature preserve, indoor playgrounds, farmer's market. There is a playgym/daycare at my gym, as well. Friends of ours go to Chuck E Cheese. We have craft time at home. And also, my son loves going to Costco and getting food samples and playing with the displays!

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How old is your toddler? My son absolutely loves to swing and play in his baby pool. We got the one with the hard plastic sides and a slide. It truely is hours of entertainment.

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My 2 1/2 year old daughter absolutely LOVES to sing and dance. So I put on a children's music CD or DVD, grab a couple wooden spoons from the kitchen and we sing our hearts out and dance til we can't dance anymore. She out dances me every time! lol


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