What are good resources for children with mild cerebral palsy?

Children with special needs or medical conditions often need a lot of special resources, not only for their condition but also socially and emotionally. What are some great resources you can share for moms of children with mild cerebral palsy?

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Try the cerebral Palsy center also. They do have things for this along with Birth to three, Early Childhood, Head Start, Other help through independent people through the hospital who deal with the cerebral palsy. I would ask the childrens' doctor or doctors where to start. I did have two children who had their own issues and that is where I asked where to start. The doctor was real good about giving me the right directions. Good luck with your kids and hope they have an awesome future. Mine do.

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In the United States, for children birth to age 3 there is ECI (Early Childhood Intervention). You can Google it to find out the ECI for your county and contact them if you have concerns for the speech, development, health etc of a 0-3 aged child. ECI will also set you up to "transition" to the public school. If you don't know how to search for ECI, ask your dr's office to help you. Most drs would automatically refer you to ECI for assessment of your child to see if they need ECI services. It's a good thing!

Once a child is age 3 (or nearing age 3), the local public school should be contacted about setting up a screening and/or evaluation for preschool services. These services would be for children with disabilities which certainly may include CP, depending on what needs the testing identifies.Head Start agencies may also support your 3-5 year old.

(In real life, I am an educational diagnostician and do all the preschool assessments for my school district, along with some other things :)


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