What will I need for a newborn baby boy?

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aside from all the basics, here are some:

baby ointment for bites, rashes. I use Calmoseptine for my baby, it's really good and for cuts too.

gum cream- check your drugstore. you need this when your baby starts teething, to soothe the pain. this is also great for when his teeth accidentally bits his lip

lots of cloth wipes- every time you feed your baby, ALWAYS wrap a cloth around his neck and chest because babies, especially newborns make a little spit/vomit after milk

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nappies, babywipes or cotton balls, lotions, bibs, blankets, plenty of short sleeve vest and sleepsuits!! outfits IF you want to, they tend to grow out of clothes very quickly though! bottles, steraliser, dummys (if you want him to have one) and a whole lot more lol....if you google you can bring up lists...a boy will need the same as a girl to be honest!

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Mm, preparing seems to be the hardest part..
I'm guessing getting baby blankets, towels, bottles, and baby wrapping cloths/clothing would be the first items to pick out (I am now 6 months and 1 wk) as I'm shopping, I tend to look around for my baby instead of me! lmao.. I'm excited, and nervous... :) Soon, I will be shopping around for stools, toys, and clothes he can grow into!


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