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What is normal when you're breastfeeding?

Some moms claim they have even flow from both breasts when they are breastfeeding, while others experience heavier flow from one than the other. What is normal when you're breastfeeding? What has been your experience?

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8  Answers

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My breasts were mismatched. Although smaller, my right was had much more milk. I pumped at the same time and I would get 6 ozs out of the right and maybe 3 out of the left. I tried nursing more and pumping more on the left but it didn't change a thing. They were still mismatched whole tme I nursed! I think it's normal for them to be mismatched in milk production.

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When my little one was born, he stayed in the hospital for a couple weeks. I noticed that my right side made more, and took longer to pump all of it too. I have not pumped for several months, but I'm pretty sure that there is more on the right still.

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BOth situations are normal. But to keep your production up you need to put the baby on both breasts each feeding. Feed until you feel relief on one and then switch.

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I did g,my baby's one on the r and then on the left ,keep in balans .it is better fore the feeding and fore you body .becauce you sit there fore ten r and abouth ten left.and then the have to burb in the middle .so its abouth halve a our .the same with bottle.first its 5 times a day and then 4 times .etc.

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Normal is just a cycle on the washing machine.

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Love your perspective!

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With both my boys it was different and I guess it depends on how you breastfeed as well. I used to give my boys both breasts every feed while other mum's give one first then the other the next feeding.
I did alternate though but it did mean that the flow of milk was different from each breast.
Everyone is different so the term normal is different for everyone.

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Normal is different for different people. My breasts aren't the same, one produces more and flows faster than the other., for both children. This is common!

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when breestfeeding the only normal is producing milk for me i had an even production and an enjoyable expireance


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