What parts of you do you see in your child?

Whether it's a distinctive feature or personality trait, many moms recognize some part of their child that was clearly passed on from them.

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When my first daughter was about about 1 1/2 to 2 years old I felt like it was me sitting in that high chair; she looked so much like me! When she went to the hospital to have her first baby, her two younger sisters and I were with her. We were asked if we were all sisters! All three of my daughters look like me! Now they each have a daughter and they each look like their mothers! Everyone says now that I look more like my mother. I guess good looks run in our family! There is definitely no mistaking who we are related to!

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My daughter has somehow inherited my sense of style. I put her in pretty dresses when she was little, but by the time she was 7 she started to resist. When she was 14 I let her dye her hair blue, because I had always wanted blue hair. I took her to get her nose pierced for her 16th birthday because she'd been begging for it and I realized I still wear an earring in the cartilage piercing I did myself when I was 14. We got our tattoos the same summer (she went first that time). And there have been so many occasions when one of us had to go change because we wore the exact same outfit. Once we were going to a theme park and we both came out of our rooms in a black tank top and jean shorts. While we were complaining about it, my husband opened the door and we realized it was colder out than we had thought. We both went to change and came out in jeans with the same tank tops and grey sweatshirts tied around our waists! Although we don't think we look much alike, people always comment on it. Then last year, I took her to my dance class one day and, looking at us side by side in the mirror, I realized that she's a bit skinnier but other than that the most obvious differences were the length of our hair and the color of our shirts! Boy was I glad I didn't wear my grey shirt that day!

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To put it bluntly, my 7 yo son is a smart*ss just like me :o/

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Unfortunately I see my rebellious personality in my daughter and my oldest son, and I see my need for affection in my youngest son, but he'll probably grow out of it like his older siblings did.
Every day I'm starting to see more of their father in my oldest son, which worries me.

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I see my PARTS in my child all the time when she gets into bed with me. no more comments are needed . you get it

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my daughter got some bad and some good traits of mine. The bad traits and going to haunt her for the rest of her life so I soon as I started working on them I had to start her working on them, (really bad anger issues) but on the other hand, the good traits can out weigh the bad once you can control the anger, we are very loving and willing to help other before ourselves to the point that we will go without. Now that I think about it both of my girls are that way but my youngest has the anger issues and the oldest just has the mothering traits but with a practice they will be put to very good use in the future....lol

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With my oldest she has my hair color, and outgoing personality, only a bit more so I think than I do. She has a missionary heart stronger than my own. But we have prayer for each other when she asks for it. She jumps right in the social sphere that she is in which is what I have done when younger. Has a lot of people she knows, more than I do but is very warm and sharing in heart. My daughter also has traits of her dad too, in being a very good loving babysitter. My second daughter is more gifted in having her dad's family traits I think. She has my brown eyes, and her dad's hair color, and is tall like her dad, strong, and loving and tends to be a strong willed personality, which I think is more her dad than myself. She does take after her granddad on my side with the hobby she likes to do, only it's advanced with the technology these days, she is also more computer savvy like her dad is . My son is the quiet and inquisitive one, and yet has thought provoking questions that my husband says reminds him of himself. Though he has my hair color when younger, and my brown eyes and angular face. I am told that my oldest also has a face that is like mine . These are the things that I have seen. I am glad to say that my oldest when she was very young was very compliant as a baby, my second daughter was very strong willed and my son was the adventurer at a young age. I am guessing that probably took after my dad. My oldest seems like she never met a stranger, as my dad would do the same. So I see a lot of my family in my children these are just the traits that I have been able to recognize so far.

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My daughter has exactly the same traits as I did when I was younger she's an escape artist just like I used to be she loves to pull all my washing powder all over my floor just like I did to my mother poor little devil is getting more like me everyday lol.

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Well, I clearly see strong genes... As we are always told how much we look like each other. But, I don't think I'm good at determining the answer in terms of personality or lifestyle choices, mindset etc... I am told we also make the same facial expressions . That makes me laugh. I think I can't see the rest because I am blinded by love when I see her. It's really true. It amazes me that I was a part of bringing her into being. I'd be really interested in what parts of herself she thinks we share, but at 23 years of age, these types of inquiries usually generate a "relax, mom" she still interpreted my interest in her inner self as invasive, so I'll have to wait a bit longer. Long process in this comment: in general, I think we share an independance nature that is somewhat off putting. We own our choices 100% and don't necessarily look for too much approval; yet are always concerned with the well-being of those we love... And we pretty much love everyone! Not a bad legacy, right?

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It is really hearth warming when you see your good traits in your child but very worrisome when you notice your weaknesses especially when you something which caused you pain or hard work to get rid off.

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