What physical symptoms can you expect over the course of a miscarriage?

Finding out you are miscarrying can be traumatic, painful, and frightening. Moms who've been there, what advice and support can you offer to moms embarking on this journey?

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It was very sad for us, after thinking my partner was going to get chicken pox and that we would never have children we then fell pregnant and lost our little bean at 8 weeks, it was very hard but i remind everyone everything happens for a reason, and that the right thing will happen at the right time. i go through a few sad moments where some days are hard, especially when i see other pregnant mums but each day gets easier. definitely the hardest part was seeing the babies heart beat at the scan. Talking is the best thing to do always and let the emotions happen, if you block them up it could cause harder times later on in life.

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iI lost twins about 5 yrs ago I was 7wks but the babies had stopped growing at 4/5wks started spotting and cramps and docs said I might lose them then all of a sudden couldn't stop bleeding then then I lost one then a few mins later the other one went I had to be rushed into hospital cus I was bleeding really bad I still think about them now I had my son at the time and he was only about 8mths and we had gone for a walk and my husband says if we hadn't. one for that walk but I think it was just not ment. to be so sad but I went on to have my beautiful amelie who's now18mths old shes adorable I Havana older daughter too shes nearly 16 so I have 3 children

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I was nine weeks pregnant but the fetus measured only seven weeks so I lost the baby early on. Mine started out with cramping. After a while, my back started to hurt so I decided to lay down. After a few hours of sleep I got up and the cramps were a lot worse. I went to the bathroom and passed a huge piece of tissue. It was white and bumpy with blood on one side and . It was about three inches long and an inch wide. After that, I started bleeding, a lot. I went to the hospital immediately and found out that I was having a miscarriage. It hurt, more emotionally than physically. It didn't thwart my efforts though. I was told that about 80% of all first (which it was my first) pregnancies end in miscarriages and most of the time, the mother doesn't realize that it is an actual miscarriage. They think it is a very heavy period. We kept trying, lost one more, then got pregnant with our son. Believe me, it hurts but giving up or grieving too long doesn't put the bundle of joy in your arms. Remember, Gid won't give you more than you can handle, and if you can get pregnant once, you can get pregnant again. Good luck!

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3 Christmases ago I lost baby a week before Christmas. I never saw it coming but then hindsight is 20/2o right? Looking back, my pregnancy was llike alot with morning sickness and fatigue, then one day, I wasn't. I don't remember when I quit feeling them but I realaized later that I had. My baby had no brain or spoinal cord, I mean, it was just not destined to be. Being a BIochemistry major with a minor in Genetics, I understood what happened and was kinda interested in the prognosis. It was gone by the 9th week. I still lfelt letdown, but not devastation. I have a strong faith that God knows what's best for us and I guess since it was so early we had not gotten very far into our plans; we had just told our then 5 year old but after we quit bringin it up, he forgot within the week. Now, I have a happy, healthy, beautiful 8 month old son that is the iight of our day, as is his 8 year old brother. God has our best interests in HIs plans He takes away but then He gives back BIG.

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I have two young boys aged 3 years old and 7 months old. the day after Christmas 2011 I had intense cramping, feeling nauseous, bleeding bright red fresh blood and clots. I thought i was just having a bad period but I was concerned about the bright red fresh blood that had been there for two days.. it got heavier and heavier and i started to feel very light headed and dizzy. My heart wound pound whenever i got up to do anything. I called healthline where the nurse had rung the ambulance to take me to hospital. I then found out that i was 6 weeks pregnant!!! I had a miscarriage.. and this brought me so much emotional as well as physical pain. The worse thing was they couldn't find the baby during my ultra sound suggesting that i may have had already past my baby. all it showed was a swollen left fallopian tube and that my womb was growing so i was diagnosed with a pregnancy of unknown location (PUL) or a possible ectopic pregnancy. I needed laporascopic surgery to take my tube out. They found there's not enough damage to suggest an ectopic pregnancy and it might end up a normal pregnancy. i ended up having a complete miscarriage and was sent home 2 days later. Its strange that i instinctively knew that i had lost the baby.. i even started to lactate.
I suffered horrible emotional pain.. I hate the thought that the surgeon gave us hope we could have this baby.. i couldn't bare the thought that my body had let me down and killed my baby.. I don't have a scan of my baby just and empty swollen womb and the scar from my surgery and the blood results. My husband, my two boys and I went to the top of a hill.. said a prayer and let a big blue butterfly helium balloon into the sky. we played music and i just sobbed... afterwards it was as if my suffering and all the pain and had lifted off my chest and I was happy. I know my baby is in heaven and we will all be together in the end. I will never ever forgot my babe that was only with us for a short while. Keeping in strong contact with family. friends and church made us strong enough to move forward. God will never abandon you nor forsake you ♥

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My experience was a little different. I was sitting in the back of our van when we go into a car crash. I was so worried about my 7 year old daughter I forgot that I was 4 weeks pregnant and the seatbelt had been moved across my belly. Four days later I was spotting and called the doctor. They thought I could be losing the baby and they couldn't do anything about it. That night it was like having a heavy period with blood clots. I cried because it had taken us 7 years to get pregnant and now I felt so empty and totally useless. Every time I saw a baby commercial I would cry some more. Gradually the feelings started to fade as we tried again for another child. Nothing happened. My husband had given up hope, my daughter stopped asking if she was going to have a sibling, and I just waited and prayed. I turned 46 and instead of going through early menopause that everyone that I was, I turned out to be 4 months pregnant. We had a beautiful baby boy who has just turned. My daughter treats him like her own now, as we have just found out that she was born without a womb and won't be able to have children of her own. I think God had a plan for me to get pregnant so that my daughter could experience it from beginning to end.

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Hi Sharon, I'm sorry to hear about what you and your family went through but I agree with you that it seems as though it were a blessing in disguise. I'm glad you have all found happiness amongst the challenges you face. All the best :) Ruth xx

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I lost my first. I was only 8 weeks but it was very sad. I had some cramping & spotting for a few days- the doctor told me that there was nothing they could do. I went to work the next day (teaching) and right at the end of the day I stood up and everything just went woosh and I knew it was gone. I went to the hospital and had a curette. The nurses were very kind and sympathetic. They told me that after a d& c you are more likely to fall pregnant- and they were right. I fell straight away. I now have 3 children- 19,18 & 13 years. The best thing that I did was let myself grieve and talked it out with anyone who would listen. People will always say things like- 'it's probably for the best', or- 'maybe there was something wrong with it' These comments don't really help you feel any better. Just find someone who will let you talk and let you be sad for a while.

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The physical symptoms vary so much. My first miscarriage was retained and I had no symptoms. I needed a D&C. The only indication was that my pregnancy symptoms disappeared around 10 weeks and I had a bit of spotting (though I also had spotting with all four of my successful pregnancies too). My second miscarriage was at 13 weeks and it was exactly like a small scale labour.

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I think the symptoms depend on how far along you were with the pregnancy. I miscarried very early (before 6 weeks.) The night before I started spotting, I had awful back pain that kept me up all night, unrelieved by tylenol. I chalked it up to just being pregnant. Mid morning the next day I started lightly spotting. As my OB said there was not much they could do this early but to just take blood tests and hope for the best, I did the blood test on my lunch break then finished up my workday. (They said resting would not affect the outcome.) By the time I came home the bleeding was heavier. The next day there were lot's of clots and chunks (sorry TMI) and I couldn't stop crying even though I wasn't all that excited to be pregnant in the first place. The bleeding lasted about 4 days. (I usually have a 5-7 day period.) I got my next period about 4-5 weeks later.
Thinking back on it I didn't have very strong pregnancy symptoms right from the start and my positive pregnancy test was not that dark. I took pregnancy tests throughout my miscarriage and they gradually got lighter, then negative.
I had had 1 child before my m/c, have had another child since and am pregnant with our third. My advice to other moms experiencing this is to grieve how you need to, everyone is different. For me it was easier to grieve alone as my husband (boyfriend at the time) couldn't really understand what I was going through. I didn't feel comfortable sharing my m/c with friends or family until after I concieved my next child 6 months later. I wished I hadn't stayed at work through it though. Even if there's nothing you can do to stop a miscarriage treating your emotional/psychological symptoms should be a priority. It is a difficult experience to get through.

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I found out I was pregnant in the beginning of December 2011 but I hadn't had a period in nearly 2 months. I started having really bad stomach cramps for several days. When i went in to the doctor they decided to do an ultrasound. They did a vaginal ultrasound and said they couldn't find anything but my pregnancy test was positive and I was having really bad cramping and vomiting. They had me go to an OB who also did a vaginal ultrasound where they were able to locate a sack but they couldn't tell much more than that at the time. At that point we estimated the pregnancy to be around 4 weeks. A month later my doctor had me come back and did another ultrsound when we thought I was around 8 weeks. The sack had developed to appear only 6 weeks along, there was nothing but an empty sack. My doctor then informed me that I had something called a blighted ovum, where a sack develops but a baby doesn't. My husband and I were devastated by the news. My doctor gave me the option of letting my body naturally abort or go in for a D&C. We chose the D&C as we were actually 13 weeks and my body wasn't doing it on its own although I had had some bleeding and additional cramping prior to this. Three months after the D&C we were happy to find out we were pregnant again and are now expecting a baby boy due in December of this year.


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