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What potty training products are best for travel?

Whether it's just a long drive or an international flight - what are the best potty training products to use when traveling?

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8  Answers

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Pottete Plus!!! Awesome plastic folding potty seat that is either free-standing like on the floor or the floor of your car. Perfect for use with these little baggies that have an absorbent pad for quick easy clean-up for #2 or #1. Easily collapses and folds into its own bag. This fits into my purse. It's the most compact one. Also, instead of putting the legs down for a free-standing potty, you can use it on top of the toilet seat by putting legs out.

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I have a plastic folding potty seat which fits on any full size toilet but is easy to pack along. It's good for trips and is easy to clean since it folds down to the size of your hand.

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potty breaks and a towel if traveling by day. pull ups if traveling at night. i traveled with my son 3 times, well 6 if you want to include the trips back home, one was a 16hr drive, 2 were a 14 hour drive, and that was one way. i kept him in underwear and put him on the potty when we had potty breaks, which was when i needed gas, and during meal times. (I was by myself all 3 times so i had to stop to feed them) he didn't have any accidents.

the towel is for them to sit on in the carseat, just in case.

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This is a must have item,ratio%3D4,depth%3D20&cp=5&gs_id=k&xhr=t&q=potette&qe=cG90ZXQ&qesig=U7RelPW7iddsJDNnG9D5XA&pkc=AFgZ2tkPOIhQmT0oWDJJ3ZFUP_NBRreYJrAwUQDRw3PcOoBXbzUyd6HKxD9-YMaFwbumEnrhE5G6OJB1X-4_FK4_eBZBUk2mGQ&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=1440&bih=785&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=1863625002328922655&sa=X&ei=E4ovTtbYB4_PgAfE9sh5&sqi=2&ved=0CFcQ8wIwAg I have one in the car. Everywhere I go I bring it with me. I took it to camping too. It was a good thing I did. It was pouring the whole day. The kids and I stayed inside the tent and didn't have to bring them out in the rain to go to the bathroom. The car has become the kids personal bathroom. lol

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pull ups , or dry like me , potty training pads to put inside pants like a towel

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I kept a potty chair in my car too - even for running around town. If you don't have the room an empty water bottle works very well for boys! Put something in their car seats also to absorb accidents....nothing like having to try to clean a car seat while on vacation...........

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I wad considering the new folable potty seat for the diaper bag, Primo. It's cheap and it looks nice!

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We just recently drove to Florida from Cincinnati, OH. I have a 4 1/2 year old girl and an 18 month old boy. My daughter has been potty trained for quite awhile. But, for long trips, I throw her little potty chair in the car. I line the basin with a ziplock and then if all else fails, we just pull over and let her go. And it also helped with the "false alarms" when all she really wanted was a bag of m&m's out of the rest area's vending machines.

Ann D.
Cincinnati, OH


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