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What is the right age to start my baby on milk?

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16  Answers

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Assuming you mean cow's milk, the recommendation here is 12 months. Prior to that only breastmilk and/or formula are recommended.

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I started whole milk when my daughter was about 9 months. But they recomend to start at the age of 1.

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My son's Dr said 12 months is ideal. and she said whole milk...none of the 1-2% stuff or skim. just plain ol' milk =]

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My daughters been on whole milk since 6m she got ill from formula so het doctor said to put her on milk. But they recommend 12m

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never......see my response to Allison

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They say you can introduce it at 1 year if they have no problems

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I tried mixing my 10 1/2 month old son's cereal with whole milk and he got really bad gas my doctor said that before the age of 1 it is hard for babies to digest the protein in milk

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12 months is the popular guideline. If you are breastfeeding I suggest continuing to breastfeed or pump and offer it as long as possible, it is a lot better for the child as long as you can offer it. If you are giving formula then I would continue with that and gradually introduce cows milk. Don't just change it in one day, I don't think that is good for the baby or the digestive system.

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Hello!!! 12 months, less than that ... never !!! I know about two things extremely forbidden before of 12 months: honey and cows milk ... between others kind of food... sugar, salt are also forbidden... the own food already have the quantity they need.

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No you are right. Most people go by what their dr. recommends and your comment is that of what a dr. would tell you.

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One year from what my kids doctor tells me. Whole milk for the 1st year and lower fat after 2 years

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After spending time working in the Department of Nursing and Midwifery, and working for QH for almost five years now, I can safely say that NO dairy before 12months of age. Dairy before your child is 12 months of age can cause SERIOUS health issues for bubs, both now and when they are older. Unless you are unable to breastfeed, or your child is not responding well to formula or something similar to this, then dont give bubs ANY dairy - cheese, icecream, milk etc etc before 12 months. This isnt my opinion - this is the opinion of the people who have been researching this sort of thing for a long time, and DO know whats best!!!

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We are having a financially rotten year. With formula averaging $50 a case, I asked my pediatrician at my daughter's 10 month check up if we could start switching to milk. He said it would be ok as long as the switch was gradual starting with 50% formula/50% milk. It took about 3 weeks and used all of the formula we had left. She's doing just fine, no spit up or gas. My pediatrician usually suggests waiting until a year, and to switch to whole milk. :)

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As soon as the baby eats 3 meals a day, which was at approx 6 months with all 3 my children, you can start on cow's milk, depending on your child's needs

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as a drink from 12months of age, but they can start to have it mixed into mash potato and cereal from 6months of age to get them used to cows milk by the time they are 12months.

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Really it isn't necessary to start them on milk from other species at all. My 3yo and 18mo do not have milk from cows, goats, horses, sheep or any other non-human creature.

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I agree with Heather I find milk for other animals gross. I let me children make their own choice on wheather to drink it or not (they are 9,7 and 22 months). I don't drink it and still give my 22 month old breastmilk but not sure how much longer that will go on.

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