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What is a safe sunblock for 3 month old babies?

What sunblock would you recommend for a 3 month old?

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7  Answers

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There is no safe sunblock for a 3 month-old. Their skin is very thin compared to older kids and so any chemicals in the sunscreen penetrate faster and deeper. Sunscreen isn't recommended until after 6 months of age. Until then, it's important to avoid sunburns by keeping baby out of the sun by using hats, sunblock clothing, shades, etc. After 6 months, I used's list of sunscreens to pick some that had fewer chemicals. The ones I picked were Trukid, Thinksport, California Baby, and Blue Lizard. They cost a little more, but you use less at a time and they are less irritating to baby's skin. Hope this helps.

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My doctor said that u should just keep your baby out of the sun and don't put sun block on her now that my daughter is older and this is her second summer I have put it on her a couple times but only if we are going to be outside the whole day and there is no shade other then that she stays inside or in the shade

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No sunscreen until 6 months. After that, I recommend (and so does my Ped) Blue Lizard.

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I would be careful with any regular sunscreens. It's been found that many sunscreens actually have ingredients in them that cook into the skin, increasing your chances of skin cancer. The company i represent has a safe alternative kind. The company is Reliv, and its sold through independent distribs. Also, sunscreen can stop the absorption of Vitamin D which is very necessary for all of us! Vitamin D through the sun is the healthiest way to get it, and your body will keep what it needs for the winter uses, so be sure to spend 15-30 minutes a day in the sunlight! Then cover up with lightweight clothing to protect your skin and to stay cool! Be safe and healthy!

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none, up until 6 month the baby should not have any sunscreen

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Doctor advised to wait until your child is 6 months old to apply sunscreen. The EWG recommended the sunscreen stick made by California Baby when my son was that age. They sell the brand at Target, but not the stick. I bought direct from their online store when my son was 6 months.

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the EWG gives out recommendations for sunscreens and other skincare products. They are rated from 0 to 10. The website is Our little one is two month old and we keep her out of the sun, as much as possible. But the site is a good reference in many ways :).


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