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What should I do with a baby who hates tummy time?

Tummy time: sometimes babies love it. And it's essential for their development. But... sometimes babies HATE it. What can you do to help your baby enjoy an activity she needs to do?

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12  Answers

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Try tummy time mats, with activities for babies and a mirror. That might motivate them and keep them entertained. I never really had a problem with tummy time, but my brother did.

There is a like snail toy that has a mirror on it, and as they learn to crawl it moves and helps with crawling.

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another thing you might want to try and laying on your back and putting baby on your belly that way if he/she wants to look at you they have to lift their head. IF that doesn't work just try tummy time for short bouts of time throughout the day. I would say 5 minutes should work maybe 3 times a day until the baby gets use to it. Good luck!

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'Tummy Time' is a relatively recent Western Cultural phenomenon. There is no need for a baby to have parent imposed tummy time for perfect development. Babies will roll over when they are ready and when their musculature is developed enough to enjoy it. Just mat time on their backs is a great thing when they are ready and they will give themselves tummy time when they can roll over. If your baby loves tummy time before they can manage to get in that position themselves then great, help them out if you feel the need. But I watched my babies struggle and hate tummy time and in spite of the advice I had been given saying that it was good for them, I decided it wasn't right. As a parent, I did not enjoy watching my baby feel uncomfortable for no reason. Perhaps we as parents should read our babies cues rather than the many books that have come and gone over the past 150 years giving all sorts of different advice. Most recently, the books focus on parents trying to help baby 'get ahead' in some way. Let's just enjoy our babies natural developmental timeline rather than forcing a stringent schedule of development on them. We can't control when our babies teeth come in so why would we try to control when they sit up? As adults we are all different so why would we expect babies to be the same? Get to know your baby, relish your babies individuality. I found it so much more fun being a mother to my babies and children when I let go of what I thought they 'SHOULD' be doing and just marveled in what they were doing. Enjoy their amazingness!

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Lay down on the floor facing your baby just a foot or less away and talk to him/her. When they get upset (and you can usually tell the difference between grunting from effort vs. actually upset), roll them over or pick them up. Don't force it and make it fun.
Also, once they can lift their head up, a small pillow under the chest is more comfortable so they can work on their arm strength.

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First of all, I wouldn't stress too much about tummy time. Although there is research to suggest that more time tummy is associated with earlier crawling, crawling is not a developmental milestone. Babies don't need to crawl, it doesn't matter when they do it.

Babies do need to develop their upper body muscles, but there are other ways to encourage that. Carrying your baby in different positions in your arms or in a soft baby carrier will also prompt them to work their head, neck and shoulder muscles.

The problem is that a lot of babies today sleep on their backs and spend the rest of their day reclined in an infant carrier or bouncer seat. In that position you don't need to use your neck or your torso or your shoulders.

Tummy time also doesn't need to be flat on your tummy. Some babies tolerate tummy time better if they have a wedge to lay on for example.

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If they hate it, start slow. Just 1-2 mins, then in a couple days 2-3mins etc. Stay there with him for the first couple times, get on your belly too, and just talk to your baby, show them toys.
Having said that, crying for tummy time is okay, whatever it takes to get through a couple minutes, it will get better, if you do this consistently one time every day.
Squirming is okay too. Let them squirm it out, let them roll over. My daughther used to claw the ground with her hands until she would do a full circle. lol. It's how she started "crawling" after her toys.
Have fun with it, don't distress.

IMO the biggest issues is that you believe in it. Believe in the benefits. Believe that it helps with their motor skills, and it will be easier to go through it every day.

With my son, I gave up on tummy time with him because he "hated" it, and he actually skipped crawling, went straight to walking, but was unable to do things like squat, get himself up from the floor to standing position, so I then made him do tummy time, at 10 months and his skills got better, especially once he started to crawl.

With my daughter I did tummy time consistantly from 2 months and she was crawling by 6 months, much more confident and developed in her motorskills. I'm not sure how much of this was just her, and how much of it was tummy time, but I'm sure it helped.

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Unfortunately there is no evidence to show that it helps anything! Children develop different skills at different times and will develop normally with or without tummy time. Forcing it on them is a discomfort that both parent and baby need never suffer through.

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Put an object accessible to them so that they primarily focus on the object maybe?

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My son HATED tummy time, he would bury his face and scream like he was dying whenever I put him on his tummy. My pediatrician assured me that the world wouldn't end if he didn't have a bit of tummy time, that if he didn't like it then don't do it. He was right, we didn't do tummy time and the world is ok =D! He started rolling over on his tummy on his own accord at about 4 months and I haven't been able to keep him on his back since then. Now at 10 months he's standing, trying to walk and unstoppable (and I still can't keep him off his tummy when he sleeps).

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Well done for listening to your baby's needs. They do know best! Trust the expert.

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i changed tummy time up.. i would do a bit on it on me then on the couch then on the floor.. i noticed the more changed her tummy time the more she would stop hating it

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My daughter never liked tummy time, unless she was laying on me, and I never forced her. When she discovered she could turn herself onto her tummy and back again she was fine.

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my little guy hated it at first but i put him every day and he soon learned that mommy was keeping him down there until he liked it, lol.
now at 6 months he is almost crawling and is super strong.
Keep your head up and ear plugs in from the noise, lol
try laying down in front of your baby and get their attention, or put a mirror in front of them, my baby loves to look at himself.

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you know what! i had a baby that absolutely loved it! just becaus i i did it with him since he was newborn! and when he was 1 month n a half he started holding his head by hiself 4 months he sat up by his self by 5 months he was crawling and a few days b4 9 months he was walking! jus do it EVERDAY! and crying is oK!. after about 2 weeks say mayb even 20 min a day he/she will get use to it! helps there back and gives them ALOT OF strength!

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i have to say if you do it with your baby every day get down there with him/her and play or talk sing anything.. everyday they will get use to it! and not mind it at all!

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