What should you do if your toddler is overweight?

Of course children's body weights fluctuate a lot as they grow, in preparation for growth spurts and according to age. But what if the pediatrician says that your little one needs to lose some weight? What is your take, moms?

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Toddler Overweight - many thoughts.. w/ our country USA being and overweight country it isn't hard to see why this happens.. but there are ways to bring it around so that the child doesn't think he is fat.. or overweight.. it starts with food.. and activity.. and it has to start early enough for them too to understand the importance of eating healthy foods... because healthy foods aren't just to resolve weight problems.. healthy eating affects much more.. how they you feel.. being healthy.. teeth, hair, skin.. thinking.. how people see you.. laying a GOOD food foundation is VERY important from the start.. In our house.. we don't have many or much sweets.. on occasion we have something.. and if we do it isn't much.. it is a treat.. healthy food choices raise healthy children.. into healthy adults and aware of the real impacts of putting not healthy choices in their body.. more then being overweight.. it is just healthier to do the healthy thing.. however it is very easy to fall into the unhealthy eating world.. stay strong.. and be a good example..

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I think that more play activity and healthy snacks can help. I don't really think that Doctors are always correct when it comes to small children. They can use guide lines but shouldn't enforce things on people so strongly. My son is 2 1/2, and at first he was gaining weight too fast, now they think he is too small, he is "the average size" of a 3 1/2 year old. I don't think they consider the size of the child or the parents, this is why they tell you things when they should keep their mouths closed. Of course my son weighs more then the average 2 1/2 year old he is also a lot taller then the average 2 1/2 year old. I say just give your little one healthy snacks, lots of play/activity time. In the end your little one will be happy and grow the way their body needs to grow.
Maybe this answer is silly to you, but, it's what I do and my son is a happy little guy :)

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i am in this situation with my 2yr old son and am due an appointment with a dietician with him because he shoouldnt be any more than 15kg and he is hitting the 25kg mark. only problem we find is that he isnt eating right ., he will eat plenty of fruit and low fat yoghurts. and he sometimes will eat his dinner but not always and he does plenty of running about . i had a blood test done to him to see if he had a under active thyroid gland like i do but he is fine . so im still baffled . he is also taller than he should be for his age too !

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I would stop his yoghurt, it has almost no nutrional value and generally high in sugar. Fruit is also high in sugar, its important to introduce them to vegetables early. Even if you blend them and still in some whole wheat pasta. Don't let him snack between meals 5 small meals a day is great! Only give him water to drink, never juice. Its amazing how many calories are in yoghurt and juice and are of no value to our bodies. I speak as an obese adult, who was an obese toddler and struggled with my weight always. My daughter is 3 and a half, has my body type and is at the 70% for weight, considered healthy but I do watch her carefully. I don't want her to suffer the crap I have had to in my life or suffer bad health. Fortunately my health has always been great...but at 47 time is not on my side. Help your son drop some weight now and let him be a healthy adult. Its a problem dear to my heart. Good luck.

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Michelle: Yoghurt is high in calcium and great for the digestion; I'm not sure where you get your info about it having no nutritional value. Moreover, fruit is essential for growing bodies. Lisa: My little one is doing okay in terms of size, strength, etc. I only give her plain yoghurt (not the flavoured ones), which is unsweetened. I also make sure to give her lots of fruit and veggies every day; her favourite snacks are black olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and mozzarella. I do not feed her anything with processed sugar and make sure her diet includes a variety from all the food groups. Her sweet treats mainly include dried fruit like dates. Lots of physical activity is also essential...running around, dancing, peddling her trike...she also does yoga with me :)

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My son's doctor went both ways. One time he was worried that he wasn't gaining enough weight. Then he was worried he was gaining weight too fast. My problem is finding out what is normal. I've been told that Black children are generally larger than White children so the standard growth chart based on White children is misleading. How do you really know?

If your child is obvioulsy overweight you should act, but be careful. Don't make the child feel fat. Encourage them to get outside so they can get some excercise. Take them to the park. I don't worry about my son's weight partly because he is so active. He runs everytime I take him outside. Also more fruit, less candy and junk food.

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I'm in the same boat... My youngest didn't even get on the charts until she was 3... now she is gaining too much weight. She is NONE STOP active. I mean borderline hyperactive (I use the term borderline loosely). She eats well. Fruits, Veggies, very little breads, but is a HUGE meat eater! And I have no plans on stopping that. She isn't fat by any means, but she def has some meat on her bones. but I figure, as long as she is active, and I know she is eating good foods, I'm ok with her weight, I dont want to make a big deal out of it , I certainly dont want her to feel bad about herself. Its just something I will keep an eye on! :-)

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