What are some 2 year old birthday plans?

For a 2 year old's birthday, what are some ideas on a fun birthday party?

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we had a bean bag toss, scavenger hunt and let the kids run through a sprinkler at my son's party. both games were enjoyed by all the kids who attended ranging in age from 1 to 8 and the water was of course a hit.

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We had a paint party. All of the kids got their own sheet of paper and we had a king size sheet on the ground outside and let the kids paint together on the sheet. It's always fun for kids when they can get messy. All of the paint washed out of their clothing in the washer and since we did it outside there wasn't very much clean up for me.

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We have an age range from 2-11 so I scheduled a party at a local small business that has about 15 bounce houses/inflatable obstacle course indoors. They also have a toddler area for the smaller kids. Figured they could all jump themselves silly and it's in air conditioning so I'm happy!

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I'm thinking of taking him and 3 or 4 other little ones to the zoo. We'll wear them out walkig around looking at animals, then have cupcakes presents on a picnic table after!

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I have my daughter's second birthday at a pool /waterpark. The kids loved the water and we had free pizza and pop, we brought juice for the kids and a big cake that the kids enjoyed making a mess with. Also 2 of my neice's had their parties at pools while my daughter was younger and although she didn't care for the pool then (because the water was cool) she really enjoyed the hot tub, it was relaxing for the both of us. Water is one that kids at almost any age can be a part of if the parent is willing to take the time and watch or be with the child. We have had nothing but great experiences with poolside parties.


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