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What are some good craft projects for toddlers?

Crafts are a great way for your toddler to get creative. What are some crafts that you'd recommend for toddlers.

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24  Answers

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I work at a preschool with 2 & 3 yr olds. We recently did butterfly boxes. These were shoe boxes that we covered in plain white paper. We then let the kids paint the inside whatever color they wanted and decorate the outside with colorful stickers, crayons, etc. We then took tissue paper that we cut into about 2 in. circles and twisted this in the middle. These were our butter flies. After all the paint and glue had dried we placed our butterflies in the box and covered it tightly with plastic wrap. You then get the kids to shake the boxes so that the butterflies get their wings ready. (you are creating some static electricity) then they can rub their fingers back and forth over the plastic and make the butterflies fly. They LOVED it.

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I love this! I'll be doing this at home & in my classroom!!!

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finger painting with pudding, making your own play dough, color coffee filters with markers then dip into water and let colors bleed-let dry then tie in the middle and make a tye dye butterfly, make cereal jewelry with string and cheerios or fruit loops...just a few art projects I've done with my girms.

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Google: craft ideas for toddlers & see what you get!

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I've saved the empty toilet paper rolls from the last three months. I have a full shopping bag. They stack well and then we 'bowl' down the tower. They are also great for making telescopes and playing pirates or decorating with stickers.

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I remember doing that as a kid myself, it was fun.

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If you do crafts, let them do something like you do. I scrapbook and have found getting a cheap scrapbook and supplies can bring out their creativity in amazing ways. I also knit and crochet, so the kids want to play with yarn. I give them a piece of plastic canvas a blunt needle and thread and let them do what they want, they love it. Just remember that when you are dealing with children the crafts won't be done perfectly. The point is to have fun, develop skills and give them a feeling of accomplishment. It's hard not to correct them sometimes.

Also there are tablets you can by at Walmart for the tub. They color the water. Food coloring works wee also. It's easy to clean and they learn about mixing colors. Tubs are great places to do crafts!

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I couldn't get the color off my tub though without using bleach.

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Huh. It's always washed off for me. Are you using the edible color?

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Stringing beads or noodles on string is a good activity. They can make mobiles, necklaces, etc. Two tips: 1. Tape the string to a paper plate to help keep the beads on the string. 2. Tape around the end of the string to make it like the end of a shoelace to help them more easily string the items.

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My almost three year old loves to help with baking/cooking. Today we made a pizza. She rolls out the dough, puts on the cheese and veggies. Lots of fun and helpful too!
Also both my girls(I also have a 4 1/2 yr old) love to get messy-- so we put on messy clothes put down an old tablecloth and let them paint. Usually half of it ends up on them, but we do get some great pictures to frame!

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My daughters both LOVED sensory bins when they were younger! Not so much of a craft, but it kept their hands busy!

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Acting is good. Acting ,singing and dancing is what I did last year. Their were teenagers and toddlers. Kinda stressing though learning lines and doing shows

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An easy anytime activity, get a couple of dollar store yoga mats & a container of sidewalk chalk . HOURS of drawing fun in any weather.Easy clean up and easy to take with.

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How young? Motor skills are important. I remember when my child could not hold a crayon I
would do big happy faces, animal images and fun movements on paper for them to visualize and be amazed.

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I just got done doing salt dough ornaments with some toddlers and teenagers...both age groups had a great time, were pleased with the result, and have a keepsake for years to come!

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I never thought of using salt dough to make ornaments. Did you just leave it out to dry to harden or did you bake them?

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Those plain wooden fish from the dollar store are fun to paint and put glitter glue on. Finger painting on cardboard is easy and fun, so are putting together styrofoam gliders. I did a lot of arts n crafts projects with my son when I was a SAHM.

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If you want to be very invovled - make a rain stick!

Gather pinecones and create characters

or gather some rocks, paint them and put googly eyes on!

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I save all kinds of things - formula cans, toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, baby food containers, shoe boxes, etc and we do creative crafts using all these recycled things. It's good for any age, because they can just do whatever they want...and I can determine how messy we get by giving them crayons or paint. :)

I frequently use the idea already mentioned, too - go to google and search, "Crafts for toddlers/preschoolers" and see what comes up. Sometimes I'm more specific ("Christmas crafts for kids" or "summer crafts for kids")

Also, we like some fun science projects. Making oobleck (look up "dancing oobleck" on youtube or just google oobleck) to play with, or talking about why it rains and making a rain jar (put steamy water in clear glass jar, then put a dish on top of it, then put ice cubes on the dish. As the dish cools, it creates condensation on the bottom of the dish, and as the drops get heavier, they fall into the water. It's a neat way to explain the cold air and the warm air creating clouds and rain.

And, my final suggestion: Pinterest. Pinterest is full of SO many crafts, activities, and ideas that you can't possibly ever be bored!

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My 20 year old is obsessed with Pinterest and she has made all sorts of things that she's seen on there.

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Coloring with broken crayons is the best to help them develop their fine motor skills they will need later to hold a pencil properly. Also making salt dough and playing with it also helps with their manual dexterity.

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These two books are really great. Lots of fun art, projects, games, etc. for toddlers.
First Art for Toddlers and Twos: Open-Ended Art Experiences and
The Toddler's Busy Book: 365 Creative Games and Activities to Keep Your 1 1/2- to 3-Year-Old Busy

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Sensory boxes! I also put soap paint in a ziplock bag and duck tape it shut, my 1 year old loves to mush it and mix the colors and draw designs in it. I also let him go to town with soap paint (or cornstarch paint) in the bathtub and then hose him down afterward. Good way to get clean. Markers and butcher paper he loves too, as well as pudding paint and a paintbrush (or spoon or fork or spatula - interesting artwork comes from weird utensils for painting). Potato stamps, marbles and paint in a bin (with paper taped down on the bottom), salt paintings!, spaghetti painting, toilet paper "crackers", I spy bottles, painting with cars, homemade play dough, cereal box buildings, and that's just inside art!

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Finger painting, playdough & pasting shapes r good. Also sticker or any kind of collage using glue stix r good and not too messy for inside. Painting with dot stick paints is also not too messy and good for rainy days:)

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One of the things that my children loved to do was string fruit loops or cheeries on string and make a necklace. The bonus is they can snack while they do it or have a string to snack from later.

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Oh i have a 1 & 2 year old boy and girl they love for me too blow bubbles they jump around and try to pop them so cute its a good way to get them in motion and for them to use there sences and i love to watch them have fun...

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Colouring! its great for any age! actual crafts however, should be more determined on the child's capability level. I've found modeling clay to be a good amusement as well! although, both of these should be supervised endeavors.


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