What are some great books for grade schoolers?

It's always exciting to see your child start diving into books on their own. What books has your grade schooler particularly enjoyed?

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Ramona Quimby series
Nancy Clancy series
My Little Pony chapter books
Little House on the Prairie series
The Twits and other books by Roald Dahl
American Girl books
Mermaid Tales
There was just a piece on NPR about Latino books for different age groups - http://howitaughtmykidstoread.wordpress.com/2014/06/04/diversity-in-books-diversity-in-life/

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Easy ones: Amelia Bedelia
Frog and Toad
Picture books
Cam Jensen
Junie B. Jones
Judy Moody
As a child, I remember I loved mystery and ghost stories, which were often advanced, which helped me quickly propel my reading to higher levels.
Bailey School Kids
Nancy Drew
Boxcar Children
Source: I'm a tutor, and a child at heart.

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The Sister's Grimm series is AMAZING! All fairy tale characters are real and live in Ferry Port Landing I read the first book when I took a children's lit class and loved it so much I had to read the rest of the books even though I had a lot of other reading to do. I'm sure there's others that I'm just not thinking of but this is a definite must read.

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Oh, my daughter loves this series, too. I think I will start reading them just for the fun of it. :0)

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My daughter really liked My Father's Dragon as a Read-Aloud in Kindergarten, and she read it to herself in first grade. Since then, she's enjoyed the Boxcar Children series, A Series of Unfortunate Events, the Narnia series, and the Warriors. Now a 5th grader, she can't seem to put down the Warriors books.

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The Frog and Toad books, Junie B Jones, Chester the Raccoon (the Kissing Hand book and others by the same author), Curious George series and National Geographic Kids books on animals. Scholastic Books offer plenty of nice affordable titles (some at $3.99 paperbacks) and I have found TONS of Scholastic books at Library sales, thrift shops, etc. in good condition for as little as 25 cents. My kids are Kindergarten and Second Grade respectively. The older one is a boy who now likes to read outloud sometimes and help his sister.

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My daughter loves to read. She satrted out reading the Junie B Jones series in first grade, then moved on to Magic Tree House, A to Z Mysteries, Katie Kazoo Switcharoo, Dairy of a Whimpy Kid and the Warriors.
She is in six grade now and reads 5+ books a week. She just finished reading The Hunger Games series for the second time... in four days! She still loves the Warriors series and has read them again and again. I can't keep her in books. She checks them out from school and the public library in addition to us buying books and finding as many free books as I can for the Kindle.

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She also love The Princess Frog series and has really gotten into reading the Weenie books by David Lubar. He just visited her school last week and signed a couple of her books, including the newest one that isn't available until June but he made special arrangements to have available during his visit. :)

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Some others that haven't been mentioned so far: - the Clementine series by Sara Pennypacker, these are quite similar to Junie B Jones. - the Fly Guy books by Trevor Van Meter, these are hugely popular at our Kids' school even with reluctant readers. - the Cardboard Genius series by Frank Asch, our younger daughter has signed these out of the library multiple times. - the Flat Stanley series by Jeff Brown, another favourite of our younger daughter. - Beverly Cleary books, especially the Ramona series and the Ralph S. Mouse series. our older daughter is in grade 3 and is an advanced and voracious reader. It's difficult to find enough age appropriate books when she's going through five to ten novels a week. She liked the Percy Jackson series a lot. She enjoyed The Familiars series and The Chronicles of Prydain series. I also give her a lot of historical fiction - Lois Lenski, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Carol Ryrie Brink, etc.

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the 'Betsey' Books by Carolyn Haywood


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