What are some great dating tips for single moms?

For the single mom who's still hoping to find someone special, it can be tricky and intimidating to reenter the dating world. What are some practical tips you can share for single moms hoping to ramp up their dating lives again?

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There is a worldwide group called Meet Up. Google it and see what groups are in your area. Not necessarily dating groups however join groups that interest you. Will meet people and maybe a future partner.

There are some that have nights out.

Give it a go. Will meet some great people who share common interests

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I went on a really fun night out with Table For Six, it was a cocktail party for singles and I manage to get a date from it.

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Dating became much easier thing nowadays. You don't have to waste time on a person and on a 7th date realize he's an idiot you don't want to know anymore. We are free to choose now!) Like in a Huge garden: I like roses, I hate camomiles. Other flovers will do, but not at once - I need to like their marvellous flavour or deep colour. The same thing in life - you have a list of preferences! Why not try finding your desired roses?) Go to Kovla.com - this is a place for every taste! Choose proper people) Good luck!

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Dating as a single Mom can be tough. Trying to find someone who is willing to accept your stage in life and all that comes with it...it's not that easy. I was a single Mom with a one year old, and I found that people thought I was shopping for a Dad for my son. When they realized I was much more than a Mom, and that my son had an involved Dad, the game changed. For me, the important factor of knowing if a man was ready to date me, was to find out if he was okay taking second place in my life. Anytime I have met someone of interest, I always prequalify them by saying, "I am a Mom first and foremost, and nothing will change that. Men may come and go from my life, but my kid is permanent." Once they have time to think about and absorb my statement, then we talk honestly about expectations. Once all of that is out in the open we either decide to move forward or not. Here are a few rules I follow when dating as a single Mom.
1. Do not...I repeat, do not sleep with a guy on the first or second date. It's unfortunate there are some men taking advantage of the single Mom's. In order to protect against the 'stick and move' guys build in a safe guard. If a guy is really into you he will wait for the bedroom stuff.
2. Don't spend your dates talking about your kids, unless asked a direct question. This is your chance to have some stimulating adult conversation. Talk about anything but your kids and enjoy the banter.
3. Dates don't meet kids until at least three months of dating. I have only broken this rule once, and I the guy I broke it for has been dating me now for almost three years. It is important that you establish the foundation of your relationship with this person before you involve the kids. Once you know the person is worthy of meeting the kids, do so in an easy lighthearted way. Never force either side to meet the other. When everyone is ready you will know.
I hope this was helpful. Good luck!


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