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What are some inexpensive ways to throw a baby shower?

Throwing a baby shower can start to get expensive very quickly. What are some tips for planning a baby shower for your best friend, sister, or other loved one, without going overboard with your budget?

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For my second baby (my second girl), I'm throwing a "mocktail" party. Since I was on strict bedrest for most of my pregnancy I wanted a chance to get together with the girls and celebrate. For decorations I'm using onesies, sleepers, bonnets, socks, etc that I have from my first girl and hanging them up around the room. As for centerpieces, I'm going to use some bottles that I have and put flowers in them. This way its all baby decorations. I don't have to buy much since most of it is from my first daughter.

If you are throwing a party for a friend or family member buy some of the items above to use as decorationsand tell her the decorations are for her to take home for baby. That way it serves two purposes.

For food I'm doing cheese and chocolate fondue in crockpots.

Games: I did a diaper/wipe raffle, a themed party raffle (I told all the guests to wear: pink, floral, pearls, or lace) for each one they wear they get a raffle ticket), a bring baby a book raffle (instead of a card sign a book to baby - if they bring one they get a raffle ticket). For every game we play the winner gets a raffle (or a few). How prizes work: I setup a table with four different gift baskets each with a few cheaper items (gift certificate for a manicure, nail polish, lotions, frames, candles, etc). I'll have again bottles that don't have the nipple on them. Guests can put their raffle tickets in the bottle representing the basket. I will then draw a winner. I'm only allowing one guest per basket. But this way you eliminate ties especially if its a three way tie or something.

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You can go to the dollar store and look for a centerpiece. If they don't have one you can make one by buying one of their baby related Mylar balloons for a dollar and tying it and a couple of their plain colorful balloons to a baby bottle, rattle or other baby related item, also found there. Or you can group a few small baby related items in a basket with some tissue paper and make it into the centerpiece then let the mom to be have it to take home.

For games you can scramble up baby related words and print them out. The fastest solver gets a prize. You can play a name that tune sort of game by finding songs that have the word baby in them and playing a little bit and see who guesses it first. You can play a charades or pictureka (drawing the clues) type of game with all baby related words.

If you're going to have food besides cake and ice cream type food, take a bag of premade meatballs and dump them in a crock pot a couple hours ahead of time, Cover them with a bottle or two of barbecue sauce, depending on the number of meatballs, and heat until time to serve.

These are all off the top of my head but if you Google "low cost baby shower" you will likely find a lot more. A search tip, putting any words you'd like to see together, like those or "inexpensive baby shower" and such, it will narrow your search results. Hope this helped a little.

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I am planning my daughter's now...I'm planning to buy a couple dozen cupcakes w/o frosting or decorations...buying that separately. After other activities, mom n dad to be get a bit to rest and freshen up. Meanwhile, the guests decorate the cupcakes. Then mommy gets to select her favorite cupcake as "best in show", who's creator wins a prize then we eat 'em! game, rest, and "cake" all in one.

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go simple you dont need cebterpieces and all the fancy stuff it's not needed peoplecome to shower the new mommy with gifts for the new arival not look at how well things are decorated. Do homade stuff do scrap book pages have every one do a scrap book page for the baby on this special day. Give thing for a note card have them give the new mother a their best on diaperrash, a cranky baby, ect. The diaper game is always a hit melt candy bars in a diaper have the guests try and guess what candy bar is in the diaper. Three games is plenty so you only need three gifts. The gifts dont need to break the bank make goodie bags. You can ask both grandmas to help with the prizes. Last DON'T be afrade to ask for help!

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Make a diaper cake for a center piece and it is also a gift for mom, games you can do poop in the diaper which get some fun size chocolate candy and melt then mush in diaper, there is also a game you can do with guess the formula you use white powder substances from your home( laundry detergent, banking soda, sugar, flour) bingo Have each person put some items mom is going to get and when she opens her gifts they mark them off playing bingo. You can also set a timer when mom is opening gifts and whose ever she is opening when it goes off is the winner. Have each guest fill out a enveloped or thank you'd and whatever left over gifts you have then draw from the envelopes. Food you can do finger foods like sandwiches, veggie tray, fruit tray and chips. It's usually cheaper if you buy your own and make it. Cups, plates, napkins, can be bought at he dollar store. Some gifts too can also be bought there be practical get things people use or will eat(chocolates) you can buy 10 items for 10 and that can make 5 gifts. The cake you can get at a superstore cheap or make a cake that sometimes that is the last thing people are worried about dollar store has little decorations for cakes. You can do a shower under 50 dollars with some of these ideas .

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Go to a store that has party stuff ~ get a large plastic baby bottle (bank usually) & fill it with candy. Then everyone gets to guess how many are in the baby bottle. The one closest gets a prize!!! (Then the mom-to-be takes it home & uses it later as a baby bank!! There are numerous games you can make up like words scrambled ~ timed & whoever gets the most gets a prize! Advice cards can be passed out using index cards to save money, & let everyone give some piece of advice from their experience! Favors are optional or can be kept very simple! Decorations are nice, but can also be kept to a minimum if you're on a strict budget ~ by using the old fashioned curling crimped colored twisted & tapes in different places.

Put a decorated cake in the middle of the table ~ as a centerpiece & then you cut it later! For atmosphere you could put a white tall pillar candle on a plate together with a slender colored candle (to match your color scheme) & even a votive candle too and then around them put fresh flowers (if available), or silk flowers would work also.

One thing I did recently for the gift when invited to a baby shower was fix the MOM-TO-BE a basket (or gift bag w/tissue paper) filled with things just for her ~ like body lotion, body wash, bath salts, a nice soap, votive &/or tea light candles, which some of us probably already have (that are un-used, of course. SHE LOVED IT!!!

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We did a basket filled full of stuff she might need at the hospital, like chap stick and hair ties. it was a great gift!

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just did a potluck baby shower with about 15 pp who all brought different brunch
items. easy on the pocketbook!

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Check out pinterest on line. Great ideas there and some very inexpensive. Reuse items. We made decorations for a birthday party for a girl and then used them for 3 other events. Ask guests to bring a dish to pass and make cupcakes instead of buying a large cake.

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I asked everyone who was invited for a baby pic, then I got adult pics off of facebook and such. Posted them to a poster board with some cute ribbon. The game was matching the baby pic to the adult pic and it was a hit! Everyone had a blast looking at the baby pics.

I also printed out a bunch of pics of the mother and father-to-be (Very cheap, like 9 cents each at walmart) and used frames I already had around the house. That was the extent of my decorations. Everyone loved looking at pics of the guests of honor.

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First of all, don't bother with decorations....they generally aren't that important. Secondly ask each soul who is invited to bring a potluck dish and coordinate them so you have a balanced offering of food. You provide the tableware (dishes, cups, etc.) and your own dish and/or beverages.

You can also suggest that those invited stop by beforehand and pick a partner (put the names of all attending/invited on slips of paper in a box and have each one pick a name) to go in on a gift from 2 so that pooled money can buy better gifts! This gives them a chance to meet someone new if they choose the name of someone they don't know. You can provide the contact info (after making sure each one invited knows what's up and is willing to give contact info).

Have fun!!!

Should be lots of fun.

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For decoration you can put a nice rope and hang some cute baby cloth on it, with those colorful clothspins. You don't even have to buy the cloth, just ask some of your friends that have babies.


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