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What are some ways to get labor started naturally?

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2  Answers

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sex! semen is a natural cervical dialator! It helps your uterus to contract. Docs will tell you not to have sex if you are at risk of going into labor early. They say have at it, if you want to start labor. It worked both times for me! :-)

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I have not given birth, I'm an adoptive Mom, BUT my friends have had success with getting things started by going to the Mall and walking, walking, and walking. A whole day of walking around the Mall, and labor started the same or next day! Be careful not to eat everything in sight while you're there, 'cause you may end up throwing it all up when labor starts. (One friend ate a huge bag of Movie theatre Popcorn she got at the Mall, and it call came up on the ride home, when she went into labor that evening! Then there was the Big Mexican meal one ate at the Mall, that all came up when she got to the hospital.) Walking for hours at teh Mall is the trick though!


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