What are tips for raising a step-child?

There are often delicate issues that come along with raising step-children. What have you found has made things easier with your blended family?

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I am responding on the part of the step-child. It can be hard for the parents as well as the children especially when the children still live with the other parent as well. My step-mother did a good job by just trying to be my friend. She allowed my dad to make the parenting decisions and then tried to reason with me and treat me more as a friend when implementing those decisions. It took a lot of patience on her part because I didn't want to really let her be a part of my life but now she and I have a better relationship than my dad and I do. I think that it is the same process with everything. You keep a standard and set rules but at the same time try to be a friend while implementing those rules. Don't get so lax though that the children always come to you when asking for something because they know that you will say yes while the other parent will say no. Make sure the rules are followed and obeyed but try to create the bond that you may already have with your own children already.

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