What are tips for teaching your child to count?

What have you done with your child that has helped them improve their counting skills?

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I do all sorts of things - counting songs, rhymes and stories, count things into and out of containers, count fingers and toes, count pictures in books (things in the background of the images rather than the main image - so how many butterflies or flowers etc), how many steps we go up and down. Basically anything and everything we can.
We also do lots of number recognition in all sorts of ways as well - out and about on signs, car number plates, prices in shops (just the numbers, not the monetary values as he's only 3), in the house - the same sort of thing as the counting - books, number charts, magnets etc etc.

Because he is only 3 1/2 we don't really push it, but do things at his pace, but he is improving all the time.

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A couple of things really helped our son love to count.

1. We started counting EARLY. As soon as he could eat cheerios, we were counting them out to him on his tray. We counted everything.

2. EVERY time we wash our hands, we count to 20 or say ABCs. This ensures we lather long enough (we don't rinse until the song is complete) and it helps our toddler learn.

3. There's a toothbrush that plays a counting song, as you brush. There's also an ABC one. He loved them!

By using these three things, our toddler could count to 10 and say his ABCs at 18 months. He could count to 20 at 2 yrs old. We're now working on identifying what letters and numbers look like. It's very fun!

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With both of my girl's I counted things. Everything and anything. Nothing was excluded. If it could be seen or touched, it was counted. With my youngest, now 2 years, we even count how many times I push her on the swing. Trips to Sydney with my eldest were and are NEVER boring. She's 6 years old now and can count to 110 unaided. Every trip we made to and from Sydney, we would count things. The funniest was counting trees because she always got confused due to there being so many trees. We even counted and still to this very day, count road kill (animals on the side of the road). She says a li'l prayer to God to take them up to heaven. But that doesn't deter her counting. Never had. With my youngest, she loves to use food as well. We count with sausages. She can count to 10 with help. But to 3 or 4 without help. Both of girl's started early with their speech development so my husband and I harnessed and nurtured it and now, we couldn't be anymore proud than we are today of both of them. My suggestion to any parent is: DON'T BE AFRAID TO HAVE FUN WITH NUMBERS AND READING. Life is full of lots of things to count. Crickey, my eldest daughter sits outside in the yard counting grass and flower petals that she pulls out of my garden. Who care's if people stare at you in public if you are counting with your child. When I go shopping with my eldest daughter, we play a game called "What's that number?". All it is, is identifying each number and saying what it is out aloud. You can try and trick your li'l learner by asking them questions like what does the number on this price tag plus the number on this price tag equal. Or, have a race to find a set number like "16" and the first person to find a "1" and a "6" side by side without a decimal point WINS. Life is all about learning and fun. I'm happy to discuss other ideas with other parents if they wish.

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I play go fish with my 3 year old and she counts the cards as I pass them out. It helps her to recognize the numbers too.

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I bought a toy that come with all numbers and they are magnets ... we put them on the fridge's door for example and I ask him what number is that and the color... It is a great idea try to start make him count how many this and that . But he's 2 and 1/2 not sure what he would be able to do already or not.

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We have a 2 yr old and a 3 yr old. We pretty much do what @HelenM does. We count everything all the time. Also, this youtube channel has lots of great counting songs. http://www.youtube.com/user/KidsTV123

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The most important thing is to make it fun! We do not want to pressure them. Learning the basics should be fun. You should check out some great products at he-is-all-boys.com

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We count stairs as we go both up and come back down. We sing our numbers (like sesame street used to). We count fingers. My son 4 y.o can count to 40 and can also recognise numbers 1 - 30. My 2 y.o is also doing well counting. I tell her to give her brother 5 crackers and she counts them out as she gives them.

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Besides the obvious like counting with my son there are wonderful videos on YouTube that are fun and teach numbers. My son loved these



Also you can print off counting coloring sheets from the Internet. I also bought a number poster to hang up in his room.


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