What are your best tips for moms transitioning from staying at home to the workforce?

Transitioning from being a stay-at-home mom to working out of the home can be really challenging. Moms who've done it, what are the best sanity-saving tips you can share with other moms?

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Most important, find a job you love to do. I finally found the perfect job for my organizational skills and when I run out of work to do, I ask my supervisor for more work and when she runs out, she sends me to other departments that need help. It was really hard to locate the perfect job but I'd much rather be working for a paycheck at something I excel at. (not just endure) Make sure that if you're tired during the week because of your job, that you have family time on the weekends, My husband has started playing hide and go seek during the week when I'm too tired to do anything. He also cooks and cleans, this was a huge adjustment. We both make Saturday morning special for the kids by making a great breakfast and then doing something fun together. It all starts with being happy where you work. If you're just suffering through it for the paycheck, the kids pick up on your dissatisfaction and are more unhappy you're gone. Good luck!

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Just remember dusting will wait ; children don't. So hug them and read to them , listen to music and forget thehouse . Enjoy life.

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Transitioning from home to work is tough because you are needing to focus on your job. IF you need to go back to work, I would suggest getting enough sleep, have your cup of coffee in the morning (lol), follow up with your caregiver or child around noon and have dinner done in a crock pot! The evenings should be free to relax and have family time. Everyone should pitch in and keep the house tidy so you can enjoy life as well.

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I am a hiring manager for a large company and the biggest problem I see is when women do not explain to me ahead of time their needs. If you have a busy life and need part time tell me. Do not force yourself into a company/postion you are not qualified for or hate. And lastly, know that not all jobs are for everyone at everytime. If it is not a good fit for you now let me know and come back in a few months, years or what ever when it is a better fit.

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I am currently on mat leave with my second child and for me the biggest stress when I went back to work was childcare. I wondered/worried constantly what was happening with my son in his dayhome. This time around we are going with a live-in nanny and I feel more comfortable and in control of my children's environment. It's hard enough to be away from your kids and focus on your job but to worry about their well-being is unbearable so I would try and find a childcare solution you are very comfortable with.

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Parents who are making that often painful decision of returning to work must cope with change-related fears, separation anxiety, and resultant temper tantrums . . . and the children may need time to adapt emotionally as well.

Therefore, ensuring that the children are attended to and cared for as well in the parents’ absence as in their presence becomes an essential part of the transition for both parents and children. Many parents in this situation seek the services of a well qualified nanny.

What should parents look for when selecting a nanny to care for their children? Following is a list of tips on selecting a well qualified nanny: these tips target traits that may be ascertained in a nanny interview.

For the sake of consistency for the children, the nanny should be able to commit to the family for the time period needed; whether it be short-term or long-term.

The nanny should be alert and eager to help. An enthusiastic nanny won’t sit the children in front of the television while she engages in her own personal pursuits. She’ll be more likely to use her creativity to organize fun and educational activities, play games, or suggest a bike ride.

The nanny should have a nurturing response to the children during the interview.

The nanny should engender in the children a feeling of love and safety.

The nanny needs to be familiar with CPR and basic first aid procedures.

The nanny should possess a basic knowledge of house safety features like child locks and fire extinguishers.

The nanny should report...http://tinyurl.com/ya8bmqg


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