What are your favorite products that you've seen this year that would make great stocking stuffers?

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This year I think there are A LOT of great items for stocking stuffers. Some of my favorite items are Livrada e-Book Gift Cards, K'NEX, and movies!!! This year, there are a lot of great movies that I am sure will be a hit as a gift.

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Justice YoYo Retractable Lip Gloss; Foil Art Sticker Kit or Jewelry Sticker Kit; Radz Sports Crazy Dispensers ; The Juppy Baby Walker

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I can't recall coming across any new or recently introduced products but some other great potential stocking stuffers come to mind! I've seen a lot of natural/eco-friendly/green toys that I think would make FANTASTIC stocking stuffers that any child would enjoy!

Natural, Eco-friendly, Green-
- Veggie Crayons from WeeCanToo
- Jalopies from Tree Hopper Toys
- Match Stacks from Tree Hopper Toys
- Wooded Yo-Yo from Tree Hopper Toys
- Think Toys Color Cubes from Crunchy Momma, Crunchy Baby
- Ernest Efforts Maple Teething Rattler from Crunchy Momma, Crunchy Baby
- Piggy Pain (Nail polish)
- Green Kid Crafts subscription (Greenkidcrafts.com)

Some other great products that would make fun stocking stuffers for the kids:
- Soft Teethers
- Rattles
- Little People
- Board books
- Bath Books

- Anything One Direction (1D has a variety of merchandise that would make perfect stocking stuffers including bracelets, necklaces, lip gloss, and more)
- Diary/ Journals
- Chapstick/lip gloss
- Nail Polish
- My Little Pony Figures

- Matchbox cars
- Legos (the miniature ones)
- Hexbugs
- Action figures (Super heroes such as Batman, Spiderman, Iron man and Ninja Turtles.)

Neutral stocking stuffers:
- Bath Crayons
- Bubble bath or fizzies
- Playdough
- "Magic" wash clothes (the ones that expand when wet)
- Puzzles
- Yo-yo
- Stickers
- Tooth Brush
- Books
- The Slinky
- Silly Putty
- Origami paper
- Temporary tattoos
- Squinkies

And if you're a practical joker like myself, two words: candy coal ;)

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I have seen several Free Jewelry offers this year that would make awesome stocking stuffers. I have also seen discounts on gift cards, iPod and iPhone accessories, and deals on candy that would be great as well.

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I have many "favorite" items I'd suggest for gifts, but if we are talking items that would fit in a stocking... my favorites this year are: Hot Wheels Apptivity vehicles, Blingles, Thermal Aid, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Hexbugs, Capturing Couture camera straps, funK shades, Lynda.com membership, Arc Touch Mouse from Microsoft, Charm It! charm bracelets, and the Smoobee No Cry Hairbrush.

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Piggy Paint! Personalized on what colors your child really loves.

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I have seen so many great stocking stuffers this holiday season that is hard to pick some! Some of the stocking stuffers that will be passed out in our house this year are:

For The Girls:
Nail Polish and Make- up,
$5.00 Gift Cards
Pens and little journals
Warm Socks and Leggings
Personal Care Items ( Body Wash, Lotion, Shampoo, etc, travel size of course)

For the Adults:
Gift Cards
Body Care Items
Mini Calendar or small desk calendar
Scarves and Mittens.

Another awesome trend I have seen this year are DIY stocking stuffers. The popularity of Pinterest has really upped the game for DIY. Some neat ones I have seen so far are:

For Ladies:
Bottle cap Magnets for the Fridge. They are so easy to do! Print out special photos, use a circle cutter to cut them out, glue the picture inside the bottle cap and glaze with a sealer. Such a cute gift for a new Mom, Grandma, or new couple!
Handmade Cookbook
Lacey Votive Candles ( Just hot glue lace on to those cute little clear votive candle holders)
Handmade soaps

For Men:
Handmade ornament using their favorite team logo! ( good for boys too)
Pillowcases using fabric with their favorite team or maybe super hero
DIY coupon book letting them out of a chore
Homemade chocolate covered bacon

For Girls/Boys
Homemade Glitter for projects, etc.
Homemade treats such as candy, cookies, or trail mix
For girls, crocheted scrunchies, or cute fabric headbands
Knitted Mittens and Scarves
Hot Cocoa kits for those chilly days of playing outside.

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I just reviewed a wonderful and truly practical women's fashion accessory called Cleava - "The Original Snap To Bra Camisole" (www.cleava.com). Cleava is designed to create a more modest, layered look under low-cut tops without the extra bulk, heat and laundry of full-length camisoles/tanks. I feel like every woman should own at least a couple of these! :)

For children ages 1-5, I recommend ChildUp Early Learning Game Cards (www.childup.com/early-learning-math-and-logic-1), another product I reviewed earlier this year. Our (almost) 2-year-old has been playing with, and learning from, her cards almost daily since we received them!

Other ideas of products I already own and love, or have come across recently:

Adults: Klean Kanteens (www.kleankanteen.com), reusable glass or metal drinking straws, reusable K-Cups for Keurig brewers (e.g. EkoBrew - www.ekobrew.com/wp), non-toxic cosmetics and personal care products such as lip balms (love the line by Earth Mama Angel Baby - www.earthmamaangelbaby.com/family-products/lip-balms.html) and nail polish (Keeki is one brand I've come across - www.keekipureandsimple.com - this would be great for older children and teenagers too!)

Children: Hand-made headbands and hair clips, eco-friendly paints & other art supplies (e.g. Clementine Art - www.clementineart.com), and Baby/Kids Gourmet organic fruit & veggie snacks (www.babygourmet.com/).

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Where do I even begin? There are SO many great products out there right now! I've got my eye on the LeapPad 2 for my toddler. I also love the Vtech V Reader.

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Having a slight shopping obsession (and i think the word "slight" is an understatement), I have come across some great stocking stuffers for parents (because of course we cant be forgotten) and our little one's:

1. Custom Phone Case - Don't worry Blackberry users, there are cases for every smart phone!!! I absolutely LOOOOVE this product and think it would
make a great gift for anyone. Whenever someone see's my iphone case, they always ask me where I got it. It's so easy to do, drag and drop your favorite picture
into the space provided and click "finished" and within two weeks your custom case is delivered (Case Mate)
2. Retro Handheld Phone - "Calling" all 70's and 80's kids!! I love the idea of this phone. We are all guilty of having our smart phones attached at our head which isnt
the best idea. These anti-raditation phones plug into any smartphone and are super cute and trendy. (Indigo)

1. 20Q - This is one of those games that will keep your kids (or even yourself) entertained for hours. Through 20 Questions, it guesses what you are thinking ... cool right??! (Mastermind)
2. Smencils - Remember the smelly markers which made a huge mess and would somehow always end up all over my hands (my poor mom, I absolutely loved these), well someone got smart and made Smencils. Draw and then smell - your kids will get a kick out of these. Bought in individual tubes, collect all the different flavours. (Oink Oink)
3. Boogie Board - A great doodle board for the older kids - no paper to waste. Draw what you want and then click a button and it will disappear to start a new board (Toys R Us)
4. Do A Dot Art - Mess free dot art .. Need I say more! You can follow the designs or make your own dot art. I hadn't realized that bingo dabbers could be so much fun.(Oink Oink)
5. Wind up Toys - Everywhere I look there are wind up toys! Of course I bought a whole bunch and my son couldn't stop laughing because they wiggle, they walk, they flip and there are litterally hundreds of different kinds of them (Mastermind)
6. Funky Tots Clock - Any child of any age would love this clock. It is pre-programmed with your child's name (or name of choice) and sings the most addictive wake up song
with their name. The kids LOVE it! (www.funkytots.ca)
7. Laser LED Spinning Top - We just got this toy and my son can't get enough of it. Twist the top on the ball, raise up high and push the button and the ball drops and spins with fun laser LED lights and sings a tune (dollar store)

For more great toys, check out my blog www.babylishadvice.com

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I love shoulder buddies, cute friendly and fun little characters which all thee of mine love they would make great stocking extras!

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For babies, a Jellystone Designs jChews teether would be fantastic (so cute, they look like a bar of chocolate or a smart phone!), as would a Haba clutching toy.

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There are so many wonderful products out there.

We have started a 2012 Holiday Gift Guide to share all of our favorite products this year. Including gift ideas for her, him, the kids and the entire family! Be sure to stop by the blog to check it out!

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Since I've been working on a massive holiday gift guide series since September, I've seen a LOT of toys and gadgets. Here are my top 10 favourites for babies and young kids - representing all different price points:

1. There's no better kids' music CD going than Squishy Banana (www.squishybanana.com); order the CD or be enviro-friendly and just order the tracks on iTunes.

2. Goody Canada is coming out with a new holiday pack soon that's got the cutest little owls on really sturdy bobby pins (plus two different types of co-ordinating hair elastics).

3. Roll-up one of the onesies from BadMotherTees.com for the stocking and shock your neighbours.

4. Hopscotch Kids Water Colors Safe Nail Polish 2.0 - a great little chemical-free nail polish line made with little girls in mind (at raspberrykids.com).

5. The sterling silver Lainey bracelet from Little Glamour (www.littleglamour.ca) is a splurge of a stocking stuffer, but worth every penny.

6. Spot It Jr.! Animals is a fun card game that even a three year old could play (available at www.scholarschoice.ca).

7. HEXBUGs - micro-robotic critters that are eerily realistic when they move; your little guy will go nuts for these, and there's a new one out for the holiday season that even comes in it's own ornament! (Find them at Chapters Indigo stores.)

8. A Netflix gift membership, which now using most streaming devices (like the Wii, for example) provides parents with a "Just For Kids" option when choosing what to watch. Just For Kids curates all of the baby- and kid-friendly Netflix shows and movies into one area that even my four year old has no trouble navigating. Only $7.99/month (that includes all of the adult stuff, too!) and you may never watch "normal" TV again.

9. Beba Bean's Sock Monkey Rattle (www.bebabean.com) - even little babies like fun stocking stuffers, you know.

10. Mittz by Stonz (www.stonz.ca). Best infant and kids' mittens of all time. Ever. Seriously.

Stay tuned for more awesome gift ideas in the next couple of weeks on www.mommygearest.com!

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I'm a big fan of giving children high quality reading materials as stocking stuffers. Magazine subscriptions like SI Kids, Ranger Rick and Highlights will put a smile on their faces on Christmas Day as well as throughout the rest of the year.

Now that children have access to technology such as iPads, I also think premium educational apps make great stocking stuffers. My personal favorites are FarFaria, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey's Wildlife Count Along and Ranger Rick Junior Appventures App.

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I've come across some great brands blogging and shopping for online. Here are a few of my faves ranging from toxic free beauty, to art and crafts and much more.
For older kids I love non toxic free nail polish from Keeki even for the pregnant mom it's my Must Have nail polish. Its completely safe and toxic free.
Tegu's Pocket Pouch which comes in a variety of colours are amazing little magnetic wooden blocks that bring endless fun for kids. Tegu is not just wooden toys that are magnetic, it’s the play value the magnets add. Tegu blocks work with the polarity of the magnets. Tegu blocks are recommended for ages 0-99!
Glob Natural Paint Kit is fun and makes for beautiful art naturally.
Glob natural paint is derived from botanical ingredients such as fruits, flowers, vegetables and even spices and reminds me of jello powder when I open it to add water. It makes for beautiful art.
Crayon Rocks are great too! They are excellent to take along on long or short trips out of the house; conveniently stored in a cotton bag, they are great to occupy your kids in the restaurant or in the car. Crayon Rocks develop fine motor skills in young children as they use their fingers to form a tripod grip on the crayon.
Grimms wooden puzzles are fun too. All Grimm's toys are produced and hand painted in small factories within Germany. Each item is produced with lots of care and anyone that has ever held a Grimm's toy in their hands will understand their slogan: "Joy through colours"! Grimm's developes toys that help children discover their own creativity. We have their infamous Rainbow puzzle and it's one of my sons favourite items to build and play with.

Pied Piper Fairy Pocket Kit is lovely for the little girls in your home they also make a Sailboat building Kit and are made in the USA. This craft kit promises hours of fun craft & play time.
For new Moms My Teethease teething necklaces are a nice alternative to regular jewelery. My Teethease has proved to be a fashionable yet functional. They come in lots of cute styles.
Pong Research iPhone/Andriod/iPad covers are also a fave of mine. Great for the whole tech savvy family. They take radiation exposure from these devices seriously and has the studies to back it up on their site. Love their covers!
For Mom and Dad you can't go wrong with gift cards, chocolates and other treats to really personalize one's stocking. Starbucks, iTunes are always appreciated and my personal fave....a gift certificate to the spa!

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My Favorite Products that would make great stocking stuffers are:

-The AViiQ USB Ready Clip For Apple Devises! It clips to your pocket or anything so you have a usb cord charger where ever you go!
-Hasbro Marvel Avengers Action Figures!
-Tide to Go Pens are always great!
-Angry Birds Star Wars Figurines are so fun!
-Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser from Think Geek is amazing!
-Disney D23 Membership as you can slip the membership card in a stocking to surprise who ever you gift it to!

All of these products would make great Stocking Stuffers!

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My favorite stocking stuffers this year would be the Monkey Mat, BeginAgain PushArounds Toys, and Usborne Books.


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