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What are your favorite ways to celebrate a summer birthday?

What are some fun ideas for celebrating a birthday that take advantage of the nice summer weather?

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If you've got a nice backyard, that's a great, cheap place to hold a celebration. You can dress it up for a small wedding or do a jungle theme for a Dora/Diego party. Garden theme for a tween or adult party. BBQ for Independence Day. Get some inflatables for a bouncy party.
Sprinklers, water balloons, water guns, snapset/ inflatable pool for a pool party.
Sand box for a beach party.
Then you you can always go to a park and rent out a covered picnic area near the playground.
Beach for grilling and volleyball.
Rec center with a pool.
Block party's are great for summer. You'll need permits though.
I'll come back if I think of more...

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We love science to0 and so had a TickleMe Plant Party. I ordered a bunch of TickleMe Plant Party Favors to grow the only house plant in the world that closes its leaves and lowers its branches when Tickled! See video if you love science a nature. Kids love growing and of course Tickling this interactive pet like plant that moves when Tickled. Just google pet TickleMe Plant

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or find the kits and video to grow one here.

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We rented a shelter at a nearby lake one year, notified all extended family and friends who could possibly attend, Then my husband a nd I sneaked out there very early on b-day morning, decorated
the whole place with streamers and balloons, set up a cabana,( screened) to hold all the good food that would be brought out there( On card tables) and waited for all arrivals. The b-day man was my husband's 80 year old uncle, who was completely in the dark about the plans. My ma-in-law was in on it and asked him if he'd like to take a drive out around the lake. When they arrived, all the guests were there (some from out of state). It was a stunning surprise for the b-day man
and a howling success for us who brought it on. Ld died on Christmas Eve of 1995. The ones of us remaining have some pictures and wonderful memories.of the day.
My husband is gone now as is his mother and some of the others who enjoyed that day with us.
This would work for any age. Even a baby would enjoy the outdoors and the lake and deco, too.
I enjoyed telling about it, even if it isn't useful to you.

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My guys birthday is on July 3rd so no ones ever around as its usually a long weekend.
To him family isn't the important people in his life, the kids at school are because he sees them everyday. So this year his last day of kindergarten I knew it was gonna be a sad day saying goodbye not only for him but for all the kids cuz kindergarten is such a big milestone. I hauled a wagon full of loot to school at early dismissal to pick up him and 8 of his friends. We followed him *the leader* behind the school under a nice shady tree to find a picnic waiting for us. We ate fruit kebobs & cupcakes, painted their faces & played tag in the field while all the "big kids" & teachers finished leaving school. Then we packed up our picnic and walked back around to the front of the school to their recess playground. We played with sidewalk chalk, & bubbles & on the playground equipment till parents & older siblings came to pick everyone up. Not big on candy, each of the kids got a balloon on a stick, a wooden 3d bumblebee puzzle, their bubbles and a lootbag containing the worlds most annoying whistle EVER *again, sorry bout that one, they seemed like such a good idea at the time of purchase lol*.
On his birthday we went to the beach with my cousin, her three teenage boys & grandson along with a friend and his two little girls. We had fruit and sandwiches, built some sandcastles & played non-stop in the water as a group with water blasters till the second it was time to leave. Each of the kids got their lootbags as we piled in the van and truck dripping wet. Coming home we sat quietly just me and him and I let him open his birthday card. It contained a letter from a special day camp here in the city inviting him to attend Beach Week, next week along with the name of his one on one counsellor who he'll meet Sunday prior to starting Monday. ♥
Both times we got to enjoy our favorite people & I got to come home to a clean house with a very happy 6 year old. :)
Every year should end thinking "How on earth can I possibly top this??? This year was no acception. :)

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Summers are the best time to host luau parties, spa parties, garden parties, barnyard parties, and other themes that need an outdoor venue. For boys, you can consider sports theme parties such as soccer party, football party, etc

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We have did several fun and exciting birthday. 1st you have to come up with a theme for the special occasion child(ren). One year our theme was baseball so we called the local baseball stadium and for 26.00 a child each one got either pizza or hotdog meal, drinks, cake, a souvenir ball, great seat for the game, birthday boys got a chance to throw the 1st pitch of the game, half time went back on the field and the stadium sung happy birthday, autographs and then fireworks. Another year our themem was Wet Fun in the Sun so we rented out the local pool and had a pool party. For invitation I went to the dollar store and bought flip flops for every child that we invited and mailed them off. The catch was to get in they had to be wearing the flip flops that was sent. After we swimmed we went to the park beside the pool and had a cookout. We have also had a Pirates theme with a scavenger hunt to look for buried treasure, some of the obstacle was swabing the deck, walking the plank, fighting off the sea monster and reading a real map.We have had a Sports party where the invitations was some small different kind of sport balls that came from the dollar tree. We then rented a shelter in the park with an open field. We divided all the children and adults up equally the played some sports. We did soccer, kick ball and flag football after we just sat around and had a wonderful time. I have to say that was my favorite because adults and children were very active together.

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For what age ? I did a Glow in the dark party. Black lights, glow sticks posters made using highlighter markers vases filled with water then soak a highlighter pen in the water and it will glow under a black light and white flowers that you draw on with highlighters. mummy wrap with TP the white paper will glow. catch fire fly's toast marshmallows it is a blast if the kids are old enough set up some tents and camp out too

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I like to get nicely drunk in the sunshine hehehehe

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Swimming party!!


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