What are your helpful tips for weaning?

Eventually a time comes when mom knows it's time to wean, but she might not be sure about how to do it. What are your best tips for weaning to make it a smooth transition for your child?

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Why does the mom have to decide when it's time to wean? Why not let the child decide when he's ready to wean?

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My baby is almost 18months...don't know I'f she will ever wean lol!! Thanks for the comments ladies!

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I did it very slowly. I dropped one feeding at a time. I dropped the feedings strategically keeping nursing times more evenly spaced out. Eventually we were only nursing in the morning and in the evening. Then I dropped the morning feeding and we only nursed at night. Then the time came when she would go to bed without nursing. I didn't have any problems with discomfort, nor did my little girl get cut off cold turkey. To adjust to her going to bed without nursing I got my husband to put her to bed for about one whole week straight so both my body and my little girl could adjust. Nursing was a delightful journey that I feel blessed to have been able to share with my little girl.

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And I totally agree with Christina. I didn't start weaning until my little girl started showing me when she was ready. I took the cues from her and worked with that. It was a mutual understanding and it couldn't have been better.

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Well at 2 years and my child eating pizza by then, I think buttoning your shirt or just not being accessible works, Obviosley they don't need the nutrition -just want the clossness.


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