What are your indoor activities when there is bad weather outside?

Kids will want to play, rain or shine. What are some of the best activities for kids when weather keeps you trapped indoors?

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Well.. you could have a "Rainy Day Jar". You take a jar and fill it up with popsicle sticks or pieces of paper that have different activities that you and your child come up with together. One could be play a board game. One could be build a tent. One could be play hide and seek. One could be make a craft and put whatever craft you guys come up with and put that on the stick or paper. This way when there is a rainy day, there is a jar full of ideas to do. You can pull out just one for the day or 3 or 4. It's up to you!

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I have to say this is a really great idea! I just might utilize it myself :)

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we are from the Philippines. Whenever there is storm or when it is raining hard outside and every member of the family is present, we get a deck of cards and play games like monkey monkey, or poker, or 1, 2, 3 pass game or matching game. To make it more exciting, whoever losses a round each player makes a mark on the loosing person. At the end, when we quit the game, we take a photo of everybody for souvenir.

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We live in Ohio and have to content w/ not only rain, but some serious snow days. I have several "zones" in my house. Upstairs in my attic room we have all of the kids costumes/ dress up clothes as well as a doll house and a make-believe tool shop for my son. In the basement (the unfinished section) I have hung swings in between the floor joists (inserting a large brace - you can't actually hang them from the floor joists - a contractor told me to insert a beam between the two). We also have a small trampoline down there. In the winter months I move their coop car and tricycles down there also. This year I'm adding a "sand box" filled w/ rubber mulch. In my family room we have stuffed animals, a toy kitchen, misc. toys for imaginitive play. I allow them to play w/ my couch cushions to make forts in my living room on days when we are stuck in the house due to illness or weather. In the kitchen I have a small IKEA table and chairs. I painted the surface of the table w/ chalk board paint. They can draw w/ chalk or they also play with home made play dough on that table. They also paint at the table, draw and practice cutting paper w/ scissors (they are 5 & 3 yrs). When they were younger we made "goo" using corn starch & water. Right this minute they are having a "pillow fight" with their bed pillows. I occasionally fill a bowl with cotton balls and give them tongs to pick up and relocate the balls to an empty bowl. In the garage I have old tubing from a non-operational shop vac. . We place them over chairs and step ladders then send golf balls down them. Sometimes I give them a cup to try and make the golf ball roll into their "goal" I also have pulleys in the garage that they enjoy playing with. We use the ladders to make "apartment complexes" (placing boards across the rungs) and then pull up a small box full of dolls using the pulley system. It was a big hit

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Oh my goodness, you are a total inspiration! Just wish we had as much space, but even so there are some fantastic ideas here. Thank you.

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Living in the Pacific Northwest makes us experts on rainy day activities. We love to bake - cookies, sweet breads, etc. (Plus cooking is full of opportunities to talk about measuring, fractions, following directions, reading, where food comes from, and you get a TREAT at the end!!!) We have a whole box of board and card games and a zillion cars and trains. A dress-up box is a great idea and leads to tons of imagination. Coloring, play dough, and always, Always good books are wonderful ideas. But don't be afraid to pull on some rain boots and go looking for puddles, too! We've built up great memories that way.

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We play balloon vollyeball. Take a string or long piece of yarn and string it across the room for your "net" (tie it on each side to something like a chair). Use a balloon for the ball. Provides hours of fun and exercise when stuck inside.

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london ont n when it is cold out me and my 3 year old spend time together weather its crafts cartoons n pop corn games or baking........ or jumping on my bed with music lol there is always something fun to do........................... anything can be turned into something

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We live in Port Elizabeth South Africa. I have utilized 1 side of my double garage which I am not using and put in small toys like a mini slide and the balls they sit and bounce on. He also has his scooter in there and if I pull out my vehicle he has enough space to do all sorts. He also loves puzzles so we often sit and build puzzles. There is also a big carpet in with an imprint of roads and shopping centers, garage stations, and all kinds of places even a lake which he plays on with his matchbox cars. He also loves watching DVD’s and we also have some movie nights with popcorn the works…just like at the movies.

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We do arts and crafts, baking ir watch a movie with popcorn.

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We live in southern Louisiana when it rains it really rains!!! Her favorite thing to do on rainy days is to gather up every Disney movie she owns, and she owns alot, and turn the ac way low so its nice and cold, snuggle up with me in my big ole fluffy bed and watch movies all day. We both enjoy this so much and I cant believe how much I love these Disney movies!! I totally get into them! My baby gets a huge kick outta seeing me laugh.

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Arts and Crafts! My three year old daughter loves being creative. She also loves board games and puzzles.

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Sharing a good movie, cooking, and snuggling.

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We live in wyoming and winters get very long. My sons favorite activity is to bring in a big bowl of snow to play in with his dinos and cars. We also play crash pad with the bedding from my bed, he jumps off the couch into the bedding. I'm actually going to take a plastic swimming pool and turn it into a sandbox to put into my unfinished basement for the winter.

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We live in the Mid West. Indiana. And we get some pretty good storms, some of which can last for days. I have a shelf in my closet that is stacked with boxes. Rainy Day Boxes. We have just about every-kind of craft you can think of doing in those boxes. When ever I see a yard-sale I stop and find things to add to our Rainy Day Boxes. The kids are never board. The only thing is all of my children's friends end up at our house on bad weather days and my great-room becomes a playroom; )

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We have a variety of things - either we play Wii, board games or crafts. Crafts might include finger painting, coloring or creating collages. Sometimes we play Hide 'n Seek with stuffed animals - since we live in an apartment hiding for us is difficult but hiding a small stuff animal is much easier. My son has a huge imagination and he pretends we are at the zoo or the musuem and we are looking at different displayes. Sometimes having an Autistic child is difficult and other times he makes it lots of fun.

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We were all packed up for a picnic the other day when the heavens opened. My little boy was so upset about not having our picnic that i decided to turn it into an indoor teddy bear picnic. He loved it but the only problem was that i had to keep on eating to make the event last until the sun came back out!!

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I allow my 4 children to play hid and seek in the house. We have lots of closets and cabinets just perfect for them to hide in. It entertains them for hours.

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We love to paint, color, and read books. We also build caves with the couch cushions and blankets.

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art. my daughter love to do art stuff also she loves to bake.

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My kids love scouring with me on the computer for the colouring pages that you can print. So far we have star wars, Barbie, Transformers, every princess. Mermaids etc.. I print double sided to save on paper and just buy the cheap printing paper to save on costs. All up it is cheaper and way more fun than colouring books as they get to pick exactly what they want to colour. Its perfect for me as we get some time together and then it keeps them busy for hours so i can get on with the domestics.

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I seldom let my kids on the computer, so on a crappy day when we are stuck in I allow them to have some computer time, and it keeps them busy for quite awhile. Plus they also like to print out pages and color them afterward.

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While being snowed in, my 2 year old and I created the game: Ka-Bloon. It requires one balloon and open space. We batted the balloon all around the room for over 45 min--counting, practiciing prepositions (hit it on the top, to the left, through the hula hoop, etc)! Who knew? We also had a special treat of indoor bubbles in the kitchen...my son loves to clean the floor with the swifter, so he even volunteered to wipe the floor down after lots of bubble games!

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UNO! It's fun for all ages. We also have a collection of GeoTrax trains and tracks that the kids love to set up.

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Hide and seek around the house, Kids love it when Mum and Dad get involved. My Kids especially love it with torches at night time (even my son who is meant to be scared of the dark!).

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I prepare scavenger hunt clues in advance and then just place the clues around the house. The price is generally something simple like picking the movie we'll watch together when the hunt is over. I always start with this one, "Let's have some fun! This is Clue #1. Clue #2 is on a chair near you!" I rotate where clue number two is of course. This is great for birthday parties as well. Although you'll hear the little feet (or big feet) running hither and yon through your house. Remember you control where they go with the clues so it's really up to you. Another fun one is hide and seek, but instead of playing with the kids I use a bag of small toys (like McDonald's toys or small soldiers, the kind of stuff you see in I Spy books). I hide them all over the house or whatever rooms I want to use and we keep a list until they are all found. Whoever finds the most items gets to pick the movie or the next rainy day activity or wins a prize, etc.

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We live in Minnesota where it can rain or snow most of the year. My three year old son loves going to indoor play areas and pools, watching movies and playing with his trucks and "guys".

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My three year old son also plays with "guys". His guys are toy soldiers passed down from an older brother. He can stay busy playing with "guys" for a long time! :)

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We play board games,do some reading together.then the occasional movie

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We live in Phoenix. It's not always perfect weather, but when it does rain it tends to rain in the evening when we're already in for the night. If it is during the day, we go to a mall or other play area, or stay home and play board games. Our son is very in to Candyland right now and wants to play it rain or shine

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Growing a pet TickleMe Plant is a blast and a fun indoors activity
In it you can grow a real TickleMe Plant that closes its leaves and even lowers its branches when you Tickle it!

See video...this is real and fun!

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Get some props from a party store, like fake mustaches, hats, etc. Come up with several funny scenarios. Split the kids into groups and then have them come up with skits and video away. It will be hours of fun and then something for them to watch later on.

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Well we play made up games of minute to win it. The kids come up with tasks and we write them down and then we pull one out of a bowl and try to do in less than a minute. The one we love is put a cookie on your forehead then try to get it into your mouth without using hands. Its sooo funny to watch.
We also love to play wii together Nintendo Wii Console with Just Dance 3 <img src="http://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=bravandgrac-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B006MBJF16" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />
The dance game is fun for all ages and the kids love laughing at me.

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OMG! have you grown a pet TickleMe Plant yet?
I am sure everyone will want to grow this crazy fun plant that moves when you tickle It
See video. http://www.ticklemeplant.com

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Hi all you mom's out there! I'm a student doing research about how Mom's buy fast food for their children and trying to make improvements in the industry. If you guys have a minute to spare to take my survey (and perhaps pass it along to your friends :) ) that would be awesome! Thanks so much!


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Most of my ideas have all ready been posted, so I won't repeat them. One I didn't see is this: If you have stairs, your kids can fly paper airplanes or parachute guys off the top of the stairs. We have a wall on the landing that the kids stand behind to throw their flying item and they can still see to watch the item float through the air. This seems to entertain them for up to an hour.

Another indoor activity is to have the kids do specialty chores (things they don't normally do or don't do very often). I know it's not the "fun" idea, but who wants to be doing them on a sunny day? And you can find ways to make a game out of it, so it's somewhat enjoyable, or give them a special reward for these chores.

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We play Phase 10! and watch movies.

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We like to get all suited up in our rain boots and hats and see how many puddles we can find. It's fun for all ages !

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we go ice skating.

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We play hide and seek with matchbox cars. The other kids hide their car while "it" counts to 20. You then have 3 minutes to find all the cars. *At least part of the car has to be showing when it is hidden!* This can be used for inside easter egg hunts when there is bad weather also, just hide jelly beans and the kids get the same number of eggs as they have jelly beans.

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He is one LOVABLE kid..and SMART, TOO!!!

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Read, do worksheets, play Uno, watch movies, and draw.

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I think all of those are great. My daughter loves to do all sorts of things. She loves the puzzles, games, and sometimes a movie. But I seem to find ourselves in her room playing Doctor or even sometimes Dentist. I think those are her favorite things. Those are even done when it's not raining too.

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We don't always let the rain stop us. My son loves to take walks in the rain. After he takes a nice warm bath and drinks "warm" coco. When Mommy doesn't want to get wet ,we play board and card games and of course LEGOS!!!

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Scavenger hunts, puzzles, cooking, visiting friends, and going to museums are some of the things we do. We don't visit museums much when it's nice outside, but save them for when it's either too hot or too cold to reasonably outside. There are also various indoor fun parks near us that have bounce slides, rock climbing walls, etc. One of the malls also has an indoor play park that's nice.

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We have done chalk in our garage when pouring rain outside. Craft projects are usually a hit. Making letters/pictures to mail to family or friends is a good project.


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