What is your opinion of nicknames?

Some families naturally gravitate toward nicknaming their children (sometimes the number of nicknames and pet names are endless!), while other families tend to stick with birth names. What is your preference, and why?

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40  Answers

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I love nicknames. I think it's a way to personalize the name - make it something special between just you and your child or within your family. My youngest has about 5 nicknames and responds to all of them, yet he can tell his kindergarten teacher his first, middle and last names with no problem or confusion. It's also a way that I differentiate between when we're being affection/teasing and when we're serious. For example, my daughter's nickname is "MoMo" but her first name is Moira. If we're just talking/playing around then I call her MoMo, but if it's something serious like chores or instructions while babysitting etc then I call her Moira so she has that verbal clue that this is serious time and she needs to pay attention. By the way, switching from nicknames to realm names is very quick and second nature. I'm a teacher and I never slip up and call my kids by their nicknames at school.

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Think it is great. I had a nickname and so do all 4 of my children. Nothing wrong with it. They still know their birth names cause when they get in trouble that's what they hear.

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i named my daughter what i did for that specific reason. I HATE NICKNAMES. i picked a simple and sweet, but uncommon name that is TO SHORT for a nickname. Her name is Kira for a reason. As her parents we call her silly names, but when shes in school, its going to be kira, and thats it.

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There is nothing wrong with nicknames has long has they are appropiate,my son has a nickname given to him by his grandpa and he loves it,it was given to him when he was born and he is 26 years old now,he even has it on his license plates on his car.

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My name is Victoria. My mother named me that, not Vicky or Vic, or even Tori. So I have never liked nick names. The ones that I REALLY hate are Bubba and Sissy for brother and sister. It just really rubs me the wrong way!!!

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I'm not against nicknames at all, but it fusterate me when people want to call my son Andy or Drew, those names are real Names and they can be stand on their own. if I wanted my son to be called Andy or Drew those names would have been on his birth citifcate. We call him by his really Name all the time, but on line he is called Mousey. I think people should ask parents 1st what to call a child, it so disrespectful when people come up to me and call my son a name I didn't give him. It like me going up to them and call the meanface, really, they don't like it. That I call them that,but they want me to like it that they can call my son whatever they want

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For me it really depends on the name. My 10 year old's name is Christian and I never wanted it to be shortened to Chris. He has always gone by Christian and no one except his bus driver calls him Chris...which makes him really mad, but he's too nice to correct her. LOL! I also have a daughter named Addison and she also goes by Addy by everyone else but me and it doesn't really bother me. We are expecting #4 in October and I have always wanted a Katie. So if this one is a girl her given name will be either Kathryn or Kate. I think it's important to have a good strong given name so as an adult they have that option to use a mature name in their chosen profession. I wouldn't want to see Katie or Addy on their college diplomas, but something more mature. That's just me though.

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I like the point about the more adult name on a diploma. Who wants to go before judge KItty?

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My daughter's name is Julianna and she has about 4 or 5 nicknames (juju, juli, monster, juju bear). However she knows her full name and when someone asks she tells them her full name. I see nothing wrong with nicknames. I believe they're full of affection.

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My daughter Madilyn goes by Madi for the most part. This happened because in first grade (then again in 2nd) there was a Madelyn, so my daughter went by Madi while the other one stayed with Madelyn. At home is an entirely different story. We call her anything that comes to our minds, bug, bird, madbob, mad, moo, puppy, bunny, it's neverending. I personally think it's funny to see all of the different words she'll answer to. Just the other day I was hollaring out random vowel sounds and noises just to see what she'd respond to. HOWEVER, she's our only. I'm sure this would be totally different if we had another one, because they'd not know who we'd be calling for. We'd probably still shorten their given names though.

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I really hate nicknames.........that is why I named my son Seneca David and my daughter Siobhan Pierette.
I had thought long and hard about Jennifer, Jessica, and names like that but knew they would be called Jenny or Jessie or so forth.

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My dad always has called me "Little E". He is really the only one who says it seriously... anyone else is teasing me (all in good fun). My girls have long names, but each have at least one "short" name and a nickname. Giovanna is Gia in school and G, Gigi, or big girl at home. Gabriella is Gabby in school, but at home she is also Gab, Gabs, or Gabbers (her teacher last year called her Gabby Goo which was cute). Giulianna is Giuli/Giulia at school. At home we call her Juju, jj jetplane, Julesy...she has a few more.

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Hi.my nsme is Sonia!my opinion about nickname for childe:I like a new name.it's appear thats good! so please choose a new and good name for your baby!!!
Thanks a lot/SONIA

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My parents named me "Roxanna-insert five saints name here-and my last name. Dad called me "Chacha" for muchacha, granma called me "preciosa". As I grew older, daddy called me Rox, Mommy called me by my first name and my first second name. Then she began calling me "Rana" frog, because when I jumped roped I looked like one! I was three when my little sister was born and she would call me "Nana". In middle school, my freind Kimberly called me Roxy, and not only did everyone start calling me that, I hated it! She died when I was 13 as a result of suicide and I refused to let anyone call me by that name. As an adult, I worked at Headstart and all the kids called me "Rocky". One of my students name was Kimberly and looked just like my old friend.....first day I met her she called me Roxy and nothing else......I had to keep it.

I love some of mine and when I had my children, nicknames were planned even before they were born! Mimu for my oldest, Leydita and Negra were two more nicknames we gave her. My youngest is Mico, Abby, Babas, Gorda, Abby Butt, Booger Butt and Brat. I don't call my dad 'Daddy" to often, but I call him by his nickname "Tito". I don't dare with my Mom because she will still grab the "chancla " and beat me!

My sister also had nicknames, and when I had my girls, they called her "Titi". My sister had two girls and when she asked me what I wanted them to call me I remembered how she would call me "Nana" as a baby. My nieces call me "Ti'Nana".

More nicknames for me? The majority of my friends (who are usually five to fifteen years younger than me and my husband) call us Momma and Poppa....I kinda like that, too!

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I love nicknames. Everyone else can use the official name, but the nickname is usually a personal, intimate thing for those of us in the family. It's like a family joke or code. I have some my friends gave me and I usually know who might call me what!! My parents didn't give me any though. Wish they had!!

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We are big on nicknames in our family. I used to call my oldest cookie butt, ok, I still do sometimes even though he is 14, because he had a little onesie with Cookie Monster fishing for a cookie and the cookie was right on his little tush. My son Christian goes by Chris. My daughter Gracelyn is called Gracey. We have started calling her CeeCee though, because that is how she pronounces Gracey. My youngest is named Amalia but we always planned to call her Mali. When she came home she was only 4 and a half pounds and my mom said "What a little Mali bean she is" and we have been calling her Bean ever since.

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I call my little girl Boo. She actually looks like the girl in Monster's Inc Sully named her Boo. But we do say her name as well. She is three and knows her first,middle, last name

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I was okay with nicknames after my daughter learned her name. I call her "bubba" now. In school she will be zada or alexa (her middle name) whichever she is comfortable with.

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I have no problems with nicknames. I however have never liked my full name. My mom named me Jessica, and she prefers to call me that. She does NOT like that I shorten it, but almost 28 years later, I still can't stand to be called Jessica. I go by Jessi. My son's name is Ronan and my daughter's name is Hailey. I call them Ro and Hail. They know their full names, and they can choose what they would like to go by.

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Our daughter is Betty, named after three of our four grandmothers. We felt it was important to name her Betty, not Elizabeth or something else...since the three grandmothers are all Betty, not Elizabeth. But we call her Bess, because I prefer the sound of it. Her middle name is a family name, which could be either gender. So when she's older, she can be Bess, Betty, her middle name, or even her initials if she wants!

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Both of my kids had nicknames but they were "private" meaning I was the only one that used the nicknames which also made it a special thing between my children and me.
My daughter was and still is Munchkin, and my son is Button.
My granddughters are Lexi~Girl and Lani~Beth, again Gamma is the only one to call them that.

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we naturally shorten names in our families. we call our girls by the first part of their names, like: Cari for Carissia. its quick, easy and natural. their nickmanes are still a part of their actual full names; and the besst part is, that while they are still young and little, they sound cutr and sweet, but when they grow up, ahtey can use their full name if they want; or at least legally(paper work, jobs, etc.,)

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My son Aaron goes by his middle name Scot(he's named after his dad), he also sometimes wants to be called Batman, Spiderman. Kayla sometimes go by kayla bayla or pain in butt.If Kayla gets in trouble it's louann(her middle name). Sueann goes by Susie, bug, tooterbug, big girl, baby girl or baby. Can't u tell she's the baby of the family. There is nothing wrong with nicknames, my children knows what their names are. Since they have to learn how to spell their names for school(their teachers ask if they go by any other name) there is not a problem.

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My sons name is Christian and before I decided it, I had to decide whether it would be ok for people to call him Chris because its gonna happen. I dont mind and no one does yet except his grandmother sometimes, but Im not sure why! My daughters name is Lia and never gets called that around the house hardly. Its always Lia Rose (her middle name) or i call her all kinds of things like Rosey Toesy, Roserella, Rosalina, you get the idea! She answers to it all!

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I happen to love nicknames but also agree with some ladies that they evolve with time. As a kid in elementary school my mom and siblings called me Jenny but as a grew up (into a tomboy in middle school) I went by jen. Into high school as certain friends grew close to me and would begin to call my jenny accidentally the more time they spent with my family, it made me feel good
And closer to those friends, but inhated strangers calling me that. Differently my youngest brother was always been called His first name which is James after my grandpa. In grade school his teachers called him Jimmy but I remember one dinner when ge proclaimed, "my name is James". Now, to change once again, in high school all of his friends call him Jimmy :/ Though my mother has ALWAYS called him Jimmy and never anything else. I on the other hand have ALWAYS called him James, sometimes when talking to his friends and other family thy get confused when I'm referring to him. I've just always loved that name and ultimately chose it For thenmiddle name
For my own son who we named Keegan, and often call him kee

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Nicknames are great, just be sure the teacher knows what you want the child to learn to write. This can be put on the enrollment form. Now my mom picked names that could not be changed by a nickname.
And i do not like nicknames that stick. I had a student that enrolled as Peaches. How to live with that?

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I like nicknames and each of my kiddos have several. Though they both prefer to go by their full names at school, they like that mom has a special name for each of them. A nickname is a great way to show affection, make a kid feel special and give them a moniker that suits who they are now, while still having a full- proper name that will suit them as an adult and/or a professional.

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I deliberately chose names for my children that cannot be shortened or made into nicknames. I chose the names for them that I wanted because I liked them, not because I wanted to base a nickname on it. I do not like nicknames but I understand it's a personal preference. If someone else wants to give their kids nicknames that's their own thing and it doesn't bother me in the slightest.

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I don't think that nicknames can hurt. Both my girls have them and they can tell you what their real names are. My youngest is nicknamed nunu- meaning monkey. It is a very common nickname in SA and sounds a lot better than calling your child monkey.

As long as your child knows their name, no harm no foul!

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Defiantly nicknames....it's great fun.

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My son is Christopher Clayton Thomas, partly after my husband. We have so many variations of 'Chris' between our families, that I told my husband that if he wanted to name the baby that then I get to choose his nickname. My, now 4 yo, son has always gone by Topher. In fact he gets very mad when someone calls him Christopher or Chris. I think it will do well for him in school, I don't hear of many Tophers. When I was growing up my classes were full of Brittany's, Sarah's, Megans, Mike's, Matt's, Chris', etc.

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My son is name Vincent and some people call him Vinnie, but I stick with Vincent. Doesn't bother me and it doesn't seem to bother him, he's 8. My son on the way is going to be Zachary and I already call him Zack, just comes out naturally. It won't bother me.

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Nicknames are terms of endearment to your child I think something special just between you and them, I have nicknames for my grandchildren and they love them as well as when my children were little, I still call my girls by their nicknames at times and they are 38 and 42 :-)

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I don't mind nicknames if I choose them. I wouldn't want someone else coming up with a nickname for them. So I named both Erik & Lauren names that don't really have nicknames. However, when Lauren was younger she couldn't say Erik lol so at 27 we call him Ack still...lol

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My son is Louis Jr. but we call him Baby Lou. We tried. "L.J." or "Junior" and a few other names to know the difference in who was being called. dad or baby. But my son now 11 is still being called Baby Lou. His friends or teachers do not ever call him that but us here in the house all call him that. His sister calls him Bay Lou and he always corrects her. he does not like it one bit. To me... He will always be Baby Lou.

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I think names evolve as life goes on...I tend to call boys 'Bud" and girls ' Honey'....sort of an affectionate, generic name...sometimes even the dog..
.My son John was 3 when someone called him Johnny..."My name is J-O-H-N !!!!!!!" He likes his name, and so does his brother Matt....I think nicnames are OK unless they are hurtful, or focus on a negative....like Punkin Head, or Stilts, or Zits, or something like that.....like I said, they usually just evolve...

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I think nicknames can be fun as long as they are kind names. Growing up I was nicknamed Peanut and loved it. I was little, girly and goofy, so I felt peanut was perfect and so much better than my real name.
I think the names and nicknames we give our children affect them there entire live and we should try to name them something positive. My husband is the oldest son in his family and I am the oldest child & daughter in my family, so we elected to honor each of our fathers by giving our son the first name of my husband's father (he passed away before our son was born) and the middle name of my father. Our son’s name is "William Christopher”. We really liked that the name not only connected our son to both of his grandfathers, but it is also a strong, conservative name that reflected our heritage. With all of this being said, we elected to call our son by the nickname “Will” as a way to provide him with his own identity.
The name Will perfectly fits our son's personality and best of all our son is proud of his name and enjoys telling people.

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My parents had several nicknames each & if they aren't strange I'm for them all the way.

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Im not into the nickname thing. My son is Mathew and thats what he will always be it sounds and feels funny when someone calls him Matt or Matty. And our other sons name is going to be David and I cant call him Dave or Davy just doent feel right. My sister in law on the other hand has a Kristin which has always went by Krissi and Megan which is Maggie and a Jacob which is Jake and she gets mad when someone calls them by their name. Even when you ask Kristin what her name is she says Krissi and when someone tells her its really Kristin she gets mad and fights with you about it.But to each their own.

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My name is Megan but my family calls me by many nicknames, I mostly go by Meg but also Meggy, Megs,Nutmeg and a few others but I prefer Meg, it sounds more like an adult woman's name and not a child. My boys have nicknames too which is usually what we call them but when I need to get their attention quick it is Donathon, Maxton and Quinian.

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I think we all go through some pet names for our children while they are young. Most outgrow them over time. Some hang on but are only used by family, while there are others that just become the child's name. Example - my two oldest were known as Booger boy which got shortened to Boog and then Bug. Once they finished teething the nickname pretty much disappeared. My husband's oldest was Pumpkin, shortened to Punk. She doesn't go by Punk, but dad still calls her that on occassion (she's now 18). My youngest (5) is Little Bit. It's hung on for awhile, but only time will tell if it lasts.

On other nicknames, I have a Daniel who has always been Daniel. Not Dan or Danny. By his choice he allows some friends to call him Dan, but will not respond to Danny. I also have a Nicholas but he is Nick unless he's in trouble. None of the other children have names that can be shortened and still sound good. I think it just depends on the name, the nickname, and the person's choice.

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Depends on the nickname. I have a Chinese nickname, which translates into "tiny one" or "youngest one" (I was the youngest child). While I was growing up, the name was fine. Upon graduating college, I went to China with my parents to live for a year (great experience). One day, in Shanghai, I was walking ahead of my parents. My father shouts out my family nickname because that's what he always called me. Well, everyone was looking for a young child, certainly not a 5 foot-7 inch 130 lb adult woman. When we got back to our apartment, I asked my father (and mother), if they could possibly start calling me by my given name. It took a few months but they eventually switched over.

So, nicknames are great. Just know that your kid may outgrow the name.


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